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It's all in the cards, target marked.

Last updated on September 10, 2010
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So first thing about Twisted Fate here, is his damage mostly relies on Pick A Card, while having Stacked Deck.
Basically, early game,x3Potions are key for survivability, not to mention just enough movement to get around,
so I can get away with ease, depending on the team though, and you're fighting something heavy in Middle, which you should always call,
because it's crucial having the money for this build.
You can go with,but you'll be slow as ****. :)
Now that starting items are out of the way, let's keep in mind,
I took the extra little bit of gold in the Utility tree, on top of the bonus gold you get, from Twisted Fate's passive, making him do extremely well when it comes to farming.
Ashe also has this feature, and I've had success with this build on my characters, but that's besides the point.
Well first, another reason Twisted Fate is most beneficial in Middle, is because he can keep an eye on Bottom and Top, for any open ganks, low HP's, etc.
Another reason, is his Pick A Card, if you can pull out Red, you can push the lane back or forward fairly quickly, not to mention, harass like a mad man, if Stacked Deck is in possession.
Always, always, always, ALWAYS, have Stacked Deck ready when you need to gank, cannot stress it enough, that the damage is sooooo much better when using it.
Sometimes I'll get lazy, pick Gold without it, and still gank at full potentional, just because you can get stacked deck fairly quickly with the default attack speed, and already farmed up your BF Sword.
Which is another thing, as Phreak and many people will say ;
Last hitting, is key, but you probably know this.
Farming up for the BF Sword is rather tedious at times, but if you can last hit, keep your distance, and farm away, you'll have it in no time.

After you've gottenYou can do two things;
1. Upgrade toorORDepending on whether you want better Stacked Deck hits, and ordamage, survive ganks, attack faster, etc.
2. Wait, and get around withand just farm for the
Personally, I wait and get thebecause the damage is just too good to pass up, and I take Ghost and Flash, because it takes away the need for Mercury Treads IMO, and if you're up in the business with Twisted Fate, you're doing something wrong.
It is very risky though to skip boots on the second trip back, but if using Ghost and Flash correctly, it shouldn't be a problem, and you can just farm a little bit more, jungling or killing off low HP creeps to get the boots.
Since this is Twisted Fate's area of expertise, it shouldn't be a problem ay?

Alright, so far you have ;orYou have some pretty decent DPS, for the low level you are,
but you need to farm your *** off now, people are starting to get Sunfire'd up,
or even Force of Nature'd, and you're the dedicated carry,
so you need to fulfill your role.
If you went withyour next trip back will be the boots, and viceversa if you got the boots, you get Pickaxe.
Once you have this all settled, time to farm forand then finallybecause it's just too damn awesome not to get first, even though it is a ***** to farm.

You should now be hitting quite the large amount with balanced attack speed and steady DPS with Infinity Edge. Tanks are still a huge problem, cause well, they're tanks, so try to shred people in the back with low HP's, most tanks won't allow it, but you know, do what you gotta do, they will be less of a problem after BloodRazor anyway.

After, you get Infinity Edge, time to walk over why I love Ghost and Flash so much.
Mainly because, Twisted Fate, is the epitome of Gank, therefore, you'll need to chase, and or get away to maintain your role as the carry, sometimes when you're on CD, you're pretty ****ed, but if used correctly, Gold Card can save you plenty of times from one person.
Caught in the crossfire with more than one though, you're as good as dead, as anyone would be, or a neat trick is using Destiny while being chased and have just enough time to teleport away, giving Twisted Fate three ways to escape, great odds if I do say so myself.

Anyway, now that we know a few things about Twisted Fate, your role as the carry is not busting up in the business, Twisted Fate does do great damage, but what makes him what he is, is he can nuke from a distance, and it should stay this way.
One CC from the other team, and you're up there throwing cards, pushing out much too far for Twisted's lack in ability to get away, especially with everything on CD, and you're dog meat, so stay in the back, trust me, you'll love it.
Another great thing about TF, and having Ghost and Flash along with Destiny, is nuking a few towers, while leaving the scene, sometimes if you'd like to save Destiny, nuke the tower, then Destiny away, that's your best bet, but if you need a faster approach, by all means, use Destiny to get the **** done.

So I've basically covered everything.. now onto more items, woot woot?
You have BerserkerGreaves, Sorcerer's Shoes, MercTreads, Infinity Edge, and Recurve Bow.
Start working on another Pickaxe, because it still gives a bit of damage to go in and out of team fights, and is a pre-req for Madred's Bloodrazor, which will give the tanks a run for their money if they can't outbuild you by the time you get it.
By now, you should have quite hefty damage output, with all the bonus attack speed, Stacked Deck procs quite the large amount, because of this, making you a machine gun. ;)
After the BloodRazor, and you see the Tanks starting to stack armor, it's time to be even more of a disaster and get Last Whisper, because I can't tell you how important it is, even though still, tanks won't care about it much, but it's moar attack speed. Which equals moar damage, and yes, you need it.
After Last Whisper, you can either get Black Cleaver, for even more armor reduc, or Bloodthrister for some lifesteal, which can help quite a bit, but I personally go with Black Cleaver, cause all the attack speed, can get you up to full stacks on it, and you'll be nuking fairly hard.
If you chose to get Bloodthirster, your next item, will just be another Bloodthirster, and or Black Cleaver, but games usually don't last that long.
I think this concludes about how I play Twisted Fate, hope you enjoy.
and always remember, Lady Lucky smilin'.