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Jax Build Guide by Guest

Jax- He's only OP when I use him

By Guest | Updated on April 22, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Jax
  • LoL Champion: Jax
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Jax is a great champion to play, either solo top or jungler. If you follow this guide, your Jax will be tanky and deal a lot of damage at the same time. Jax is capable of dealing a lot of burst damage too. So please enjoy this guide.
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Summoner's wraith makes exhaust more effective especially for early game when you want to get a kill.
Brute force makes your basic attacks slightly stronger
Alacrity is important since once you jump to an enemy, you can just immediately use your e right away.
Sorcery will make your w up every 3 seconds so you can deal damage in short amounts of time
Weapon Expertise will make your basic attacks stronger if your opponent is building armor
Arcane Knowledge will make your w and ultimate passive deal way more damage.
Vampirism is to give you added lifesteal
Sunder is the same as weapon expertise
Executioner can help you with enemies that are low but turret hugging.
Resistance is important because it will make Jax more resistant to turrets when he dives turrets.
Hardiness is for slightly less damage from AD champions
Durablility gives you better durablility
Veteran's scars will add to your hp and may save you.
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I start with Doran's shield for sustain and lot's of early game HP. Then I get mercury's treads for more speed, sustain, and resistance to ganks. If I need more sustain, I get Bilgewater Cutlass, but if not, I get sheen and phage, then Bilgewater. Now I start getting Trinity Force and it will be helpful for 1v1 fights. Then I get Hextech Gunblade, and if you get at least this done before 40 minutes, and your team is good, then it's gg. Start building tanky, I get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, for tankiness and AP, then Atma's impaler, for godlike sustain. This is when I sell my Doran's shield for something else tanky. Normally I get Warmog's, but you can get any kind of item you want, defense or offense.
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Skill Sequence

I get Q first for zoning and intimidating my opponent, then w for good damage, then e for when you get ganked or attacking an enemy for stun. I max w immediately for good damage output. Once you get your ultimate, and phage, you are free to start playing more aggressively.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is good if you're going to finish off your opponent in lane and they're running towards turret. It can give you first blood maybe. Ghost can be used with exhaust so that you'll be super fast compared to your enemy to catch up. Ghost also can be used when running away from a team fight/gank.
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Pros / Cons

-tanky early game
-can completely dominate a lane
-surprises opponent with q
-can dodge AND stun
-weak against true damage dealers
-can be less effective against teemo and heimerdinger who have blind
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Jax Guide

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Jax- He's only OP when I use him
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