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Jax Build Guide by LuderLars3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuderLars3

JAX - AP OFFTANK Jungle (fcking op) [S7-preseason]

LuderLars3 Last updated on November 8, 2016
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You start "E" (Counter Strike) as it improves your sustain on the first couple of camps you do. "W" (Empower) should be maxed as it's a key ability to Jax's AP-Kit. It scales 60% and has a fairly low cooldown. "Q" (Leap Strike) should be maxed second, as it also scales with AP. In addition to that it also allows for a Q+W AP-burst combo.

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Summoner spells

Flash is optional. Ghost can also be usefull in a lot of situations as Jax. I prefer Flash though, as it allows for greater and easier ganks (explanation in jungle section).

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AP masteries is not necessary as you will get plenty from Runic echoes and Lich bane. Strenght of the Ages will increase your sustain and OFF-tankability. You can relie on this early when it comes to tankyness, and therefore focus on Runic Echoes and Lich Bane instead.

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Clear the first camp with help from botlane support and ADC. Move on to blue/red buff and then all the way to red/blue. By now you should be lvl 3 and have enough HP for a solid gank top or mid. When ganking a lane use your "E" when you get close to them (save you "q" for now). Using your "E" will often trigger a flash by the opponent, whereafter you can "Q" them + stun. This should secure a first blood in most cases. It is important that you focus on gaining a early lead for you and your laners, which should be fairly easy as Jax is a solid jungler ATM.
NOTE: Remember to use your "W" as an auto-reset when jungling. It is also important to know that your Q and W ability will trigger the Runic Echoes effect on hit.