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Janna Build Guide by Balerthas

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Balerthas

Janna and the Jinx (or any other AD really...)

Balerthas Last updated on February 26, 2014
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Heya community! I'm Balerthas and have been enjoying Janna for some time. Thought I'd just share this fun build with you all. I was really frustrated with Janna for quite some time trying to build straight AP and building lv30 crazy tournament builds that just didn't work for me. Ended up taking a large look at what Janna is and what she gets. This build has only been tested in normal Summoner's rifts games and for me has been great fun. With this build I'm challenging the conventions that people only think Janna is. You'll see that perhaps I'm crazy, but give it a try! It's loads of fun, and unless they have read this most people wont be expecting it.

As a note, I don't believe in putting money into this game (I do support LoL! Just through the Tribunal System). I have not paid a single penny and don't plan on it. Also this game is just a very casual thing I do for fun. And while the guide has been built for lv profiles I am not yet 30, nor do you need to be lv 30 for this to be effective as I feel most guides require.

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My frustrations with Janna

Try as I might, building ability power just didn't seem to work. While I may not be nearly as "effective" with Janna with this build, I have far more team play and have far more fun playing Janna. I've tried several ways to build AP Janna and really had it handed to me. Might be with my friend I run with or the teams I've been put with but doing normal AP stuff just gets me killed and I feel horrifyingly frustrated with Janna as a whole. While her abilities say they get a lot of ability power behind them, even endgame I feel wasteful if I've done too much ability power. Her abilities don't get very much from her ability power and if you try you will get squished.

Too many times I've been building ability power and felt useless, and have gotten pushed, fed far too much and wanted to play another character. HOWEVER, Janna's abilities are awesome, I love the mobility and have a good mastery over her powers.

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Pros and Cons

Of Janna
+Escape and interrupts
+Endgame control
+Very interesting powers that are fun to use

-Squishy, Squashy and SPLAT!
-No damage output, no bonuses from ability power stack
-Horribly lane

Of this build
+Team Play
+Gets rid of the squish factor
+You actually have damage out put!!
+Lane Control
+Surprise! Most people try to squish me and I end up getting them killed.

-Loss to ability power means weaker shields and your powers doing more poorly and just poor
-Attack damage can become useless endgame and especially if the team stacks against you (at which point just build a tank Janna)
-Powers buff team, and only interrupt, you deal less damage.

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The Aim of the Build

I run normally with Jinx (and my band mate right next to me). He knows exactly how I play and I know pretty well how he does. Synergy? He has a few other ADC's however with me we mostly do bottom lane Janna and Jinx. You builds will work with others such as Vayne, Kaitlyn and especially melee guys.

As a note, I attack minions with this build, we have some push and late early game and mid game we are a huge threat. I always build a little more tanky for him and have a money generator (I try to feed him as much money as possible as a fully geared Jinx is just wonderful).

For me the AP builds just don't do it. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can play them and even more for just playing Janna. Here's what I've noticed about my build compared to others are as follows:

Tornado--Loses damage however I've never seen it do well even with 2 Rabbadon's Death Caps.
Zephyr--Amazing. It always is, however I use it in chase or escape.
Shield--Does protect less and give less attack damage. While it suffer's the most I find that I'm more effective building other supportive tactics and being VERY strategic with it. With the AP builds I was too tempted to just spam bubble and would be caught off guard, and it would be broken far to quickly anyway.

I am a threat!!!--With stacked ability power sure my abilities do great, but 99% of the time opponents would run through me kill Jinx and then as dessert would kill me too. I had zero lane anything and was only kind of helpful with AP while now I deal damage and if they go for Jinx, I'm pounding them. Generally at this point Jinx can get away or kill their friend, and we flip on the tank. Honestly, a lot of survivability from this for both me and my carry is fear. Players can't kill when they are dead and will run if outmatched.

More Tactful--Because my abilities aren't so great I find I'm better with them. I always have them ready, I'm not burning mana and can stay in fights longer. Plus I'm building other things and some ability power so I'm not out on a limb anyway.

Fewer Deaths--While I may not get many kills, ever or at all I don't care to. My job is to make sure everyone else can kill.

I have more fun.--Being a threat, surviving and having a solid basic attack is truly wonderful. I feel like I'm doing more, and I can really run with the team more.

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I'm only half way testing the runes. I need more points to get more and see if other things can work, like armor piercing or if I would just need more damage. The point is, I'm stacking life for survivability, scaling ability power for end game and attack damage to be a threat.

