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Braum Humor Guide by Janitsu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Janitsu

Jag Har en Riktigt Fin Mustasch

Janitsu Last updated on May 14, 2014
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hejsan alla ni

Jag är janitsu och det här är min guide för min Braumin spel. Jag ska berätta den här guiden hur du spelar Braum samt en diamant spelare Juxuboi.

I will explain all of my choices further in the guide so go on!


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I usually take these runes because they increase your health in the late game and the late game is Bröum's most important stage of the game. You can pick flat health runes but I wouldn't recommend it because that'd make your super strong early game even stronger than it already is. You usually want to have the highest amount of health in the whole game so you can be like "lols I sees this gaid in mobafier and i has most helth so god jantsusenpaiop" in the all chat.

If you don't have these runes it is better to not run any runes. You are completely worthless without these exact runes.

(The part about alternative runes was lies. There are no alternatives to these super good runes I've tested in 0 games. I made the guide so I know. I inderdaad know.)

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You want to go 0/0/30 because you usually find yourself out of mana - and most importantly GOLD. If you don't want to go all in the utility tree you can go all offense too. I wouldn't recommend it because you'll lose all the extra gold which helps you get the Utma's Employer in the early game. Atmo's Simplifier is the most important item in your core build and you need it early in the game. That's why the increased gold gain from utility tree is necessity.

(The part about alternative masteries was lies. There are no alternatives to these super good masteries I've tested in 9 games. I made the guide so I know. I inderdaad know.)

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Umtero's Ovaries is your most important item. It gives you critical chance, attack damage and armor. You want all these stats except for armor. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS THE PASSIVE WHICH GIVES YOU AD ACCORDINGLY TO YOUR HEALTH

Steve Irwin's Ashes Gives you the sickest and neatest light show ever. It also gives health which will multiply thanks to our super runes and items. If you don't get this item I just have to ask you: What is wrong with you?

Frozen Diildo Is currently the best item in the whole league of legends. It makes you slow so frikkin much and it gives you health and attack damage. And guess what happens to the health it gives? YOU GOT IT WRONG. IT MULTIPLIES

Leona's Pusssy A*** Item Gives you sick effect upon activating. Nothing more to add. Except HP. That is the part you want, too.

Randuin's Tower Shield is your worst enemy and best ally. You will love this bad boy because it gives health that multiplies in the late game thanks to our bad boy runes and items which I've chosen for you.

Pink Eye is supporter item, yes, but you can spam annoying wards on enemies so that they explode because they are so angry at you.

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Skill Sequence

You don't want to take Q before the late game. Same thing for ultimate, because they are pretty useless without health to use them. In the late game you have enough health thanks to our bad boy runes, items and our gold generating masteries which made the gold gain possible. Thanks based Gatorade!

Now this is the important part. I see many Oral-B players maxing only one ability. That is the worst way to do it and you should never do it.

You want to max W and E at the same time because they are so good together and they have super high synergy with each other.

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You want to take Teleporter and Remove Hangover because they make you such a strong assassin, which Bröd already is though. With the health you can easily just teleport and there is a neat trick you can do. Send me your credit card details and I will give you this tip.

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Thank you for reading

This is my hate guide because I've seen so many ****ing bad Braums in my games. He is also so ****ing weak compared to other ****ing supports. **** Braum, we wanted the Poro from the sneak peek


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