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League of Legends Build Guide Author RopeNL

Jarvan IV: The in and out hybrid

RopeNL Last updated on March 9, 2011
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Ok. So this is my first build ever. This means it might be a bit laking in places but bare with me.

First of all, if you scrolled through the build and looked at the items and runes before reading this, eventhough I called the build hybrid it's more DPS orientated than Tank orientated.

The focus on CDR will be explaind in detail in the next chapters.

Before I start I'd like to thank all the players I played with to let me test this build with or against them. Most of all I'd like to thank Rokarlufia, Phrostox and hup for their help and insights.

That being said let's get this started.

(Sidenote: This build is based on 5v5 ONLY! I have not tested this in 3v3. However if you were to test this build in a 3v3 please let me know. If you have made any alterations in the build for 3v3 please comment. I will test it out and will place a specific 3v3 chapter, with an honorable mention with your nick (both on this site and in LoL) if you'd like that.)

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26 in attack what the fudge?!

I go with a 26-4 tree. Reason is this: This build costs a ****load of G.
You will need the 26 in the attack tree to farm minions faster.

Just skip the 4 in def than :/

You might say the 4 in defense is just for decoration than. Which is a valid point. But why not go with 4 in utilty than?

Why no utility?

Well the 10% less time spent dead is nice and dandy. However wouldn't it be better to have more Armor and Magic Resistance while you're still alive? Assuming you're the kind of player who spends more time alive than dead.

As for the regen. You already have mana regen runes so why would you need more? You're not a mage. What about the health regen? Well You're not a tank either. You're a dps-tank hybrid with focus on dps.

That concludes the Masteries section. Lets march on to the Runes chapter!

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I focus my runes mostly on CDR. Why? Well considering your abilities you're going to be forced to dive when you're in a teamfight. As the name of the build suggests you'll want to be able to get in and out FAST.

Now lets look at the CD on your abilities Q = 7 secs, E = 10 secs. When you're in a 5v5 teamfight this is like an eternity. Are you going to get focussed? Yes.
However your tank items will take care of that part.


Because of the focus on CDR you'll run out of mana quicker. In late and mid-game this is less of a problem but early-game this is a real problem. So 9 seals on mana regen is no unnecessary luxury.


Dragon strike will give your opponents who get hit by it a certain % of armor decrease. I go with extra armor pen because along with Dragon Strike and the fact that this build is more DPS based it'll provide you with more DMG.
Also considering your ult traps your enemies you're on close quarters with them. This will give you an edge even if it is a slight edge it'll help.


I go with CDR glyphs for reasons stated above. But I'll say it again. The CDR will help you completing the item build faster, in the long run it might be the most important facet of this build.
When you're at lvl 18 these runes will give you a 8% CDR. Which will be quite useful.


Again CDR but base not based on level. This will give you a 7% CDR right off the bat.
CDR of-course because of earlier stated reasons.

That concludes the Runes section. Now lets check out the item build!

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I'll say it once I'll say it again this build (eventhough it's called a hybrid) is not a 50-50 hybrid build but a 85-15 DPS focussed build. The items will show that. I'll go with the item sequence you can view above.
Of-course every game requires different tactics. Which will reflect on the way you create your entire build.

Again this is how I build it most of the time. Every game is different and you should adjust to that.

Ruby Crystal

I go with ruby first because it'll give you more survivability early-game.

Cost: 475 G.

Long sword

Together with ruby it'll build into phage. Depending on the game I keep in mind whether or not I get it quickly to get an advantage DMG-wise or just leave it and get phage.

Cost: 420 G.


Phage gives you 18 AD and 225 HP. Which is nice early game. Along with its UNIQUE it's just perfect since you abilities force you to dive almost all the time if no-one initiates.

Item cost: 425 G.
Total cost: 1315 G.

Decision point #1

Phage can be used in Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force it's up to you what you do. Want to switch things up? Go for a more DPS orientated build and take TF.
Did you lock in Jarvan early? And after that no-one took a Tank? Than this is the moment to decide whether or not you're going for a tank build.
So use Phage for Frozen Mallet and take appropriate boots. After that take any items suggested in a Jarvan tank build.

Boots of Lucidity

Again CDR this time 15%. Along with the runes it'll give you a total of 30% CDR. This is about as much as you'll need.
A decrease from 10 secs to 7 secs on Damacian Standard earyl game is vital.

Now you can build this how you want go for it as a whole or get the normal boots before you get it. I like to go with normal boots first since it's handy when you need to chase.

Normal boots cost: 350 G.
Item cost: 700 G.
Total cost: 1050 G.

Giants Belt

Gives you 430 Health. Which you'll really need. I go with Giants Belt solo instead of Frozen Mallet as a whole. Since the cost is just a bit to steep as a whole.

