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Jarvan IV Build Guide by falazure

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League of Legends Build Guide Author falazure

Jarvan IV - Solo domination

falazure Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jarvan IV - Solo domination// Guide + Build

Jarvan IV

This is a short and effective guide for my version of Jarvan IV, this build will make him a tanky dps that can crush an enemy carry in no time at all but meanwhile survive the teamfights - or survive long enough to put out all the needed damage for a succesful fight.

The amazing part with jarvan is that he work amazingly well as a tanky dps, he can control fights, using his Q + E, knocking up and interupting the enemies, i would say Jarvan is one of the best teamfighting heroes in the game, all the abilities on him has an AoE effect, he can knock up several enemies on one cast, lock in the whole team with ult, aswell as slowing everyone with W + gaining himself some bonus hp.

In this guide i will talk mainly about items, but aswell as how to act in teamfights to be most effective.

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The runes i use is a mix between a bit defensive, and a bit offensive. The armor pen runes gives you a nice damage boost and MR and armor is always needed. Not much to say, i recomend theese runes since jarvan dosen't really work good with AS runes or crit runes, his passive makes a very nice damage, so more offensive runes would be waste imo.

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Jarvan is a great top laner, but he also works as a jungler, but this is the laning guide!
You want to take top, mid works aswell but i prefer top!

Starting off you want go play a bit defensive, just grabbing last hits, if you face someone with very high damage, just play at tower and get the last hits with Q.

But often jarvan DOMINATES top easy, played right he can zone out pretty much everyone. Use ur Q + E combo well. And if your opponet goes ahead for those last hits, just make one hit and back off, you will always have higher autoattack damage on first hit in the first couple levels, the passive is amazing to dominate the lane with.

If someone wants to gank top, just go ahead and go in, if u have low health, juse use Q + E and W and then just run away, or flash if it's that dangerous and you made a great prework for you mate(s).

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I start of with regrowth pedant and one health potion, this gives you a nice health regen on your solo lane(top). This items makes you weak to instant bursts so you should play safe and just pick up last hits.

First return: Philosopher stone, boots, maybe a heart of gold aswell.

Second return: Depending who ur facing, if it's a weak hero u might wanna get sheen, makes ur Q + E combo even more dangerous. If ur laning vs someone like irelia, u should get Phage.

Third return: Mercury's Treads and hopefully your trinity force.

Trinity force works amazingly good on jarvan, i could almost believe trin force is made for Jarvan, or maybe Jarvan is made to be the true carry of that glorious item.
If game is still going, pick up force of nature, always good vs a mixed team, gives nice hp reg and MR. Ur flag will give u decent armor, but if they have a fed AD, feel free to pick up sunfire cape, or anyother armor item, but hp is always good to have aswell.
If it's and extremely long game i recomd to sell phillostone and get wamorgs + atmas, either you upgrade Heart of gold, or you sell it for more damage.

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This is my favorite part with Jarvan, dominating and controlling the fights. If your the strongest champ in ur team(you dont have a real tanK)feel free to initate. Using Q + E, focus on hitting as many champs as posible, then ult the important champions in ur enemy team, to lock them up, making a great situation for ur team to just pick them out. Always make sure you use ur knock up abilitie AS MUCH AS POSIBLE, even if low healthed, and don't forget to use W, even if you die, u have made a great job for team, but hopefully you will survive. And when the teamfights calms down and people runs out with low health, be sure that your ready to use ur slow and Q + E arround walls and corners to pick up the cowards!