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League of Legends Build Guide Author xOrigins

Janna -- Blowing people up in the air to victory

xOrigins Last updated on May 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to this guide super Janna guide. This guide is new and still unfinished, so please be aware that there is still work to be done with this guide. This is going to be a huge guide. You can check the "Tasks to do" chapter in order to see what is planned to be done and updated. Feedback is greatly appreciated, so please comment if you have anything constructive to say. Thanks!

Janna is an extremely powerful champion if played well. I know, every guide says that about every champion, but Janna's spells makes her one of the best disengager and one of the best chaser among all the champions.

However, she's difficult to play, since she can be mana hungry, is extremely squishy and her ulti can be tricky to use.

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Pros & Cons


- Great crowd control
- High movement speed
- Best disengages
- Easy to do sick plays

- Squishy
- No sustain
- Requires good positioning
- Ultimate hard to place, especially in teamfights
- Mana hungry, especially early game

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold
Quints : Greater Quintessence of Gold -> You are support, therefore you will not get a lot of gold from kills and from CS. Your major income will be from assists and from gold per 10. Those quints give you a total of 3 gold per 10.

Marks : Greater Mark of Armor -> Obviously you'll want to mitigate the damage received by the ennemy ADC. The laning phase should be your biggest concern, so you'll need flat armor marks.

Glyphs : Greater Glyph of Magic Resist -> You will also want to mitigate de magic damage received by the ennemy support, which is almost always an AP support.

Seals : Greater Seal of Armor -> For the same reasons that you would take the marks.

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The masteries will be 1-7-21. Here's the explanation of each mastery I took

­­­ Summoner's Wrath Since you will run Exhaust, you will want to reduce the target's armor and magic resist even more. Do not pick this if you don't take Exhaust on you, All the other summoner's spell concerned by this mastery should not be taken by you. Instead, pick Veteran's Scars . You'll be less squishy . If you run Heal, pick Summoner's Resolve instead of Veteran's Scars

Durability You are squishy. To counter that, we pick this mastery in order to give more health to Janna.

Hardiness Extra armor for you. It'll be good all game, but especially in laning phase, where you will be harassed by the ennemy ADC and support.

Summoner's Insight THIS IS A MUST. Since you will have Flash + other summoner's spell. You will be sure at least one summoner's spell will be concerned by this mastery. Flash's reduced cooldown is extremely good, since it's the your best escape spell. If you run Clairvoyance, you'll also use like the fact that ennemies will be revealed for a longer time.

Meditation If you get harrased a lot and need to retaliate, you'll most likely run out of mana pretty fast. We pick this mastery for the mana regen, quite appreciated early game.

Mastermind Those summoner's spells have an incredibly huge cooldown, so the CD reduction is really good for you.

Artificer This mastery reduces active items' cooldown time. As a support, you'll always have at least 2 or 3 active items. For instance, if I build Locket of the Iron Solari, shurelya's reverie and Twin Shadows, those three items will be affected by artificier.

Greed You will not get gold from kills and assist's. Therefore, you'll want to get gold by any other ways possible. This gold per 10 is greatly appreciated.

Biscuiteer This is good for any support. It gives you a bit more sustain in laning phase, with free little heal and a free mana regen.

Wealth It gives you 50 bonus gold at start, giving you the opportunity to pick one more health potion at the beginning of each game. You don't have any sustain, so a bonus healh potion is appreciated.

Pickpocket This mastery got created just for our beloved supports, so take it. Each you it a champion, it gives you 3 gold, with a 5 seconds cooldown. Pretty nice, isn't it! However, take note that usually, due to the small range of your auto-attacks, you will not harrass the ennemy with them. Their spells probably outrange your auto-attacks, and anyways the ADC pokes more than you with auto-attacks.

Intelligence Cooldown reduction means you can spam your spells faster. It is great on Janna, because it gives her the ability to spam her shield, which is a good spell to counter harrass and inflict more damage by retaliating with the shield on, which gives bonus AD.

Nimble A mastery with the exact same stat as your passive. You are already fast, imagine with this mastery altogether with you passive, your boots and your Zephyr passive!!

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Summoner's Spells


Flash : This is not negociable, YOU MUST TAKE THIS SPELL. It is incredibly good at escaping/chasing targets. Yes, you have a lot of CC, but you still can't pass through a cliff or the forest. Flash can, so take it.

Exhaust: This spell has great utility with the slow and reduces basically every stats of the target champion : armor, magic resist and attack speed. This is best used when you think the champion you try to kill is going to escape, when your jungler/ennemy jungler ganks and when the ennemy is going to kill you.


Heal: If you and your ADC got not sustain, and the ennemy is most likely going to poke you a lot, you could pick heal instead of Exhaust. You can also try heal baits if you have this spell. Also, don't forget that Ignite reduces Heal's healing, so try to pop Heal before the ennemy pops Ignite.

