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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vivicide

Jarvan IV the "Game changer" of demacia.

Vivicide Last updated on March 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this is my first build so i'll try to be as detailed as possible. w/ this build i'm going full attack speed, but im starting off with armor to upgrade to the razors so I can slay minions better (and it works with my build) I usually end up with over 200 attack damage + 2.3 attack speed (and dont forget the effects of the blood-razors/frozen mallet/black cleaver) so early game i'm a team ganker, mid-game i'm a carrier and late game I become crowd control because usually I don't end up dealing the most damage. I found mobafire and this is me returning to the comunity so read it and enjoy, i hope to make it more detailed soon

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Runes+ Masteries

Since i'm only lvl 15, I put all my runes into attack speed, since you'll need them to get to 2.0 attack speed at lvl 13.

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I usually start with cloth armorand a few health potsAnd I proceed to lane with that combo, I wait until i get 1k gold and than i base and get the zerksstraight. I buy alot of items straight nowadays.. so right after that I upgrade my armor to razersand after that I get 2 stingersand a recurve bowsee after this my build is usually complete cause this is when i start to run for kills, at around lvl 12-14... 2.0 atk speed is enough so this is where I decide to go damage, I'd rather go damage that helps me inflict more damage than straight damage, so that's why i go phagedoes the same and makes it even better. Bloodrazers not only increase damage but they do 4% of their health as extra damage, so i had to upgrade the basic rasers to bloodrazers(cause by this time you dont need to kill minions anymore) and it clears a slot for the Big F*&king swordand if the battle is still going on, get that black cleaverand finish them off@

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Skill Sequence

Try to get all 3 skills by lvl 3, so you can gank with a slow down.. I try to focous on my shieldfirst cause that will slow the enemy down(so my atk speed can kill them) and help me survive.. and my 2nd focous is equally onandbuffs my team andhelps me harass.. it's obvious to keeplvl'ed cause it's your ultimate.

now for actually using theese skills in combat.

I have 2 entrances, one with an ulti and one without an ulti.

Without ulti(all attacks are aimed at enemy)
(if you havethan wack away until your health gets low or if you dont than ignore these parenthesis)(that spell should slow them down if they try to run or ghost away AND help you out if they attack back)

with ulti,
ordon't forget you can last hit with the dragon strike, you don't have toalways combine it with the demacian standard

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Early game, Farm behind your minions and harass the enemy with an abusive usage of your Dragon strike, and sometimes double it up with your demacian standard+dragon strike combo to make them run, if you have them low, activate your shield or exhaust them to slow them down to wack them some more and finish it off however you can (without running into THEIR TURRET)

After you get your razors you can jungle, so look for 3 wolves or the 2 geodudes(or golems who cares) drop your standard on one of them and position yourself to knock them all up, than wack the other one and keep wacking him until he dies (than switch so your passive can do more damage) and for the wolves, you should be able to do most of the damage of the small ones w/ the knockup, so wack the big one until he dies and finish off the other 2... as for the mages and other stuff, you should get the picture by now.

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Unique Skills

If you focous on atk speed, he will be able to do good damage at lvl 14 and MASSIVE damage at lvl 18. i'm talking about 200+ damage commin at you 2 times a second. ++movement speed reduction makes him an excelent crowd controller.. remember your damage is not in the hits, but the number of hits that you do. so only click on the enemy once to attack, if you keep right clicking he will keep restarting his attack over and over and your atk speed will slow down... and his demacian standard is a team buff

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Team Work

He works well with jax, Enter and slow the enemy down and let jax wack away with you, if you use your ulti, jax can hop in after you and double up...

He also works well with anivia and nunu, their ultis can be activated inside of the Cataclysm making it impossible for them to escape (try trapping a whole team in that circle with nunu ultying (MAXIMUM DAMAGE) but i'd recommending running after that.\

Remember Your summoner spells and frozen mallet/shield, you can assist your teammates' escape as well, just slow them down as they run away and take some damage for them, and maybe you can E,Q combo through a wall or something