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Jayce Full In Depth Guide

Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow players. This is my first Guide, normally I just come in here read what most of u post take what I like ditch what I dont like and close page to fast to read comments. Why did I decide on making this Jayce Guide!! I absolutely love him. Out of every champ out there he is the one I like the most.... Fun, OP, Hard to Counter, il get into that last one latter.

Anyway Jayce can be played acording to how the game evolves. I belive Jayce is the long lost Twin of Nadilee Who didnt go Feral; but with out the AP/AD conflicts.

His ult change weapon gives him the run speed Nadilee pasive. His canon is like the spear and the 3shots can heal quite a bit with some sustain since it resets attack and the first shot is made clear by the huge lightning at 2.5 speed 4x25% lifesteal makes about break even heal. His Hammer Does same AOEs and a hard nuke his has that lil extra on the knock back while Nadilee can pounce away.

Now Past that lets go and ill explain a lil more further.

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DO not!!

Do not play Jayce in one stance!!! I cant stressssssss this enufffffff. Most people eather get married to the 20% mele hit or the long range EQ combo. Sure u have to start someware placing thouse pts but do not get married to ur early game what ever it is u choose range or mele.

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Explain Runes/Mastery/item order

OK not much to explain xept... Most will say WTF Lifesteal Quints Down vote Down vote!!! Nah hear me out..

I go witht he normal 21-9 also taking the 9 not in def but utility. And I get lifesteal quints and pen marks instead of AD all over the place well.

The Dmg u get from AD quints 5-6 - armour I mean Really!! With Pen on mastery and marks we get a great amount of dmg Early game and with lifesteal quints and mastery 9% plus starting with vamp septer thats 19% lifesteal at lvl 1.

Now that said with ur cannon u can farm and get back that lost hp from the ocational skirmish and u can concentrate on building other things other than sustain.

Now why on to the hex drinker... well when ur playing with Jayce Mid or solo top most of the time u end up vs some sort of magic dmg even if its ad carry. Most of them do magic dmg on their moves. The Maw is by far one of my fav items saves me like 10++ times per game the magic resist makes u be able to go against any mid mage or take that 2player gank on top lane specially if they tower dive to trow all thouse skills at you.

Why guardian Angel so soon... Well building on the already drinker now we get some Armour and more MR Jayce will feel preaty tanky and his dmg for the most part at this stage comes from ability not auto attacks. With the angel u will have about 50% dmg reduction from magic and AD u wont die if u die most of the time the angel will get u 50% hp since its still low lvl. Now u can make thouse BOLD game play moves u can only do with Jayce get in out pwn and if u where to die u dont!! You know that playstyle where u eather get fed or feed. Well u can pull it off with out the feeding part.. why cause the extra relax mode form not fearing death lets u pull off some crazy ****!!

Now once u finish the MAW u will be able to Bait players into ur combos while at low HP u will have incredible AD. I will go into this further latter.

Finish the BilgeWater for the extra sustain AD and that awsome Slow for thouse on the reg ocations. Why not a BT I will explain later.. but Jayce does more ability hits than auto attacks.

Sheen-> on to Trinity now most people get this first and so can u fine but most of the time by the time u finish this game is already way on its way and the ability to snowball is almoust over... but when u do get this item with the 200ad u got form the Maw and Bilge omfg stand back cause Jayce is in tha house... and when I say he in the house he really freaking is. I mean the move speed extra Hp slow on hit extra procs added to an already sturdy template. Destroyer!!!

Now here u can get a dancer for extra atk speed of finish Hextech then dancer but anyway with the dancer/trin u wont need boots and with the hextech the sustain goes off the roof.

Most of Jayce Combat is ability based 6 abilist on a togle that never ends. Trust me the hex will get u way more HP than a BT and the Dmg is shy of the same. Remember with the AP on that and sheen/Trin ur Hammers W will also get nice boost.

Last item... Get what u think will get u more Dmg last Wiper or Infinity remember the infinity is on auto attacks only. And if the enemy is heavy on Armour cause u been melting faces last wisp will help more.

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Skill Sequence/Combos

Alright U can okay Jayce with what ever makes u more confy. Start on his Q and go nadilee style or start on his E and bash some skulls in eather way once u get to lvl 13 u should be busting caps using both modes. DONT GET MARRIED TO ONE STANCE.. ok here is some combos u can master and become so freaking op cause u can go unpredictable..

Hammer: if u get charged Q->W->E->R(cannon) run back with ur extra speed while he is pushed away drop the E Away From u Run over it and shoot back at him if he is so stupid as to be following bust a cap on him with W.

Cannon: E->Q->(W-Change-R) Hammer Q->W "3x hits mele from ur (W-change-R) this will also restore ur mana. And make u so much less mana hungry."

Here u can do 2 things if he is weak or runing hold E till W runs out. or E right away if he is hitting hard. If u let ur W-hammer run out before E u will be ready to R back to cannon and again blast his face into oblivion!!

Remember there is no boots in this template... why... cause ur runing fast as hell for 6 out of 8 seconds every time change 1.5 E 3sec change 1.5 again if u absolutely want get some boots of speed and sell em once u get trin and dancer. With the tankyness and speed bursts i normally dont need boots I can keep my oponent exacly where I want him in eather mode with E.

Now SUPER TIP make ur E smart cast... u wont have to click 2x and u can make EQ-Click and they both comeout same time and it will get the burst. Remember to always shoot over E when using it to run away... it changes their mind about chasing 100% of the time if they got 2 brain cells if not just W-change QWE as fast as u can and bust them so low u probly be the one chasing after.

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Summoner Spells

Why in the world Ghost Exaust... IMO no better 2 spells.

OK most will take flash with Jayce urm mabe but Ghost last 10 seconds even if u get slowed for 3 u still have 7 to get away if u get slowed for 3 and flash... ROFL ptsss waste.
Now Ghost will also help tower dive go in for 5 seconds kill 5 more to get out flash will get u in or out not both. Althou I dont tower dive much with Jayce I just EQ em... Anything under 400 dies... anyway. Ghost outright best Spell to get in and out of situations all together chase down kill some one spead up to knock em back again. Kills that normally would get away.

Exaust... Now while most people would use this to slow some one trying to get away omfg plis.
Exaust -75% dmg wasted on some one runing away!!!! no Exaust is the Ult 1v2 winner!!! Poke Poke... once both half and still ballsy dont think about it not even split second just poke 1x there goes like 25% poke again into a rush QW wait E while u do this yes exaust the other guy. Not ur taregt he will die faster than the exaust u did target the weaker of the 2 duh.
Then turn around and 1v1 for easy double kill. Sure sounds easyer said than done but. Remember to use ur E as a kill blow. And by then u can R back W shoot him 3x with lower armour cause u waited for that first shot with lightning to hit W and get 4 clean shots. now drop that E right on top of u 2 and shoot... OMFG where that dmg come from... lets get the hell out of here... Hextech or bilge his *** and wait for R to pwn him for the win!!
Now that works like 90% of the time the other 10% they flash pull a rabit out their *** and get away. Its perfect for when ur partner left lane ganker came by what eves.

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Just have fun with Jayce he is SO OP.... just get the Angel early so u can get that what if I die out of ur head and freaking let the bodies hit tha floooor