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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on June 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Skill Sequence

I start with Q because it gives you harrass and escape. In tight situations you can jump to wards or to minions to get away, and if the opponent is low or vulnerable it allows you to quickly reach. I get W after because it gives him a lot of burst damage when you use his WQ combo, giving u the upperhard in fights. I get E right after so u can dodge basic attacks when you are 1v1 top and it gives you a stun if your jungler comes to gank.

After the initial 3 skill points, I max out my Q and W first, keeping my Q 1 point ahead of W. This is because your Q and W give you the initiative to fight in top lane, whereas your E is mainly there to stun and dodge basic attacks.

The Ult
You get the ult as soon as you are lvl6 lvl11 and lvl18 because his ult gives you (1) psssive bonus magic damage on every third attack and bonus attack speed and (2) bonus armor and magic resist. This will give you a lot more damage and survivability when laning.

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I get the attack damage Quints because those stack nicely with his champion passive which gives him some extra hp. The damage makes getting kills when 1v1 a lot easier too, since you will out damage most champions early game. I get armor Seals to make him a little tankier since your WQ combo will give you a lot of chances to initiate fights. I then get attack speed Glyphs because it works well with the passive on your Ult and extra attack speeds are useful when you are trying to get that kill.

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Wriggles lantern is what will get you your kills and keep you alive early game. The early Madred's will give you armor and attack damage. You will find that you don't need lifesteal in the early stages since you are naturally tankier and you out-damage most champs. After you finish your Wriggles you also get this handy free ward that allows you to ward river to avoid getting ganked. It can also be used to place a ward that you can jump to in tough situations.

Mercury's or Ninja Tabi's?
This really depends on who you are laning against and how the opponents team composition is. If (1) top lane is a really aggressive AD champ or (2) the opponent team is made of high damage AD champs or (3) if you are not scared of the AP champs on the opposite team (as in you can dodge all the skill shots most of the time, they are not doing well in the game) then go for Ninja Tabi's. Otherwise, get Mercury's for the MR and tenacity.

This item gives both damage and AP which works nicely with Jax's passives, granting him bonus HP. Jax is a hybrid champ and I find it best to build hybrid since his R and W relies on AP whereas his Q relies on damage, and these are his most important damage skills. Like I said earlier, E is mainly good for the CC. The attack speed on the Guinsoo's lets him make the best of the passive on his R. This will allow more kills early game.

Hextech Gunblade
This item will get you additional lifesteal and spellvamp for survivability, as well as AP and damage for kills and the HP bonus. Additionally, the 600 range active will allow you to stun apponents who are running away, buying time for you to catch up or have the CD on your Q finish.

Sheen or Frozen Heart?
Generally, I get Frozen Heart because I like to survive team fights and usually I end up initiating because of my Q and E. This will help you survive since it lowers the opponent's attack speeds and give you 99 armor.
If you happen to be doing well and the opposing team does not focus you down, get Sheen because it will give you an extra 115 damage from your AP every 2 sec. Later you can build this in to Trinity Force or Lich Bane both of which are amazing on Jax. I choose to go Lich Bane because it costs a lot less than Trinity Force.

Rylai's Scepter or Guardian Angel's
Same reasons as above. Rylai's gives you the extra AP which will also give you slow so your kills can't run.
Guardian Angel's will allow you to deal a ton of damage to one champ after you initiate, then come back to finish off what's left after your team goes in and the opponents can no longer focus you down. *Keep in mind this ONLY WORKS IF you team is not **** and can actually teamfight worth two whoops in hell.

One Last Point...
Regarding your Wriggle's, by the endgame, you can trade it off for whatever you/yourteam needs. At this point in the game there is not really any point in that one ward since 1 teamfight anytime/anywhere will pretty much decide the game. I chose to put Banshee's and Last Whispers in this build, but you can go with whatever you feel you need.

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Summoner Spells

I get exhasut because most exhausted champs can't catch u after you Q away or they can't run from you because you your Q.
I get ignite because as a melee champ, unfortunately you can't do much if they get away so the Ignite will help you to finish them off.

I don't get Flash or Ghost because Jax's movement speed with boots is already slightly above average and his E and Q will allow for escapes. Also, Lich Bane (if you go that route in your build) will give you bonus movement speed anyways.