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Jarvan IV Build Guide by originalpornstar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author originalpornstar

Jarvan, Call him the Tide Changer

originalpornstar Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to the Heavy Hitter Jarvan

This is my first guide here on Mobafire, as me being semi-new to the game of League of Legends I have played alot of characters, but not all of them. Jarvan is the one I have been most succesful with, Jarvan, and Olaf are my most used characters, and I seem to have more success with jarvan as he is more tanky than the latter. Jarvan always seems to have enough health and defense to survive early ganks, gank himself due to his slows, and knock ups. In this guide I will divulge to you the secrets I use when I play him, but before I start I will warn you now, this guide may not be complete by the time you are reading this because I will be writing it in parts, so as always, happy hunting from the originalpornstar.

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How I play this Character Early Game

Being the Noob I am, i normally try to take top lane with a half decent partner, normally what everyone wants, but I've heard otherwise. Going into the game, I start off buying the magical resistance part of my mercury treads, giving me a little cushion for damage that will always be welcome. On the way up to my lane, I almost always start with Damacian Standard giving me three things, A Ranged Attack, A passive for me and my companion, and a way to check the bushes without having to put myself at risk. Throwing Damacian standard is a good way to harass the enemy and an even better way to farm those little creeps, throwing it giving you the passive of Bonus Attack speed and armor, both a good thing when you are starting out early game trying to get early game kills and easy farm. Level 2 on Jarvan is a crossroad in the game everytime, if I am facing an annoying/defensive team of champs, I will unlock my Q next giving myself a knockup and a way for me to lower their stats making it easier for me and my partner to finish off cocky players who underestimate my superior intellect and game-playing skills. After leveling up my Hero/Champ/Superman, I always try to keep my Q,W and E even being as how they are all good tools in his arsenal for kills, ganks and Escaping. Lastly his W is a very good tool often forgotten about in the heat of battle, but what it does is two things, Gives you a shield that absorbs damage, the amount depending on the level Golden Aegis is at and the number of enemy champions in the immediate vicinity, but it also grants you a slow for enemy characters making it easier to chase those little wimps away, or easier to escape, whichever is neccesary at the moment.

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Middle game, Let the tears fall and the destruction begin

Now mid game is another very, very, very crucial part of any game for Jarvan, because of the build you are using you have to determine how you must play. Being the jerk I am, i always play too aggressive, most of the time being very rewarding for me and my team, always leading in with damacian standard, following up with my Q to knock them up, and if they attempt to run finishing them up with my amazing ulti to stop them from running and allowing me and my teammates to finish that little bugger off. If you decide to follow the build that I pre-set for you, around the time that you have Atma's Impaler built, giving you a bonus attack and defensive abilities, should be the time that you start to jump into every fight that hangs in the balance because jarvan is the thing that turns the tides of every battle with his high almost sponge-like capabilities he is able to doll out and take all kinds of damage needed to turn the tides of war in your team's favor. After a few kills/assists under your belt, after building warmog's is around the time that you become unstoppable without their whole team focusing you.

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The final moments of battle

After Warmog's armor and the sunfire cape, whenever you launch cataclysm you will be dealing constant damage no matter what, with you and your hopefully supportive team you should be able to take down nearly any opponent due to the fact that you have nearly sky-high hp, defense and magic resist, your job is to initiate every team fight. When I say initiate I mean jump into the fray with either your knock up or cataclysm causing mass confusion in the enemy allowing your team to get set up to strike hard, fast and deep. Doing this though you need to be extra careful that you dont waste your life unneccesarily, unecesary deaths lead to things being hard for your team as you are most likely the tankiest person on your team and playing without a tank can be difficult.

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As always play smart, good luck and have fun

Thanks for reading my first guide, i really appreciate it, it helps me and hopefully it helped you, but if you could, please leave a comment, i need the criticism and opinions to further improve my future guides, thanks, and as always, happy hunting from the originalpornstar.