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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plaxix

Janna: AD Carry | Yi V2 :)

Plaxix Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Alright. Hey, and welcome to my very first build which includes Janna.English is not my base language so excuse my grammar mistakes. As you probably know Janna is a support champion so why does the title say "AD Carry"? You are probably thinking that support champions should do what they do best: babysitting the Carry. But every champion can be build AD, AP or Tanky but its the skills that needs to get improved. Ashe's "W" skill "Volley" scales of AD. Annie's "Q" skill "Distintegrate" scales of AP. Some champions even scales of both AD and AP like Ezreal's "Q" skill "Mystic shot". Even some champions have their ability scaled of by Armor like one of Malphites abilities. But playing AD Janna is like being a ranged Master Yi with lot's of CC. Once i also played AD Zilean which was like being a ranged Tryndamere :D but we're not going into that right now. This guide is'nt very in-depth so don't expect that.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Ranged
Extremely fast
Global aura (3% MS to all allied champions)
Knock Up (Howling Gale)
Knock away / Heal(The heal is not very effective when building AD but it is there)
Epic tornado coming from the enemy tower when she attacks it :D
Shield(Eye of the storm grants over 40 dmg in level 5 and can be used on towers)

Cons: Squishy
Terrible farmer
Abilities cost alot of Mana
Abilities have high Cooldown
Annoying voice
Looses alot of MS when using slow ability (Zephyr)

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I wanted to start off with the runes. I choose AS marks, Flat HP seals, Flat CDR glyphs and ARP quints. As for the CDR glyphs: All Janna's spells has alot of cooldown which makes it very reliable for her to have CDR glyphs, though we are AD Carry we want those CC skills. The AS marks is there because we only have two AS items(something i might change) so when we use our Eye of the Storm skill on ourselves it will give us about 40 DMG for 5 seconds but if we dont have high AS we will not be using it properly? The flat HP seals is there because Janna is very squishy and it can be hard in the start of a game to stay at the lane and farm those minions. Minions = gold. gold = items. items = SUPER POWERS. As for the quints. Since we dont have any ArP items, we get the ArP quints which grants 10ArP(which isnt alot) and every AD champ should have ArP, just like every AP Champ should have MrP.

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Skill Sequence

Above you should be able to see when we learn the different skills. But the skill order when figthing should be "Q"(Howling Gale) then "E"(Eye of the storm) which is kinda all you have to do :/ but remember that when playing AD Janna you're supposed to be kiting the enemy like hell.

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Summoner Spells

As for the spells i chose: Cleanse and Flash

Cleanse is like a way out of prison. If someone uses stuns, snares, taunts, supresses or any CC's on you, just press the Cleanse button and CC is gone.

Flash is a great overall spell. It can be used to save your *** or setup a nice kill. The way i like to use flash Janna is when someone's trying to zone me or pushes me back to my towere i flash towards them so they are closest to my tower then i use my ultimate and push them into my tower knocking them airborne and slowing them will grant you a kill early in the game but if you are laning against some tanky champ be careful as the ultimate has a big cooldown and should be used to split the enemy team or save your life rather than getting a fancy kill ;)

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So.. this has been how you build AD Janna as mentioned this is my very first build and I haven't seen any other build for Janna where she is built like this so I hope this build helped. If you -1 vote my build please post a comment for why you did it and how I can improve :)



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