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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flinkergut

Jarvan IV as a viking

Flinkergut Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my very first guide ever, featuring Jarvan IV. I'm gonna show you how I play him as a champion, combinating the very best of both DPS-skills, and excellent tanking skills. That is pretty much my introduction, hope you will enjoy and appreciate it! :)

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Pretty defensive runes, except for my quints. I wanna go flat all the way, because it ups his early game VERY much. Yep, so armor, magic resist and health is pretty sweet for him, and the armor penetration makes him ridiculos hard to 1v1, especially early game.

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I could've gone for a 9/21/0, but I'd rather go for 21/9/0, because he increases his armor from his flag. Otherwise nothing to comment here, standard melee-DPS-build in offense, and some cool defensive masteries makes him a pain to be against.

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Now this is where it becomes fun! :D I wanna go with a Cloth Armor first, because (as I posted a million times before) I play him agressively, and it prevents my opponents to deal heavy damage. I know i could've went with a Doran's Shield, though, I can't evolve my Shield to omething useful (were Wriggle's Lantern enters). Of course the five health pots is needed if I'm up against a caster. After that, I wanna go with Mercury's, because i chose Flash over Cleanse. Plus the Mercury's gives extra magic resist, which is always nice. After i bought my boots, I wanna grab a great overall item, where Wriggle's enters. An AWESOME active (REALLY GREAT), cool passive (which also benefits from the 14% lifesteal ;)), and great overall stats, it's a great early game choice for an hybrider like Jarvan. Allright, after the Lantern, you would go with another hyrbider, but with a little advantage to the offense. And I actually never used it before this dude, and now i realise how ****ING AWESOME IT IS!!! OMG(!) Tiamat kicks some freaking ***! Great damage boost, with an awesome passive, AND you get an extra regen on both mana and health. Nice Mid-game item for him, and I certainly recommend this item, as it is great for farmin' aswell. now we enter the late-game, and noow the great tank-items gets into the picture. Randuin's Omen, finally a recommended item that works, ofc. besides the boots ;). Anyways, gives you a nice though health boost, great armor boost, and some nice health regen. (Instead of this item, you can choose Force of Nature, if you're against some champs that deals heavy damage with magic). It's passive is also neat, though the Active I'm not too crazy about. It's about the same as his W, but you can fire this of, together with your W and Exhaust, they will pretty much stand still, and if you use your Q-E combo in all this, not even an Ult'ed Yi will be able to cast you ;D. After the Randuin's, I wanna go with Banshee's Veil. Cool item for every champion in the game, and Jarvan is no excuse. He could always use more Health and Mana to puck an extra fork in the enemy, and the passive is also quite nice :). You could pick BV before RO, depends on your preference. For the last item, I wanna go with a HEAVY offensive item. And The Bloodthirster is excelling in that department. Great damage output, cool lifesteal bonus, and a freaking great passive, which almost makes you invincible with all six items.

Other options:

Force of Nature: As mentioned, this makes a great sub for RO. Cool defensive stats, and a little extra movement speed, is just great for him

Infinity Edge: This also is a great 6th item. Extremely heavy offensive stats is awesome for him, but I'd rather choose TBC because of the lifesteal.

The Black Cleaver: This is almost a better 6th item than the edge. ATK Speed, damage, and armor pen, is also great for him. You could also choose to sell the lantern in then end, and buy this item, because this is pretty much everything what Jarvan needs.

Beserker's Greaves: This is also a great alternative for the treads. Atk Speed and movement is nice for him, but i DO NOT recommend it if you're not going with both TBC and TBT.

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Skill Sequence

This is pretty random and totally depends on your playing style. I always max the flag around ten-ish, and only choose one skill in the Aegis because i pretty much only uses it to slow my opponents. If you're going with pure offense with the heavy items as TBC and TBH plus Beserker's, I recommend to swap the two dragon strike and aegis sequence's, because you don't wanna be vulnurable early game.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Flash are the best for him. They're both awesome hybrider-spells, just like Jarvan and that's what youwanna go with.

Possible choices:

Ghost: Alternative for both of them. Great both offensively and deffesnively

Ignite: You only wanna pick this is you wanna go drasticly after FB, and has quite huge problems lasthitting the enemys. Otherwise you should always go with the other choices above.

Cleanse: Cleanse is a must-have if you're going with the Beserker's. Otherwise you MUST NOT exchange it for the others

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So to sum up:

Go balanced, TOTALLY DPS or TOTALLY tank for items, runes.
Summoner spells must weight out the advantage to either the offense or defense.
Masteries is pretty much just what you want to take, so make him your own in this department
Runes also depends on your playing style, this is just how i play him.

And some tips:

- He has a great escaping methos his Q-E combo, so use itwhile you're in trouble :)
- The Q-E combo can also clear out tons of minions. Use this when your low on health and you got some nice lifesteal.
- He might run out of mana pretty quickly, so try grabbing the blue buff as often as you can. This really helps your game! :)

Bye-bye and hoped you enjoy it :) (Please accpe tmy rookie-mistakes, cause this is my first guide ever :))