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Worked with a few tactical and mathematician friends who really worked the tree for me. If you love the money from the utility tree, by all means build for that up to the plus gold from attacking opponents, then go tanky. You will need to buy more attack damage real fast however. I feel that the top left corner of Defense is really the only pertinent thing. I did the extra life as my focus is to survive and deal more damage or keep people alive. Otherwise as you can see it's pretty straight forward. I'm not a huge killer, just a nick at a time.

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Still working it. I am really in love with Haunting Guise and the Morellonomicon. They give me everything I want and need along with opponent debuffs. The gear is always in flux. Here's what I do first, get the coin, 2 health potions and a mana potion. If money goes well get the pick to build the hammer, or if they are really focusing you aim for the life. If they are hard gankers I also aim for the sightstone. It's really effective and not what I thought. The sightstone gives tons of life and gives you great visibility however becomes useless endgame. The free 3min wards really help mid game and can keep you ahead, however lately I've not been buying it.

Depending on how the game goes from this point I start picking and playing with the gear I want. Hence why my alternates is so messy. Part of this build is understanding the items and what you need to help carry your team since you may be running with a different carry and team altogether.

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Skill Sequence

Attack!!! Get in range and poke with the basic attack. You should have enough life and defense to really chip at the enemies. Hurt the minions and let the carry get the money and whenever you can, chip at their heroes.

The tornado is wonderful to start engagements, stop enemies and interrupt. I use it sparingly and it's always ready to counter (you can stop and push Tristana's jump for example).

Zephyr is always your friend. It does the most damage, can hit an opponent even if they flash, jump or charge away. If you have Captain boots, you can help your team give chase while the foe is slowed. (Also there's an item that deals more damage to movement impaired folks, a double win I think.)

Eye of the Storm or shield is the game maker for Janna. Do not spam it on your carry to kill minions (as AP builds would force you to do to have any kind of push) and know pretty well your range. Its perfect to save people, initiate fights and yes, even tank. I will initiate someone who has gotten too close with a shield (to whomever they're focused on) and we will take them out. Try to not spam as you will always be using it when you need it.

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Summoner Spells

Most people probably think me a greenhorn for playing with Clarity and Heal, but I don't care. I'm not serious enough to give it a second thought.

Clarity is great for mana and since we like to get in and fight, it's great for both Jinx and Janna to continue the fight.

Heal is far more useful beginning game than endgame. Don't let it's paltry endgame heal fool you though, life is life and your friends will thank you. I love heal for the beginning, keeps me up and is enough to turn a fight.

I really hate flash. I love the concept but the range is so frustratingly small it kills baby dolphins with its lack of distance.

Barrier I have found to never work. It does far less then it should and the cooldown is painful for how little it helps. Again, more dying baby dolphins because of this power.

Ignite and Exhaust are pretty decent however most everyone I team up with has it and I find that the items I'm buying, I can have more survival stuff.

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Team Work!!!

Janna is great with the team. The shield is wonderful to boost the ADC or shield the tank. Perfect for keeping your guys from getting killed. I like to initiate with a quick tornado to give my team a boost and ensure I'll have tornado for when things get ugly in the next few moments. Seriously, the pop up is wonderful and your team can still attack opponents being flung into the air.

Make sure to keep to the back of the crowd. If you can, attack whomever you can but don't over engage, remember you're still kind of squishy.

An added bonus, enemies wasting their powers on you! You're support right? Squishy with a side of squash yes? Well this build you kind of aren't. You goade opponents into wasting powers (like Kaitlyn's head shot or Lux's death ray) and you won't die or if they get to you, you scare them off with being so survivable and hurting them back. Plus if they leap you you can sometimes get away (better than just lying down and dying...).

Monsoon deserves some special attention here. I use it mostly for a huge heal and crowd control. Don't be afraid to use it to help your team get away or to take a tower real fast. The heal is massive and really the best thing going for Janna with the crowd interrupt and push. Just be careful not to push someone into your squishes or push them into your towers for fun!

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Combat Engagements

Get in kind of close but behind the combat, shield who needs it and tornado away! Try to hit people in their powers, such as Vi's charge or Garen's spin. It is wonderful fun to make their abilities worthless. Monsoon when needed. If you're team is low on health or you're fighting the big fed guy, use it to get an advantage. And always keep your basic attack going if it wont put you in too close.

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Thanks to Mobafire and LoL! I've had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy trying this build out. The key factor is damage out put to be a threat, loads of life and debuffs to opponents to keep your team in the game. Using Janna's abilities as situational and keep attacking are essential to playing this Janna.