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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Project SSS

Jax: OP nuff said.

Project SSS Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my personal build for Jax. Yes, Jax one of the most OP champions in the game and in a 1v1 he can defeat anyone but I love using him. I've personally soloed the Baron Nashor with this build ("Image if i had a real weapon.") With this build I focus on DPS with some AP. Because of Jax's passive, attack damage and ability power become HP but, dodge is also a key part of Jax's fighting style. With Jax being so powerful it makes you wonder... WHAT THE **** WAS HIS REAL WEAPON?


Early Game (1-9)
This is where Jax is at his weakest and my most hated part of playing. Harassing Jax early on is the easy way to kill him and it sucks. So if your laning against two rangers then stay back (turret hug if you want to.) Use Empower to run up to a minion and hit it and run away. it should hit 1 or 2 nearby minions too. Since Jax doesn't have any ranged attacks he cant harass back. DO NOT try to harass enemies with Leap Strike if they're both next to each other. Your best bet is to combine Empower and Leap Strike and target one of the enemy champions

Mid Game (10-14)
OK. Your gaining momentum, you've gotten some kills and assists (hopefully you haven't died too much) You should be getting Rage Blade during this period. When you get Rage Blade your attack speed should pick up and it will give you a nice health boostI normally start jungling and ganking whenever possible for a lil extra money. At LVL 11 I like to kill the dragon (gives a lil global EXP and money to everyone.) Your not the tank-type yet so i wouldn't try tanking a team fight but run past that turret to kill that running chicken if you have to! And don't forget to start farming those minion armies.

Late Game (15-18)
The game normally ends while building Trinity Force but by now Jax is extremely overpowered. If you get in a 1v1 you'll win and even in a 1v3 you should be able to kill at least one of them (if you cant uninstall the game, jk). In team fights, if possible try not to tank the damage even thought you can if you want. Be sure you stun someone (or everyone around) before they're able to run away if possible. If someone need to stay back and defend the base from super minions Jax is great for that. The longer Jax is in combat the stronger he gets so those supers will go down quick. At the same time, if you need someone to back door a turret or inhibitor Jax is the God to do it.

Summoner Spells
Heal- Heal is just mainly for early and mid game. If being harassed early on heal will help a lil and can be useful when going jungling to ganking.
Exhaust- If in a solo fight you can use this to slow down someone who's trying to run away and you don't have a stun ready or if you want to piss someone off by making them completely miss for a few seconds

Doran's Shield- This is only used for the beginning of the game for it gives some armor and health regen. I normally sell to obtain Bilgewater Cutlass.
Ninja Tabi- Getting run speed early on plus dodge can help Jax out a lot
Zeal- This is to just gain some more attack speed and movement speed and will later on be used to obtain Phatom Dancers.
Bilgewater Cutlass- i normally sell Doran's Shield to buy this because its damage will be converted into health and you gain lifesteal.
Guinsoo's Rageblade- This gives both AP and attack damage (which is converted into health) and acts the same way as Jax's Ulti. The more attacks Jax lands the faster his attack speed will become (8stacks.)
Phatom Dancers- This gives Jax more attacl speed, movement speed and dodge chance. This and Ninja Tabi are the only items in game (so far) that give dodge.
Sheen- This will become part of your Trinity Force later on but for now it gives AP and also gives a damage buff for one hit after using a spell
Hextech Gunblade- This will now give you spell vamp and life steal. Since Jax's spells are a part of his physical also this gives you health back both ways.
Trinity Force- Has the effects of Phage, Sheen and Zeal but boosted. Now you have a chance at slowing an enemy when you hit them, a buff after use spell and extra speed everywhere.
Nashor's Tooth- If you haven't already, sell that Doran's Shield. This will give you more AP, Jax's passive turns AP into health, and more attack speed and cooldown reduction. Peronsally I've never gotten to this last item in a real game because we win (yes i always win with Jax ;D jk.)

I always play with friends on Skype because I hate playing with randoms who gets mad for his own mistakes and blames the team. I think thats about it. The last item can be changed but i like the Nashor's Tooth. Use Empower as much as possible when farming minions, killing monsters in the jungle and against other champions. In Team fight i wouldn't target the weakest champs, lets face it thats just a waste of Jax's abilities, but target tanks and DPS tanks.

Thanks you for using the Project SSS build of Jax. Please leave comments about your own experiences and opinions about the build. Don't forget to rate. Have fun and Goodbye.