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Elise Build Guide by Guest

Other JackingMyBox's Build of Bosses

Other JackingMyBox's Build of Bosses

Updated on October 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,630 Views 0 Comments
1,630 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elise Build Guide By Guest Updated on October 30, 2012
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OK lets talk....

First thing first... this Champion is not for novices or gun ho rookies. That being said lets begin. i lost and lost and lost with this champion because you would think like other champions get some kills and farm you should snow ball. This is not the case!! NOT at all :p
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Start with armor and pots. start at blue like most do. if you jungle right after one round without ganking you should be able to get threw only using 1-2 pots leaving you with 3 left i believe. pretty much as of right now u will have your full combo and are ready and happy to gank. pretty much what you want to do is hit the person with your Q then E then W then R in to Spider. W into a Q..... at any any point when they are unstunned you should be a spider they will flash because of burst damage you can fly into the Air come down on them .. R back into a human and Q then W... that is pretty much what you do from beginning to the end. but u probably wont kill them AT ALL unless they are squishy.. but who cares your teammate will get the kill if you dont. REMEMBER THIS CHAMP DOESNT SNOWBALL GOOD. YOU WILL LOSE with out fed team.
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YOUR Ninja spider objective!!!

Land every stun.. somehow get in and do damage and get out,kills are accepted but not mandatory. spam your Q and W for poke. Easy to poke its a homing attack. You also this homing attack can gather you intel about the other team. Maximum SPIDER.. spider cuts corners search bushes and hurts badies!! LIKE GOONS DOING MY DIRTY WORK.. CHEA!
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AT this point You are completely in tears right now. Sike your job now is to just keep poking and you somewhat tanky now. You being kind tanky means 2 things

1: you can take advantage of squishes buy the Q/E/W/R/W/Q/E into the air they cant fight you High as a kite right now they run or stay you wait come down on their head then R/Q/W ...They are dead or alive at this point i dont and if not dead you get the hell away your gonna die anyway J/k they are Screwed.

2: you will not be able to get burst down by anyone with a little damage meaning you can take that extra risk and take out champs that are low or champs that running to the back just to poke and rape from afar.
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OK... My items :D

Why i have these things ... wish i knew how to work this editor like the pros but i dont so im gonna have to explain this ****..

Boots REASON: you have to turn that armor into something am i right fellas

Mallady: you need that attack speed and that magic pen for jungling fast and more hits on opponets

Wits End: more damage/more hits on opponent/Magic resist like a boss.. o prefer u get health after Mallady from the Giants belt or phage

Frozen mallet/Rylai scypter : reason being make them slow for your partner/lots of HP/builds from something that gives you that clutch hp that u need..also can be sub our for a more damge helpful item like Guiso blade... but dont i wouldnt recommend it

HEXTECH: you need that lifesteal/spellvamp for refilling your hp tank you can now after fights push lane after lane.. over and over you and you 5 man army of spiders...

Guardian Angel: this give you mr/armor/ brings you back to life if focused down.. To comeback with a vengeance your Q as a spider can really do a number on people when your towards the end of a team fight :D
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I am the worst at spelling and grammar hands down. I would love someone to Edit this and steal all of it. Just give me a shout out. PLZ DONT KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT. I cant stress enough how this champion should be played ..and that is to get assist. I also do not know how to put pictures up either im just a novice at writing guides this is my first one. a friend of mine told me to write one because i kinda do good..SOMETIMEs
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