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Jax Build Guide by Jeheria

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeheria

Jax's Dominion Domination

Jeheria Last updated on October 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all! I'm making this guide because I haven't found a decent Jax build that's purely for Dominion. I see people playing Jax in lots of different ways during Dominion games, lots of pure AP, pure AD, and even some people stacking armor. I've loved playing Jax since before Dominion, and want to give people who haven't tried this really rewarding hero a place to start. This is my first guide; if there's something you disagree with, please let me know in the comments, criticism (nice criticism :P) helps everyone! --Please read the whole guide before you vote!--

That being said, Jax is a decently easy champ to get the hang of, and in my opinion, he's a really rewarding hero as well! This guide will be focused on building AP/AD, which allows Jax to do massive burst damage, but also go toe to toe with almost any hero in a sustained melee fight.

This is what a few hours of PvP dominion games looked like :)

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Pros / Cons

-Great burst damage.
-Does very well in toe to toe melee fights.
-Survivable, even with reduced healing in Dominion, because of spell and attack vamp.
-Decent stun, even though a dodge is needed, it's helpful while fighting to keep enemy champs from fleeing and unable to do constant damage.
-Can jump from tower to the creep spawn near tower if there is an enemy trying to get away.
-Great ambush champ.

-Susceptible to CC, Jax can easily take on two or even three champs if he's unhindered by CC, but fighting two champs that can disable your attacks and skills more than once in a fight will sometimes mean death.
-Squishy when initiating team fights.

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These runes are pretty standard

- I use these because they deal more damage with your +

- These compliment your well!

- These also give your W+Q more of a boost, and give Jax additional health because of his passive.

- I like these instead of dodge, because in dominion, I like having the extra AP for skills, and health with the passive. I find that when fighting toe to toe with an enemy champ, there's never a moment isn't up, or on cooldown, even without the evasion quints.

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Summoner Spells

- This is a wonderful skill in Dominion. It's not only great for chasing down a fleeing enemy (which isn't what you should focus on in Dominion, but it's nice anyway), but also for reaching towers in time to stop an enemy champ from capping it. I always capture the middle tower at the beginning of a game, then use Ghost + Speed Buff to reach the top tower quickly, and jump into the fray :)

- This is great for fights that hug your towers, it slow is great for getting an extra turret hit or two in on the enemy champ.

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Skill Sequence

Lots of people prefer to max out their Leap Strike (Q) and Empower (W) before they put a second point into their Counter Strike (E). However, I find that in Dominion, I use quite a bit, right off the bat. Because of this, having 2% extra dodge is nice earlier on (it adds to your Relentless Assault's Active), and the extra damage is nice too. At the point in the game where you take your second level of , which is pretty early since this is Dominion, this is actually your highest damage skill, (because your AP isn't high enough for the 10% extra AP bonus on your to put it's damage over your ). This damage is sometimes enough to finish off a fleeing enemy, too. I also find that I rarely just use or , and this sequence keeps them at similar if not identical cooldowns through the levels.

As for how to use these wonderful skills, when engaging an enemy, activate your (W) and then use (Q) to jump your enemy, dealing nice damage and hopefully catching them by surprise. This is useful for killing a running enemy, ambushing a champ, and should be used as soon as the cooldown for the skills is up, even if you're next to the champion. Hopefully, you'll only need to do this twice, or max three times, during a single fight.

Your Relentless Assault (R) ult is really nice, because it allows Jax to shine when going toe to toe with an enemy champion because of the passive, and provides some nice Magic Resist when fighting enemy AP champs.

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The ease of buying items in Dominion, because of the increased gold rate, is what really makes Jax shine in dominion. We no longer have to slog through a lane phase in order to try to farm up enough last kills to fund our expensive items. We start out with enough money to buy our Ninja Tabi, which work well in getting you to the top after capping mid, and provide a nice armor bonus against any AD champs you might fight at top. The extra AP and health pot will also come in handy at the top of the map. By the time you die the first time, you should be well on your way, if not able to complete, your Hextech Gunblade. I get this item first, because even with the 20% reduction on life-steal in Dominion, this item compliments both AP and AD damage, and can give you a large advantage over other heroes who choose not to use lifesteal. After we finish the gunblade, I prefer to buy a Sheen because we should be level 6, and our passive ult works well with a Sheen. After purchasing this item, start working towards the Guinsoo's Rageblade. This, in combination with your other two items, really make Jax shine, and will win you almost every battle if you're not heavily CC'd or kited.

After the rageblade, it's really up to you what you want to purchase. I put Trinity Force on the quick list because if your fighting a mix of AD and AP champs, and aren't being over-killed by either type, this is a great item to boost your killing speed further, and provide some extra speed and health. If you're finding that AP champs, like a Ryze, for example, are tearing you apart, an [odyn's veil] might be appropriate. Likewise, if you've got an AD champ tearing you up (which is rare with Jax, but can sometimes happen, especially if they're ranged), I like the Zhonya's Hourglass for the extra AP, armor, and the active ability is nice.

If your game is going on for a really long time and you've got lots of money and your Trinity Force, the Rabadon's Deathcap is great for the 30% AP. By this point, your Jax should be wrecking face, and you should be hearing the enemy champs QQing about how OP Jax is. :)

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Thanks for reading this, and I really hope it helps break you into Jax! If you've got any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

One thing I'd like to clarify for everybody who may not know Dominion super well:

This is not about champ killing, it's about capturing and defending towers. I shed a tear or two when I see people skirmishing in the middle of the map. Please remember that capping and defending points is how you win. Defense in particular is something people seem to forget is necessary. It is much less fun to hug a tower while there's fighting going on at other towers, but if you're sitting on a node as Jax, just remember, no one's coming after you because they're afraid you'll smash their face ;).

Thanks again, and happy hunting!