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Jax the Unstoppable

Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Start Off

Just so you all know this is my first guide I've ever attempted to make.
Now some of you are probably thinking the same thing that so many think... "Jax, he got nerfed hes trash." Not the case, he's just become a character that's gone from an early game killing machine (and still is if your opponents aren't cautious) to a late game wrecking ball that is damn near unkillable if you've mastered him.

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Pros / Cons

-Absolutely destructive late game potential
-With his gear he has high survivability
-Great lane farmer
-With leap strike empowered strike and an aoe stun he is the bane of all squishies

-Not much for escaping besides leap strike/flash
-Susceptible to early ganks especially from enemy nukers

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

You're runes are pretty much self explanitory. Evasion means more dodge, means more counter attacks, meaning more stun action/damage/spell vamp. Considering all of your abilities get a boost from your ability power scaling ability power, ap pen, and flat ap quints give you a decent kick right from the go and ever more down the road.

Looking at how deep I went into the defensive tree some of you will be scratching your head. Again you take the offensive masteries for spell and 2/3 armor pen for the extra kick in damage. Going down the defensive tree Ardor(4% increased attack speed and 4% bonus ap) is amazing on top of more life, dodge, and the run speed boost after dodging to let you catch those pesky runners after they've realized how much trouble they're really in.

Summoner Spells
This is where everyone has their own favorites, be it ignite exhaust and all the rest. Trust me when i say take cleanse and flash. Jax's biggest banes are aoe stuns/taunts. Cleanse is the perfect solution especially dealing with pesky teams with people like rammus and shen. You jump on one of their carries and they're gonna taunt you. Cleanse it and get back on those squishies(also keeps you away from things like thornmail :D ). Flash is perfect for gettin in range for that final jump strike or gettin the hell outta dodge when your in trouble and coupled with cleanse your a real pain to lock down.

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A lot of Jax players will say starting with cloth armor or speed boots and some health pots is the way to go, I politely disagree. Dorans ring gives you the extra life, harder hits and more regen early on so you can use those empowered leap strikes/counter combos to harass or go for the early kills.
After you've gotten your ninja tabis, get your revolver. You'll find yourself doing a fair bit more damage from all of your abilities and keeping your life up better because of it. Zeal goes next its a clutch item and goes to building your later items. Now finish your gunblade and your laughing from here on youll find your outdamaging most other champs and your getting to be solid as a rock.
Where you go next is up to you, if you find yourself in a lot of team fights where your chasing down enemies phage will help you catch em, and if people arent runnin go for sheen first.
Once you have trinity force, build a guinsoos and its pretty much gg if the game isnt allready over by the time youve finished your guinsoos. Youll have over 3k life hit as hard as basically any other carry out there and if their carries are just stacking pure damage youll roll over em from them being to squishy anyway. If the game does go later then this which items you get is completely up to you, phantom dancer, nashors tooth, whichever you prefer but from what i've seen most matches doent last long enough to even worry about those so i just end up buying elixers.

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Team Work

Jax is not a tank, ill say this right now. Wait for your tank to engage run in with him and jump onto the carry that poses the most threat, pop your ult as you jump in and start spamming empowered strike and counter attack. Try not to leap strike while actually in combat unless theyre completely ignoring you(the fools!). Leap strike is also a great escape tool because you can use it on allies, be it minions or anything, as a means of escape. If someone starts to run and you know you can bring him down without your team getting crushed from you leaving the fight jump on him stun him if you can if not use your gunblade on him and it will slow his speed by 50% for 3 seconds and do a decent chunk of damage. Finish him off get back to the team fight and clean up the rest of the trash that opposes you!.
Remember in all team fights if you find yourself in danger get taunted or think your not gonna make it out alive, flash away cleanse yourself if needed and get out. Better to live and fight another day or drag a few carries away with you while the rest of their team gets run over cause their damage bailed to try and catch you. That and theirs always the chance only one will follow you and you can get some room charge up your lamp leap on the guy followin you and finish him.

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People call Jax a noob char, not the case, your gonna realize it might take a bit to master this build and jax in general but once you do your team will love you. Just play smart get out of fights when you need too but at the same time dont be afraid to be agressive on low health enemies even if theyre at towers, remember minions including the tower will turn on you giving you a lot more chances to dodge and get your counterattack on that tower hugging hippy.

-PS get out there and prove that Jax is still a serious power to be reckoned with.