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Jax the nuklear option

Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Herr Kaptain, I present you with Jax's nuklear option.
This is an AP build for jax that focuses both on survivability and killing the other person before they can react. Credit where credit deserves. Thank you other people on Mobafire that told me AP Jax was a reasonable idea. Your guides help me build my first AP Jax. What I have changed to make it different is focus on the survivability part (aka spell vamp, hp and magic defense) while at the same time killing my squishy enemies in one hit.

Before we begin, let me say something first. There are many ways to build Jax, hybrid, AP, damage, and tank. Yes tank (his ult makes you an indestructable magic defense person when stacked with a cross) but we'll get to that later. First off, this build is not good for every situation. If their team is tanky, has too many stuns, has lots of gankers, or an Olaf (he can own you good unless he's an idiot), don't use this build. YOU'LL DIE! You will be slow, have low lifesteal till late game, and mostly want to harass their dumb players. So beware the situation. This build is for squishy teams. You will become a mage like player with this build. Your ult will dish out around 500 damage per hit, and you lower their defense to maximize penetration. Yes that's what she said. You will have lots of magic d and health so you're not squishy in teamfights.
A simple break down.

Good burst damage
Lots of health (around 3200 final build)
Lots of magic defense (reduces magic damage by around 55%)
You ult hurts a LOT
Better laning opportunities
Can kill steal
Better mid game potential

Lower life steal
Not much damage
Takes longer to kill turrets and bd
Not rageblade (I personally love this item)
Not as useful very, very late game

Early Game:
Do as Jax does best. Hide, harass, hope to god that your partner has a stun or can heal you, and hang on to your nickers gents. Early game is hard, but I'll say simply, only experience can help you. Harass and be cautious and wait for the opportunity. If they're not good, you'll get a kill. Don't be afraid to use flash to get that kill. Don't let the escape alive. :) More importantly DO NOT FEeD THEM. Early game sucks that much worse if your enemies are feed. Don't trade kills, don't be a hero. Be a coward until victory is certain. Then own them good. When they aren't defending their tower, destroy it. You can do this quicker than most because your base damage is great. Also at level 6 you are a tower killer and good for back dooring.

Mid Game:
Jungle, gank, and continue to lane. You should have 3 items by this time at least unless you were being pushed really hard. Jungle and lane to gain levels fast. This build requires LOTS of cash and you should keep a few health pots too. So you need to kill lots of minions. As the laning stage winds down and you begin to team up for teamfights, get ready to party. By party I mean be a coward. You do great burst damage, so they may focus you, have Flash ready. Look at their items with TAB, and see who on their team is THE squishiest. You focus them or the next squishiest, no matter what. 1 person dead, is a big bonus for your team and may cause the other team to route and flee if they died too fast. Then you do mop up which is great for you with your ghost and leap+ empower combo. If not, kill the squishies with your ult activated. Their mages will focus you so I hope you got your magic res or belt. If you dont', this is probably the end for you. Flash out if you can, if not, don't worry. You died, it happens in the early teamfights since you're still squishy and you have no defense. You should have raked up some assists though assuming your team won. If not, go get dragon and more cash. You'll need it.

Mid game side note:
Lurking is great. Try to get your team to lurk at some point, or use wards to find people alone, this can give you lots of good kills and catch your team up or put them more ahead. When they're down 2 people attack turrets. They'll have a hard time stopping you with 2 people dead. This can put your team back on the map and help end the game faster.

Early late game:
Now comes the fun part. You have most of your items if you farmed right. And have used lots of cash to get AP items. You're level 18 and your empower plus leap = around 650 damage to 800 damage per strike. Your ult alone equals 500 extra damage. Now time to mess with their minds. This is the true meaning to Flash: to ATTACK THEM. Harass minions until you have 2 stacks and your ult is next, then when someone gets close, flash to them and ult them. Empower and hit, and then leap for the kill assuming they haven't died already. Their teammates will join the fight and attack you. Run back and let your teammates engage. When empower and leap are back, go back in and kill more squishies, ignoring their tanks or off tanks till the end. If you get good at this, you can end the game with things like this. You'll feed your team, and make yourself overpowered. The last item is really up to you. I would go for a second Gunblade myself just to get the added damage, AP, life, spell vamp, and lifesteal.

Late Late Game:
Ok, your team failed to end this early. Bad sign. You're not super dubber man Jax (hybrid). You're burst damage Jax. So be VERY careful. Dying can lose the game now. Know when to attack and when to retreat and cut your losses. Don't be an idiot. Be smart, keep going after the squishies and flashing out when necessary. Don't solo Baron, you'll lose. One good teamfight and the game is over. Most importantly, have fun regardless of win, lose, or draw because team match ups don't come along often( I had a team where 4 people left and only I remained. I'd say that is a draw to boost my already broken ego.).

Best of luck to everyone. Play nice, have fun, and be kind to noobies. Remember we were all one at some point or another. If you aren't satisfied with this build, try my other build, Jax no luck build. It's great for all sorts of survivability.