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Janna - AP Support Tank

Last updated on February 24, 2011
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This is my Janna build guide. I will not be going into how to play her as I'm simply not experienced enough to describe it accurately. What I do know however is that this build works, I almost always get a positive K?D using this, which is impressive considering that I generally get 15+ assists aswell.

What you do have the realise about janna is that unless you go overboard on defence you are not going to be able to survive for long against most other champs, and doing that will make you basically useless in every other aspect. So you have to find a compromise where you have enough AP to be effective while at the same time tough enough to escape. And after weeks of practice I think I've found that compromise.

Early game you will find yourself fragile but with a pretty large amount of AP and plenty of mana.

Mid game your ability power will be seriously large and you will find your self wiping out entire minion waves with a single spell. This means you will also be farming like crazy resulting in...

Late-mid game, your now surprisingly tough, bordering on 3000 health is a nice figure and you will also be spamming abilities like there is no tomorrow.

Late-game, at 3.4k health and over 300 AP you will now be a serious threat but you will also now be fast enough and with enough health that aslong as you stay focussed and don't muck up you can avoid getting killed while dishing out a nice amount of damage and support.

Late-late game (after rabbadons), the extra AP boost means that your will now have over 500 AP... nuff said.

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Pros / Cons

-The standard mana issues with janna are not as big thanks to a rushed archangel.
-Serious amounts of ability power make you a big presence on the field.
-You will be able to kill entire minion waves with a single spell, farming is a joke
-Able to stay clear early gaem thanks to long range.

-Fragile early game
-Your a target, your fast enough to escape but don't get singled out in a team fight, always go in last if you can and don't get iscolated.

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Fairly obvious to be honest, maximum CD reduction. I go for max mana increase to boost the effect of archangel staff. More effective than the extra mana/5sec.

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-Magic pen because everything else is useless for a caster.
-Enough CDR to take you to borderline 40%
-Health/lv, because it makes you tougher.
-AP/lv because it makes a big difference from lv7 onwards allowing you to get those kills in and nuke those minion waves.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity because before you get your archangel staff you are going to suffer without it, teleport because you can give your turrets a shield and kill minions with ease which makes it important to get there when your needed to repel pushes.

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Start off with a meki pendant and build your archangel staff as quickely as possible. Once you have it your mana issues are no longer an issue. this means you will be wanting to spam your abilities more which means you need your CDR boots and a kindle jem.

After that we go for the rod of ages (which has great synergy with archangel staff). then complete the kindle into a soul shroud. At this stage you are pretty much set, You will have the full 40% CDR, mana problems should not exist (55/5 sec) and a nice amount of AP. From here there are many different ways to go. I almost always go for the Crystal Sceptre for the health and AP bosst, in addition to helping you support even more by adding slow to all your abilities. After that it's Rabbadons because it makes your AP literally sky rocket. Your ult will become a super-heal, you will knock off a noticibly large chunk of health with your abilities and in general it makes you amazing. However, there are alternatives:

Against a caster heavy team:
Grab a veil instead of rabbadons, the mana gives you a bit of AP increase and the rest is obvious. If it's 4-5 casters then i would consider a force of nature over the sceptre aswell.

Keep getting focussed/physical team
Zonyas Hour-glass. I get this almost as much as rabbadons. The armour is surprisingly helpful and it still gives a large AP boost.