Item cost: 1110 G.

Frozen Mallet

This item facilitates most of the 15% tank part. It gives you 700 Health and its UNIQUE reduces the movement speed of your opponents for 2.5 secs. The UNIQUE is nice when you're diving it gives the other teammembers a chance to catch up if they're slow.

Item cost: 825 G.
Total cost: 3250 G.

Decision point #2

At this point in the build it's your last chance. Will you go Tank? Or continue with the hybrid build? Full DPS is probably no longer an option unless you discard Frozen Mallet.


When I go for Phantom I go with Zeal first because of the boost in AS and CritDMG. It'll give you 20 AS which is great.

Item cost: 375 G.
Total cost: 1195 G.

Desision point #3

Now you got Zeal you're not really doning much DMG except for the AD from Frozen Mallet.
So decide whether or not you go for BF Sword now or complete the Phantom Dancer first and go with BF Sword after that.


Dagger is cheap and gives you a nice boost in AS. Choose whether you buy it solo or with the Cloak according to your situation.

Item cost: 420.

Cloak of Agility

Not much to say about this 18 Crit and necessary for Phantom.

Item cost: 880 G.

Phantom Dancer

50 AS, 30 Crit, 15 Movement Speed. This item takes care of the PS in DPS. The 50% AS boost is just what you need.

Item cost: 400 G.
Total cost: 2895 G.

Black Cleaver

Depending on how hard you want to hit. You could also go with the BF Sword from this item right after Zeal. That combo will get you a 20% AS and an AD of 50. However if you got the G go with Phantom Dancer first after that go with the BF.
I go BF first because at this point you really need to boost your DMG output. The dagger is nice but not really necessary since you've got either Zeal or Phantom Dancer to take care of the AS.
Its UNIQUE is really nice vs. tanks (not saying you should focus tanks ofc.). Get your teammembers to focus the opponent you attack because he'll go down on you quicker than a 10 dollar *****.

BF Sword cost: 1850 G.
Item cost: 795 G.
Total cost: 3065 G.

Decision point #4

This is a decision point for when you got either Zeal and BF Sword, Phantom Dancer and BF Sword or Phantom Dancer and Black Cleaver.
Right now your at the end of mid-game and you're doing significant DMG. However do you feel like your getting hit hard?
Then do the following. Either get Banshee's Veil when the other team is mostly Magic DMG based or get Frozen Heart when the other team is mostly Physical DMG based.

Infinity Edge

Infinity will give you bigger DMG output with a whopping 75 AD. Together with 20% Crit and a UNIQUE that increases the crit DMG to 250% it's really powerful.

Again when you got the G go with BF first. If you don't go with the Pickaxe because hy now your either at the end of mid-game or already in late-game and you need more AD. After that go BF and than cloak.

Item cost: 375 G.
Total cost: 4080 G.

Decision point #5

Like I mentioned in Decision Point #4 you can switch up Banshee's Veil for Frozen Heart. However I've seen this in other builds and I've tried it once myself. If the other team has more tanks than usual you could go with Madred's instead of Banshee's Veil.
But only do this when you feel like the other team is not doing a lot of DMG on you and you'd like to be able to take down tanks quick as well.

Banshee's Veil

This is the last facet of the tank part of this hybrid. Get this when ever you think it necessary. If you're up against Karthus which his *****ing ulti or any opponent that's been fed and has a massive DMG with a magic based ult get this quickly.
I recommend doing Zeal and BF and than getting Banshee it this is the case. You'll do enough DMG to minions to get the G needed for banshee and it'll help you when facing that kind of opponent.

As for the sub-items I'd go with Catalyst the Protector first because of the health. If the majority of the opponents are magic based go with Negatron Cloak.

Item cost: 650 G.
Total cost: 2715 G.

Build cost

The total build cost of this item build will set you back a whopping 16040 G. Remember that and make sure you make the right choices during any game. An error in judgement forgetting to get G will be your downfall.

Now lets flash to the Summoner Spells chapter:P!

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Summoner Spells


Flash is ESSENTIAL you need to save it as much as possible unless you don't have your ulti yet. If you don't have it use it where needed.

Your ult traps you opponents. However.
It also traps you with THEM! If your facing someone like Katarina and you cant get out in time you're basically done for. Any champ that is strong in close quarters you should avoid trapping as much as possible. When you do do some DMG and gtfo!

This is where Flash comes in. It provides an extra escape next to your Dragon Strike + Damacian Standard combo. If you get stunned while you're inside your ult ALWAYS use flash instead of that Combo. It's way faster time-wise and in LoL time is either win or lose, take your pick.
Besides those things Flash is a great overall spell and allows you to either get ahead of a fleeing opponent or flash trough a piece of jungle to save your ***.

