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Jax - the grandmaster of dps

Last updated on July 4, 2012
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this is my first guide and also im sorry for my bad english

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My rune selection is a may be a little different. That runes won't help you so much at the beginning but after early game, you will see their effects. Attack speed is important because when you combine it with infinity edge and some life steal, it will save you from death a lot of time.

And some cd, you can see that useless but it is important for reducing your counter strikes cd. So you can escape more easily when you need to.

Armor penetration and critical chance, they are always important when you want to do some damage.

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I always start with doran's shield because Jax have got a lot of health in early game. Also this item lets you to harras your enemies easier. You can take kills under turrets even in 4 level.

After gathering some gold you should buy Berserker's Graves and Vampiric Spectre. Now you don't have to go back so much because you can heal yourself easily.

Other items are basic for all ad carries.


If there is a ap carry who dominates the game sell doran and buy force of nature asap. That item is the best choice for magic resist.

You can buy Warmog's as an alternative to Frozen Mallet.

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Summoner Spells

If you are thinking that you can't play so effective or you are new to jax, you can take heal except exhaust.

You can take ignite if you are afraid of slaying by a tank.

Teleport also helpful for great escapes and ganks.