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Jax, School of hard nox!

Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is jax, i love playing him

So first off this is my first go at posting a build, second im not a lvl 30 summoner, so im doing the best with the experience ive got, so for runes if people could help out that would be good, and ill see what i can come up with there, as for masteries ive looked around a bit and i think the 21 9 0 should work very nicely.

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So as i said above, i am looking for help with this, my inital thoughts are ap(though you will get enough of that) so other thing i thinks are magic resist and penetration, um some dodge since jax counterstrike ability uses it. um health would be important as well. IN SHORT gimme some feed back here

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So as in my intro, 21 9 0 should work well, so far at lvl 14 im doing something like 8 5 0 and that seems to work.

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So you will count the items and be like but wait thats too many, correct but you need to build from somewhere, i always start with the ring, then the boots, then rage blade and then sheen, after that get your hextech, then the hourglass and then the death cap(why to these two you ask wait and see how much damage you do) then once you have all that get some more money and finaly trade your sheen in for a lich bane, if the game lasts this long.

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Summoner Spells

Short and sweet here, i usually pick exhaust and heal, rember your an assasin not a tank in a stick situation heal can be a life saver! and exaust well obvious for the slow to catch an enemy or the slow to get away paired with your gun blade its nice

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Creeping / Jungling

As a general rule of thumb leave this to somone else you have no need.

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Pros / Cons

Huge damage,
ability to slow and stun,
Nice amount of health,
makes a nice carry champ
good for ganks and kill steals
His attack speed is great once you have 10 stack on your ulti

he is an assasin, in the way of defence he does not have much at all so care
his high amount of health his misleading, dont be to much of a superhero

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General play

Start game depending on how things are going you need to be very carefull with jax, he does start out pretty smishy, so occasionly jumping in and leapstriking is good, once you get a few levels its much better as a rule and how i play him if you strik your enemy then get out of there, if you happen to have a counterstrike ready hit them with that and get in a few auto attacks, back up your team mates and and try gank to give them kill or if you see a chance kill an enemy your self, if you have a bit of health and you see a friendly champ in trouble, you can leap in and try draw some of the heat away

Mid game, your jax is getting much less squish now, i would like to think you have a rage blade and sheen by now, if your lucky and start game went well you would have hextech, this is where you start having some of a bigger impact. if you can take on some minions as enemys get near you will build up a counter strike, what you should do is fire a shot off with hextech then use your W ability then leap once you hit pop your E ability and stun them 2 more hits and your ultis bonus damge will go off, if there not dead by now you should be able to leap and or empore strike them again, if your taking to much damage pop your ulti and run for it, us slow to get away if you didnt use it to chase them down, mid game for jax is a big turning point

between mid and end game you should have your hourglass again if the heat is two high and you need to get away or just survive while your team does some kill or you get stunned etc, the hour glass can buy you time and ave your life

Late game, now jax does not improve a lot between mid and late game, but he does not need to rely on your team as much again the empower strike and leap strike combo is good, rember assasin sop coming in from scrub is always good, try and dodge some minion attack before you jump in to get a nice stun on your target, last hits are a good way to get kill initating is another way to give your team easy kills, at this stage any last turrets or inhibitors that are not down by now wont take jax much time at all to take out

things not to forget when things get too hot you gotta get away, leaping out is a good tactic taget a friendly minion or champ and leap away, other than that you can pop zhonyas in an emergency, sometimes its smart so save your slow and a counterstrike for getting away,

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So some calulations

Assuming the damage as stated above is correct though from memory your ap should be slightly higher, then the empower and leap strike combo should put out damage as follows

150(base on ability)+(0.7x502)+(210)(that leap strike)+210(base on ability)+(0.4x502)+(0.4x210)(and empower) = 1170

you can do that combo ever 5 seoncond, unless you get some cooldown reduction, the icing on the cake is if before that 5 secnds is up you manage to dodge your getting another 200+(0.6x502)=501 damage plus 1 second stun

after all that your 3rd attack will then deal 561 damage.

now discounting your other auto attack if you haapend to pop your hex tech befor jumping in you can add 300 more damage, if your lich bane activate you can add another 502

so in an ideal situationg discounting auto atacks and using each abilty once.

your damge before it is reduced by an magic resist and armour comes out at about 3034 if that took more than 5 seconds and a champ still needs to die you deal another 1170 damsge

rember hit and get away as fast as you can you will die quickly your self. most of the time is not ideal situation and so you should leap on run out, if your hp is good leap in and hit them 2 more times to get the 3rd hit damage bonus.

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last things to point out, this here lies a little bit i had more health and ablity power than this and less movement speed than this suggest but otherwise its pretty arcurate, *** for the runes and stuff rember not level 30 so with out much experience i added what i thought would work :)

hope you enjoyed and any help is welcome