Use it wisely. If your ult is ready but flash isn't don't charge unless you're sure you can get out.


Teleport is a spell that grants map-control. If teemo is on your team make him place shrooms all over the map so you can get there when needed.
Otherwise place wards on the key map positions so you can teleport to them.

When you're forced to recall use it to get back into the fight quickly. This results in you only missing out on a small amount of EXP and your laning partner not being alone a long time.

Replacing teleport?

If you want you can replace teleport with a spell of your choice. I just like it because of the map-control it offers.

However KEEP FLASH! Do not. Under any circumstance remove it.
It will save your life several times and it is essential to escape from the trap you essentially place yourself in.

Place the standard pull towards it and go to the Skill Sequence chapter:D!

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Skill Sequence

Dragon Strike

I level Dragon Strike together with Damacian Standard because of the combo they make.
Also standard does DMG at range and forces your opponents to back out of that area because you can use your combo to get there.

Golden Aegis

I level this after Damacian reaches lvl 2. After that I level it each level that both Dragon Strike and Damacian gain.
I think Golden Aegis is less important early game so leveling it from level 5 is good enough.

Damacian Standard

I go with Damacian Standard right after Dragon Strike. However feel free to switch them up if you like the passive Damacian Standard offers.
See Dragon Strike for more info.


Nothing out of the ordinary. Level it at 6,11,16.

Side-note: I encourage anyone to switch up the skill sequence the way they want to. Everyone has their own play style. You'll have to switch up your skills according to the way the game is going anyway. Though this is my base and I don't deviate from it much.

Have a look-see in the How I Play chapter for some pointers and insights how I play Jarvan.

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How I play

Don't go mid

Before I get into the specifics of "Why" you should lane with Jarvan let me explain why you shouldn't play mid with Jarvan.

As you should know when you've reached level 20+ almost all the time ranged champs go mid (not saying that it should be like this all the time it's something that happens all the time).

As for Jarvan. He's not ranged. Yes Dragon Strike allows you to hit the opponent from a distance and so does Damacian Standard.
However. When your up against a ranged champ they might get into your range once in a while but you're CONSTANTLY in their range. If mid is a melee champ you can give it a go of-course.
Though it's not what I like to do.


Even though the costs of the item build are significant I suggest you lane with Jarvan.

Lane with a ranged or AoE champ

You should try to lane with a ranged champ or a champ that has a AoE ability that does damage.

Why? Simple. Your ult allows you to trap an opponent while the ranged champ is save and can target the trapped opponent. Since most ranged champs with high DMG output are a bit squishy they'll be save from harm and are able to do their thing. Which is wreak havoc.

I think a champ with AoE is also nice because if you use your ult they aren't going anywhere unless they flash out. So an AoE within your ult is quite nice.
Though a ranged champ with be better imho.

Who to lane with?


I would suggest laning with Ashe. While you got them trapped she can switch on Frost Arrows and slow them when they try to run. Also her ulti does massive DMG and will stun the opponent for a while. This creates an opening of about 3-4 secs if I'm correct in which you are free to attack.
Time your ulti's to eachother. Charge in first with Cataclysm and right after you create the barrier have Ashe shoot her ult.


Another champion I've been laning with recently is Swain. He is a perfect laning partner for Jarvan. You dive in with your ult and Swain traps them with is AoE spell. Counting the fact he's ranged makes him an even better laning partner.
His survivability from his ult makes him a great asset to the team as a whole.
Being less squishy as Ashe, being ranged and having a AoE spell makes him almost to good to be true.

Farming + Jungling

When laning with Jarvan focus on farming. I can't stress this enough, the build is EXPENSIVE!
You really really need the G. Even if your laning partner complains about not getting enough G and you're stealing his minion kills, just continue.
In the end he or she will be glad you got the G.

When you're on your way to the lane you should always try to get some jungle creeps. They give nice G and the buff is also a welcome gift.

When the other team is in the fog. Go into your own jungle and farm the hell out of those creeps. Especially if your minions are on their half of the map and you might fall into a trap if you go with them.
Wait for your minions to fall back to your half or just mid-way and go back to your lane.

Skill usage

Using your ulti

This has come up in other chapters as well but I'll go into some more detail here.

Because of your skills you're forced to dive. So take appropriate action in advance.
Place Damacian Standard before you use your ult on an opponent unless you're absolutly sure you can take them.
Make sure it's not placed inside your ulti's range or you wont be able to get out.

These are some sequences I tend to use.

