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Jayce: The Carry of Tomorrow

Last updated on September 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and this is my 1st guide on Mobafire. I will be going over how I build Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow. To me, he is a very versatile and mobile attack damage caster who is heavily reliant on his many abilities for his damage. He has one of, if not, the strongest non-ultimate skillshots in the game, and this is a huge advantage for him in laning. My build attempts to maximize his DPS so that he is able to be very effective in any situation.

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For runes, I run 9 Armor Pen marks, 9 flat Armor seals, 9 scaling MR glyphs, and 3 Movement Speed quints.

Marks: I choose Armor Pen marks because I am very much a late game person, and AD marks fall off incredibly compared to armor pen marks late game. Plus, it's very helpful in increasing your harass damage.

Seals: I choose Armor seals because you will usually be facing an opponent with attack damage, and you want armor to increase your defenses against them. Flat armor seals are for early game, and that's when you want your best defense against your laning opponent so you can't be easily taken out of lane. Plus, seals specialize in armor, so I believe the armor seals make the most of their stats compared to the other runes.

Glyphs: I choose scaling MR because you usually don't need flat MR early game. Late game, you will be against the rest of the team that usually has AP damage as well, and that's when these glyphs will come in handy. Like the seals, glyphs specialize in magic defense, so I believe these are the best glyphs.

Quintessences: I choose movement speed quints because when I start the game with a Meki Pendant, I need some movement speed to dodge and escape from dangerous situations before I get boots. Also, Jayce is a naturally slow champion, and his movement speed without his gate is usually below 400 until you get tier 2 boots and Trinity Force. After those items though, you will be pretty hard to chase if you are able to escape CC's.

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For masteries, I run a 21/0/9 setup that is similar to AD carries. In the offense section, you want the 4 points in Sorcery for CD reduction so you can spam your skills more often. These are the 4 points that are usually put into Deadliness, but Jayce is more of an AD caster than an auto attacker, so the CD reduction will be more useful. For the utility section, you want Summoner's Insight for improved Flash and Improved Recall (self-explanatory). After that, get the points for Expanded Mind and Mediation for increased mana usage. The last point should go into Runic Affinity as it is the most useful mastery that the 9th point can go into.

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Summoner Spells

For me, I personally take Exhaust and Flash.

Exhaust: It's good for stacking with To the Skies' slow and it can completely shut down your opponent while you hammer away at them.

Flash: To get in and out of most situations, greatly increases your mobility

Other options:

Ghost: Viable, but Jayce has a passive movement speed buff and an acceleration gate. I think that's more than enough for a movement speed increase.

Ignite: Good for finishing off opponents, but Jayce has a good distance finisher with his Shock Blast Combo.

Teleport: Mobility and ability to travel across the map, could replace Exhaust if wanted

Heal: Good for in a pinch situations, but it's not that strong without the mastery

Everything else should be left to other champs or not used at all.

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Skill Sequence

For skills, you want to max your R 1st, then your Q, E, and then W. (R>Q>E>W). Maxing your ultimate 1st is pretty much standard on all champs even though Jayce doesn't really have a "real" one.

Q is maxed 2nd (technically 1st because you will have it maxed before your ultimate) because you want to maximize the damage of the Shock Blast Combo so you can deal tons of damage to the opponent in lane.

E is maxed 3rd because you want to reduce the cooldown of Acceleration Gate as much as possible after you maxed out your Shock Blast. Also, it increases the power of Thundering Blow, which is incredibly strong at later ranks.

W is maxed last because it is mainly utility. Hyper Charge is extremely powerful late game, but the need to use the Shock Blast Combo as much as possible makes Jayce's E a priority over his W. Lightning Field is just a nice addition to his DPS when he's in Hammer Form, but it usually doesn't make up the majority of your DPS. However, if you are building Jayce to be your team's carry, you want to max W before E as you want to use Hyper Charge as much as possible in teamfights while remaining in Cannon Form.

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For starting items, I start with the Meki Pendant and 2 health potions. Most people think weirdly of it, but here's my stance on it. I play Jayce very aggressively in lane and want to harass as often as possible with the Shock Blast Combo. However, it is very mana costly, and his only option of mana regen other than the Meditation mastery is the passive on his W. Unfortunately, there's two cons of using the W passive for mana regen: it puts you with melee range of your opponent and opens you up to harassment, and the mana regen is very minimal as I max the skill last. This is why I rush an early Chalice of Harmony. It gives very good mana sustain which allows me to use my Shock Blast Combo almost indefinitely in lane. Maxing Q first is vital to making up for the lack of damage items until the B.F. sword.

After my 1st trip back, I want to get Boots of Speed, Vampiric Scepter, and either a B.F. sword or a few Doran's. My next plan is to get a Bloodthirster for sustain and damage. In between that, you want to finish your boots with either the Ionian Boots of CD reduction or Berserker's Greaves. Personally, the CD boots work better for Jayce as he is an AD caster and he wants his skills back up ASAP, but if you're fulfilling the carry role, you want to take Berserker's Greaves and try to stay in Cannon Form in team fights.

After that, Trinity Force is next. As an AD caster, the Sheen proc from Trinity Force will greatly enhance Jayce's DPS. Zeal is the 1st item I build for Trinity Force as getting critical chance will substantially increase your DPS and farming abilities. The next item is personal preference: Phage to build bulk and some DPS, or Sheen for mana and its passive.

After Trinity Force, you want to get Infinity Edge as this is bread and butter of AD carries and champs that use critical damage for DPS. The last two items should be Last Whisper and Guardian Angel. By late game, Armor is the greatest reduction to your DPS, so you want the armor penetration to deal with it. Guardian Angel will give you some defense as well as the very useful passive "second life". This is useful for teamfights if you happen to get focused instantly and can still be around to do your part.

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In all, Jayce is a very strong pick for top lane and a very nice alternative for an AD carry. He is also very effective in Dominion and maybe Twisted Treeline (Haven't tested this out yet). As this is my 1st guide and I'm in school, I do not have any pictures added, but I would like to update this guide to the standard of more popular ones. I just wanted to share my knowledge of Jayce and my opinion on how to play him.