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Malphite Build Guide by brewed_t

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League of Legends Build Guide Author brewed_t

jangling malphite! (hybridish tanky dpsish permaslow)

brewed_t Last updated on July 14, 2012
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Hi my build looks sloppy. My build might look strange or stupid, but it works! (At least for me.) I don't really like going full tank like most people do on Malphite. I like this build because it really brings out his eyes. No, just kidding. But it gives him a fair amount of MR, bunches of armor, DPS, permaslow/chasing potential, and invincibility! This is also my first build..
I've played Malphite for quite a while and he's definitely one of my favorite junglers at the moment.

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1) Rune explanation

You might be looking at me silly for starting 26 AP as a jungler, and also taking flat AP glyphs instead of MR/lv. I think it's really preference, but the 26 AP (I've come to realize) helps. Armor for typical jungling and mpen for maximum damage.

Dat extra damage too.

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2) Masteries

Kind of self explanatory. Defense for the tanking potential, utility for the buff duration + movement speed. I might have gotten this from another please notify me if it is the same! I've forgotten, lol.

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3) Summoner Spells

Flash for great positioning for initiations or escaping. Smite for jungling.

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4) Jangling.

Get someone to leash blue, then just beat it up. Head on over to wolves and start pimp slapping them down, potion whenever necessary. Try to utilize your passive as well. After wolves, head to wraiths, then either red or golems. Usually I go red, then return to wraiths and that should get me to level 4. That's when I go around looking for ganks if I'm still decent HP. If not, then just B and grab whatever you can to make a philo. Make the most of your red!! It's pretty standard jungling, lol. BUT SUPER DESTRUCTIVE ONCE 6.

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5) Items

Ok, so I start off regrowth + potion, but you can also do armor/5 and upgrade that to ninja tabi later. The mercs aren't completely necessary early on, it really depends on the enemy team composition (I end the game with mercs regardless of whether or not I grab ninja tabi or mercs first). I usually return when I have enough for philo + boots, or just philo. I grab a HoG as well for the bonus gp10. Now here's where my build starts differing. I pick up a phage afterwards.

Note: People have told me that Ryalai's would be better since it's an AP, plus AoE slow on two of his skills. I've tried it, and it works too, but I just like phage/FM for this build in particular.

I grab mercs if the enemy team is bothering me with their magical abilities or CC, or I'll just grab my Wit's end for some MR and attack speed with I think works really well his W's passive as well as triggering phage. Glacial for the armor/CDR, randuins for more armor and slowing (yaaaay), finishing off frozen heart for moar armors and CDR and slowing their AS + your e. Frozen mallet could have been finished earlier, it's your choice. I usually finish it earlier though. Your 6th item is really up to you. Sometimes I run zhonya's for the armor/ap/active, or abyssal for the extra MR and AP. Or a FoN/GA just for the extra survivability and run around.

The reason I go this build is because you could dish out lots damage as a tank/super tanky person, while soaking up bunches of damage! They have to decide between taking you down or ignoring you and getting pounded on. Also I once played Malphite against an enemy Malphite and I went this build and the other Malphite went full tank and we broke out into a 1v1 which ended with me winning. This build brings a more well rounded champ that can bring more to the team from what I've experienced.

Also buying AP items on him is NOT a waste, especially with his great ratios.

I'd say core items are mercs/wits/FM/randuins/FH with the last item being whatever you want it to be. If the long prolongs super long, you could sell your wits for whatever you feel you need.

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Sorry for this incredibly poorly written guide. I've been using this -general- build layout for quite a while now, and I've gone mostly positive in my games. Please try this out before you criticize, and if you have used it and hated it, I'm sorry. Different things work for different people, but I still see that Malphite is more better as a tanky dps with permaslow than a full-out tank.

Appreciate it, please rate. Comments are always welcome.

Edit: My god, I just noticed there were preset buttons for masteries/runes/jungling/all that good stuff after I finished. Ok whatever.

Also be sure to build whatever feels right, don't have to follow the build concretely, although the finished items are highly suggested.