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League of Legends Build Guide Author lucifor

Janna mana regen

lucifor Last updated on May 20, 2010
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So first off. I'm not a pro player, I've lost more than I've won, but enjoy playing the game without flaming others for their mistakes, as I know i make mistakes myself :)

This is also the most important tip in my entire guide: This is only a game and its only fun when you smile playing it.

This is my first try for a build, any comments or suggestions to improve the guide will be highly appreciated :)

Started playing Janna as an addition to my team the other day and found she had exactly what we needed in terms of a shield/healing class, along with some pretty nifty cc spells.

I concentrate mainly on mana regen and cooldown reduction, to be able to pop shield and stuns as often as possible, with atleast downtime as possible.
I never ever initiate any combat with other players as Janna is quite squishy, but staying in the background shielding and utilizing the long range on her Howling Gale for harass and last killing creeps

Breakdown of my build

Summoner Abilities

- Cleanse is my alltime favourite ability. Pop this to get out of sh*t :)
One mistake I often do is to pop this too early.. For instance, Tristana rocket jumps you for a slow, then pops her explosive shot and a ignite for bleed damage. I tend to pop the Cleanse to get rid of her slow right away, still finding myself dead due to her DOTs - So if you know the attacking champ got bleed spells, try to wait until they're thrown at you

- Clarity, without spamming Howling Gale and Eye of the Storm unecessary much, i really have problems getting rid of my mana using this ability, and Janna is a sucker for mana, like noone else
I usually lane with my friend who plays Mordecaiser, so I do not put a mastery point in the improved Clarity


Cooldown reduction and Mana Regen, the more shields you can place, the more your teammates can stay in the heat :)


Full out on Utility for regen, run speed and since I'm going for the cooldown reduction on the Attack tree, I might aswell put a point in Archaic Knowledge for 15% penetration for my offensive spells


- I start off with a Mana Manipulator, quite high MP5 and it benefits your laning partner aswell
- Mercury treads, nice magic resist and nice to get out of cc faster, these can be swapped by Boots of Mobility or Ninja Tabi if you meet lots of melee, but i prefer Mercury for the cc attributes
- Fiendish Codex, more mp5 and cooldown reduction
- Innervating Locket, quite cool item though a little expensive. This gives you a nice boost to mana and health, along with two very nice aura effects (my team decided we should all go for one item each, which benefits the entire group.. this is mine..)

By now, my mp5 combination along with Clarity I have mana almost all the time

- Archangels Staff, time for some AP, along with even more mp5
- Upgrade Fiendish Codex into Deathfire Grasp, for more AP and by now you should be at apx 45 mp5, by items only

By this time we're quite late game and from here on out its all about strengthening your spells, so AP AP AP

- Rod of Ages
- Zhonya's Ring

Janna Skills and Playing Style

Early game you can be quite agressive with Janna, due to her Howling Gale. But keep in mind, you're a squishy healer and especially if you're fighting ranged DPS. Twitch for instance kills you fast and got no problems getting close due to his stealth

Try to last hit mobs and harass players with your howling gale, utilizing Clarity, you should not run out of mana and be able to lane efficiently until level 6-8, by this time I usually feel the urge to go shopping.

I usually start off with Howling Gale, then Eye of the Storm, then a Zephyr, the added run speed is nice before you get boots. After this i go to max my Eye of the Storm as fast as possible.

Your laning partner can also be quite aggressive early game - he/she can actually be aggressive the entire game - due to your shield and ult heal

Mid/Late game

Quite easy, shield your teammates and go for stuns. Killing blows and damage is not my job and I dont care playing a game with 0 killing blows, as long as I havent died and know my teammates greatly benefits from me.