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Jax: Dodge, Dodge, Killing Spree!

Last updated on May 17, 2010
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Jax: My Way! (The Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, Killing Spree Guide.)

This is a guide about how I play Jax, now i am not the best lol player, but this build tends to rape, especially late game. If you do not like this build or have suggestions then please post, i like to hear from the critics.

Jax's abilities are favorable for solo fights, although late game you can practically solo 3 enemies if their all physical dmg. The skills are great when used properly, this can take some time to learn, using his stun can save your ***, only thing is you need to use it at the right moment. Alot of players forget to spam empower when in fights, or they think it is worthless, but in both solo and team fights it can give you the edge you need to get the kills, keep in mind empower is pretty much an aoe.

Masteries are absolutely key for Jax, the extra damage and dodge from a lvl 30 book can save your ***. 21/9/0 is normally the way i go, it is actually the only way i would build Jax.

Runes vary from player to player, but the way i like to roll with jax is build all my seals and quint's pure dodge, the rest i usually prefer attack speed or health, it tends to help in early game.

Item Build:

Cloth Armor: Good starting item and leaves you with a little extra gold.

Health Potions: I try to buy 3 pots, and 1 mana, but you can actually buy 5 health pots.

Ninja Tabai: Lots of dodge... Do i need to say more.

Guinsoo's RageBlade: Now alot of ppl will say if your going physical damage why would you want an item that give's ap, the reason is your ultimate, for every ap you have your 3'rd strike hits that much harder, not to mention ginsoos will boost your attack speed in fights.

Vampiric Scepter: Life Steal, just in case your having trouble staying out for long periods of time.

Zeal/Phantom Dance: Zeal/Phantom Dancer gives you some much need attack speed, crit %, dodge %, and as an added bonus, movement speed! (Rape Item!)

Bloodthirster: This is a item that will just make killing seem effortless if they are physical dmg, buy now you should have 48% dodge, which mean you will only be struck 1 out of every 2 attacks if they are lucky, but i tend to see 4 or 5 straight dodges quite often at 48% dodge. Once you have this item creep for 40 minions, that is the max this item will stack, it will give you bonus dmg and life steal.

Mejais Soul Stealer: Now Calm down, i know this is a physical build and most will get mad for me saying this item, but it just rapes on this build, if your doing ok, you should get around 10 stacks fairly quickly, within 10 mins of purchase anyway, which is an extra 80 ap which increases dmg on every 3rd hit (ultimate) now if you are doing excellent you will have 20 stacks which is 160 ap and cd reduction, which means more empower spams. (I use this over Sword of the divine simply because i like it more, but sword of the divine is a good replacement if you dont think you will be getting to 20 stacks.)

Madred's Blood Razor: Now some of you may be wondering why exactly this item instead of lets say infinity, well the main reason is those pesky tanks, even if they block physical dmg with armor, you still take 4% life per hit, and with jax, you can hit them extremely quickly and rarely be struck. so this item is excellent, plus adds physical damage and attack speed.

Abilities! Jax's abilities are extremely useful as well as diverse.

Leap Strike: First skill i choose, good for getting into a fight quickly and escaping by using on minions farthest away from the fight, i only like to put 1 point in this till late game though.. try to coordinate with you lane partner to stun and jump at the same time. (Slows, Exhaust,anything of that nature works as well)

Empower: Empower, your bread and butter early game spell, this is practically an aoe and it has a very short cd, just remember to use this before you use leap strike for added herrasment dmg. I tend to max this first.

Counter Strike: Key spell for jax: 10% dodge on first lvl passive, that is just beastly, not to mention after a dodge you can activate this for a short stun, this is extremly useful when being tower dived or in team battles.

Relentless Assault: The reason i use Jax. It's a passive ultimate which does damage on every 3rd hit, while also increasing attack speed upon every hit.. combine this with guinsoo's and soulstealer and it just hurts.

This is my build, like i said in the beginning if you have any comments or just want to rage against it, be my guest, if you like it please give me a thumbs up.

Sorry for the spelling errors.