Clairvoyance: This spell has fallen out the current meta. Even if it got a slight boost, it's still not a top pick, mainly due to the fact that now supports can buy a Sightstone and ward every single ganking spots. However, if you want to know where the ennemy jungler is and prevent allies being "pick-up" in non-warded ennemy territory, you could always pick Clairvoyance instead of Exhaust.

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Janna's passive. It is indeed a great passive. You got slow champions on your team? No problem, they are no more slow. You got an [Hecarim] jungling in your team? He will be the first guy being happy to have you in the team. This is also one reason why it is difficult to chase what makes you good at chasing targets. Of course, you don't want to chase an uber fed [jax] just to throw him a Zephyr when nobody is following you, but when target are low life, being fast might end up in a kill if you can CC your target.


This skill is cool. First off, you launch tornadoes, so how could this spell be even bad? In a serious note, this will be your main disengage and engage during laning phase. This is why you should take a point as early as level 2 in it. Zephyr isn't worth a point at level 2, because ennemies will probably always be behind their creeps, leaving no possibilities to attack even if Janna lands a Zephyr. However, Howling Gale can be thrown if they do try to engage you. If it is the case, they will aggro your creeps and the CC provided by Howling Gale will result in creeps doing more auto-attacks to them, doing more damage. Also, since the duration of the CC is the same no matter the level of the spell (don't forget the longer you charge the tornado, the longer the CC), you pick it for the utility Howling Gale gives, and not for the damage. It costs a lot of mana, and if you spam it you will ran out of mana pretty fast. Later, when laning phase is over, you will want to thow this if you get chased after landing a Zephyr to your target, since Howling Gale doesn't stop your champion from running when casting it. This coupled with Zephyr is usually enough to get you out of trouble. If not, then use Monsoon and/or Flash.


This spell is what makes Janna a great support for your ADC. It gives your ADC a shield to block all incoming attacks from your ennemies and gives him attack damage while he is shielded. If you and the ennemy poke the other at the same time and you have the shield on you, you'll win the trade. You usually try to time the shield for when your ADC is about to poke, get poke, gets engaged or engages. Some skill shots are easy to shield. For example, you should always block Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker and Ezreal's Mystic Shot. You also want to block damage that can be bone by ennemy support, such as Lulu's Glitterlance.

In teamfights, you will want to spam your shield to the champion that needs it the most. It has a fairly low cooldown, so you will be able to pop the spell at least 2-3 times, even in a fast teamfight. Don't forget your main job is to peel for your ADC, so don't waste your shield on anybody else if your ADC is getting focused.

You max Eye Of The Storm first after taking one point in Zephyr and Howling Gale as soon as possible in order to give your ADC a good poke and a good shield.


First we should talk about it's passive, increases Janna's movement speed by 4%/7%/10%/13%/16% while Zephyr is NOT on cooldown. This is the main reason why Janna is a pain in the *** to kill and why she is such an incredible chaser. You want to take a point level 3 for this spell, as it is not as powerful early as it is late game. It is still important to have this spell, because it is part of the engage/disengage combo. Even if you got really fast with this passive, don't hesitate in using it's active whenever you can.

If you get chased and the ennemy is going faster than you (rare, but it can happen), prepare your Howling Gale, turn around and land your Zephyr. The slow is way better than the active in terms of buff/debuff, so landing the Zephyr on your target is always a good idea if you can't escape a target. When the target is about on your Howling Gale launch the tornado at the last second to use the most CC time you can get with this spell. If the target still chases you, by the time he gets in range again, your spells should have refreshed.

If you chase, land Zephyr first if you are in range, then throw a Howling Galewhen the slow is over. If not, try landing a Howling Gale by predicting the ennemy's path and then follow up with a Zephyr.

In team fights, you will land Zephyr after Monsoon and after Howling Gale if more than one ennemy is rushing your ADC. If not, you can land first Zephyr to stop the tank or the assassin rushing your ADC, then launching Howling Gale to stop them.


This ability can be a great turnover..... for both teams. Push an ennemy in your team and you get a free kill. Push an ennemy behind a cliff and you just lost one kill for your team.

In laning phase, you should use Monsoon when the ennemy jungle is ganking you or you get engaged and there is a high chance you or your ADC gets killed without getting any kills.

If you get ganked by the tri-bush and you are around the river, retreat back and try hitting the jungler with Howling Gale. If the ennemy is still behing you after this, land aZephyr on him. Normally, he should be in front of you or in top of you. At this point you can Monsoon to ult them away him and the support/ADC away. IF he is still behing you after this, wait for the last moment when all the 3 are in auto-attack range and use Monsoon. You'll probably end up putting the ennemy jungler under your tower and pushing back the ADC and the support.

If you get ganked or suprised by multiple ennemies, Monsoon first then use Howling Gale on them. With bot spells combined you will ensure nobody gets into spell range to hit you.

In teamfights this is going to get tricky. If they try to engage you and your team is not ready, Monsoon and Howling Gale them away. If not, then wait for the best moment to ult. Usually, it is either when your ADC is getting focused or your team getting losing the fight.