Dragon Strike

1. Use it early game to last hit minions. Keep in mind that if you are being pushed back to your tower that some minions are easily last hitted. Hit them before they get into range of your tower. This is because you wont get any G if the tower kills them (and like i said a gazillion times you NEED the G).

2. Use it to scare opponents. The range on this skill is nice. The armor decrease is also helpful plus the DMG it does will push your opponents back.

Damacian Standard

1. Use it to scare opponents. They WILL be afraid of your combo. So placing Damacian Standard near them or close to them will push them back. Or atleast at a fair distance from the standard. Which allows you to farm minions.

2. Us it for last hitting. Please remember the range on Damacian Standard. It can get you that last hit on an opponent champ when you think they're out of range. Maybe out of range from Dragon Strike but the range on Damacian is a tiny bit bigger. Use that to your advantage.
This can be applied to both minions and opponents of course.

Golden Aegis

1. Use it to shield yourself from harm. The more opponents are in your range the more DMG the shield can take.

2. Use it against ulti's. If Karthus or any champ with a BS ulti is among your opponent activate this skill right before impact.

Side-note: I find the description to be unclear on this one. It "Shields you from harm" is this any harm? Does that mean your basically invincible for it's duration? If someone knows please comment. I haven't tested that out yet because I was developing the build.


1. Use it to trap opponents and finish them. Straight forward isn't it?
2. Use it to help your teammembers to escape a teamfight which has turned sour.
Try to trap atleast 2 opponents and than flash out. This will trap them for about 5 secs or more and will allow your team to pull out.

Dragon Strike + Damacian Standard

1. Use it for minion farming. Stand in front of the enemy melee minions and place Damacian Standard right on top of the mage minions. This will do significant DMG.
Than use Dragon Strike to pull yourself towards the Standard. This will most likely kill them or atleast give you lots of opportunity to last hit them immediately. It will also do DMG to the melee minions this allows you or your laning partner to dispose of them sooner.

2. Use it to knock up (not impregnate:P) your opponents. This will either give your teammembers a way out of a tight situation when being chased. Or it wil do the last bit of DMG to get that kill you wanted.

3. Use it to get out of your ulti. Nothing more to say.

4. Use it to chase and trap. Use Damacian Standard in front of a fleeing opponent. Then use Dragon Strike to overtake the opponent.

Dragon Strike + Damacian Standard + Cataclysm

1. Use it to knock up opponents and afterwards trap them. Your team should focus them because they cant go anywhere unless they have flash like abilities. If it's going bad gtfo with flash.

2. Use it to trap opponents and create a way out. First place Damacian Standard afterwards trap the opponent with Cataclysm. Remember the duration on Damacian Standard. Which is about 4 secs if I'm correct. Use Dragon Strike on the standard and gtfo when things aren't going well.

3. Use it to chase and trap. Use Damacian Standard in front of a fleeing opponent. Then use Dragon Strike to overtake the opponent. Than use Cataclysm to trap the opponent. Use flash to get out if needed.


If you have teleport. Try make your teammates place objects that are invisible into a bush near to where they are laning make sure you can teleport to them. This will give you the element of surprise. Use your ulti to trap the opponents and proceed with any above mentioned skill combo's.
Or just take any action necessary to win that gank or atleast get 1 kill out of it.

Other than that apply basic ganking.

That's that for the way I play. You're free to deviate and do w/e you feel like doing of-course:P. Onto the summary!

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In short this build allows you to

-Get in do DMG and gtfo.


-You are NOT a tank but a 85-15 dps-tank hybrid!

-Value your own life above that of your teammember's. Not because your important but because you NEED G. Being dead doesn't help your team and certainly doesn't get you more G.

-You have Flash USE IT!(wisely)

-Adjust the build order according to the situation. I explained some of the things I do in the Items chapter. However in the end it's up to you.

What I havent tested with this build

-Golden Aegis (protection against what?)

Final thoughts

I hope you find this build useful and enjoy playing it.
If you have any comments on the build or have suggestion to make please comment.

I don't really play Ranked at all so those of you who use this build in Ranked please notify me and tell me how it went, or for that matter comment on anything I haven't tested with this build. Please tell me if you used this build and how it went.

I may have repeated myself several times but that's only because those things are important in this build.

I'm not native to an English speaking nation so my grammar is error-prone.

Again I'd like to thank Rokarlufia, Phrostox and hup for their help and insights.

Enjoy, don't flame and go kick some ***.

More thanks to

--Moba nick-- --LoL in-game nick--

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- Adjusted chapter layouts (the big yellow captions were fugly). (march 9 2011)
- Added decision points in the item build. (march 9 2011)
- Added Banshee's Veil alternative on Jvstm's suggestion. (march 9 2011)
- Added extra laning partner suggestion. (march 9 2011)