To summarize the combos

  • You are faster
    >> >> (if needed)
  • He is faster and out of Zephyr's range
    >> >> (if needed)

  • You are faster and out of Zephyr's range
  • He is faster and out of Zephyr's range
    >> >> (if needed) >>
  • He is faster and in Zephyr's range
    >> (if needed) >> >>

Jungler ganking from tri-bush (blue side)
  • You are in Zephyr's range
    >> (if needed) >> >>
  • You are not in Zephyr's range
    >> >> (if needed) >>

  • You win the teamfight
  • ADC getting focused by one target
  • One target trying to get in range to hit the ADC
  • Multiple targets trying to get in range to hit the ADC
    >> >> (fastest or hardest hitter) >> (fastest or hardest hitter)
  • You lose the team fight
    Get close the the nearest ennemy >> >>
  • You don't want to engage
    Get close the the nearest ennemy >> >>

I haven't talked a lot about Eye Of The Storm, but it is because you should spam it whenever possible to the friendly champion who needs it the most. The one close to death, the one going to get the most damage, the ADC for a boost in AD, etc.

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Starting Items

sight ward

You begin with a Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation and an Explorer's Ward. The Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation gives you sustain early game, both heath and mana. Explorer's Ward can be placed anywhere you feel it will be useful. It cost nothing, so just put it where you feel you'll make the best use of it regarding the game. If by any chances the ennemy support Vision Ward your Explorer's Ward, then you just made him lose a pink ward!

Faerie Charm gives you mana regen. It will be good to keep up with the mana lost by casting Eye Of The Storm you will use on you or your ADC. Health potions are for sustain early game. You basically have no sustain, other than Eye Of The Storm. However, you want to use it mainly on your ADC, that makes good use of both the AD boost and the shield. If you use mostly Eye Of The Storm on you, then you are not playing well.

NOTE : It won't keep up if you spam Howling Gale and like a mad men. You don't do a lot of damage, so don't waste your mana for nothing.

Early Game

philosopher's stone

If you can get Sightstone at your first back, then get it. This way you will save money in wards, which is really good early game. You even save more if you can afford an early sighstone than the income you would get from the philosopher's stone during that time. Also, you get a bit more health. If you can't get the Sightstone at your first back, then buy a [philosopher's stone] and sight ward/ Vision Ward if you don't have any. The gold per 10, the mana regen and the health regen are exactly why we need at this point of the game. Remember, Janna has no sustain. You can after get Boots of Speed. There is no need to rush the boosts, since even without them and with Zephyr's passive, you will propably run faster then the ennemies.

Core Items

shurelya's reverie

Ruby Sightstone : Rush this as soon as possible. The 400 health given by this item plus the wards makes this item the only item that you should ALWAYS have a core item. The gold you save using the wards of this item is huge, so don't misjudge it's potential

NOTE : You should still buy sight ward and Vision Ward, because 3 wards won't be enough to cover all the map. If you play with great teammates, you won't be the only one warding. But as a support, you be sure that all the key spots are warded.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity : You want to build those boots because they give you the cooldown reduction required in order to spam more Eye Of The Storm, mainly. You will also be able to cast CC more often. Since Janna is extremely fast, you do not have the obligation to rush the boots, like most champions do. With Boots of Speed and Zephyr's passive, no one will be able keep up with your movement speed.

Twin Shadows : Twin Shadows active grants you vision to the ennemy champions that get touched by the ghost and slows them. If you want to chase a fleing target, want to escape a gank/fight or want to initiate a teamfight but the ennemy team is running away, then use the active. The stats given by this item are all good for Janna. Magic resist and mana regen, as well as a neat 6% increased speed.

Locket of the Iron Solari : This item is one of the most cost-effective item in the game. For barely 1850 gold you get 35 armor, 10 health regen, 10% cooldown reduction and a mini shield as an active. This gets Janna more tanky, as well as giving her more mana regen and cooldown reduction.

Aegis of the Legion : The aura given by this item is extremely good and given to all nearby allies. The stats of the Aegis of the Legion gets Janna tankier, a bit like the Locket of the Iron Solari, but with an aura instead of a shield.

NOTE : Aegis of the Legion should be taken by you or the jungler. Runic Bulwark is very situational. You will take it only if the ennmy is mostly an AP team comp.

shurelya's reverie Shurelya's Reverie : The speed boost is really good. You can chase targets an save lives with this active. I recommend building it late if it's a close game. If you win, you could build this instead of the Locket of the Iron Solari.

NOTE : You will use your philosopher's stone in order to complete the recepi. To get the most gold out of the philosopher's stone, you should not rush shurelya's reverie

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Tasks to do

In no particular order

  • Correction of spelling/structure/grammar mistakes
  • Other viable runes
  • Bad tier for summoner's spells
  • Situational items
  • Synergies
  • Strategies against every laning opponent (both supports and ADCs)
  • Warding
  • Positionning
  • Videos/screenshots/examples
  • Aesthetics

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May 11, 2013 : Creation of the guide