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Fizz Build Guide by JordanDangerMerrick

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JordanDangerMerrick

JDM's DPS Hybrid Fizz

JordanDangerMerrick Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners, and welcome to my first guide. I have always wanted to do a guide, I love coming up with new and versatile ways to play champions in LoL.

This guide focuses on achieving the unbelievable killing potential Fizz has. Now, people always focus on Ap, they think Lich Bane is his core item. It won't even be mentioned in this guide. Yes, this build contains some AP, and even though he is DPS hybrid, he has magic pen runes. This will all be explained.

In conclusion, this guide will be your ultimate weapon against your opposition. High ELO gameplay at its best.

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Now, I have no utter clue how to copy paste those little pictures for things, but I surely will edit it later on once I find out how.

Greater Mark of Insight
Magic Pen for DPS sounds ******ed, but if you look at Fizz, he is built to be an AP nuking squishy. As a DPS hero who can supply both a physical damage burst as well as an AP nuke, God help the sorry sod facing you.

Greater Seal of Vigor
Take away the runes and masteries, and you've got a brittle little ****. You WILL be aimed if you use this guide, so you must get your Rocky on and build to endure a ****fight. This is a must have!

Greater Glyph of Celerity
Basically to help u spam your moves as much as possible. Your ult will take 45-55 seconds after using, which is awesome. I'll explain the significance of the ult later on.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
This is a fantastic thing to have. People always seem to think they need to build speed for Fizz. His passive is better than any solo champ with boots you'll ever face. They get creep blocked, you roll on along. With these runes, you basically have the ms of basic boots and will allow you to own mid nearly every time.

Get magic pen quints if you don't want swiftness and want to deal more damage early/mid game. Late game will be your amazing damage output that'll get you kills

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Urchin Strike
Basically your ganking skill. It'll allow you to chase down enemy heroes, or initiate fights when they aren't prepared. Often you'll notice enemy summoners forget about your passive, so being able to quickly hop in and strike is awesome. This'll be the key to early game success.

Seastone Trident
IMO one of the best skills in the game. It has the capability to bring down ANYONE who takes you on. The damage output is simply awesome and unique, and will help u farm up hard, as well as charge in and kill. Be sure to activate the skill for the extra damage before initiating.

Playful/Trickster/F***ing awesome
This, dare I say it, is the reason Fizz is a beast. Hopping up onto your stick saves you 9 times out of ten if used right with blink. It is honestly the skill that gets Fizz killed the most as well. So many idiots initiate with it, and then realize 'oh ****, sion stunned me and is about to blow... aww shi...BOOM'
All will be revealed when I reveal the ultimate Fizz combo

Chum in the waters
The ultimate Sea troll; your ultimate will absolutely pillage your opponents. If you connect this skill shot, you'll 9 times out of ten succeed in the purpose of your ult (Escape or kill)

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Implimenting your skills

Level 1-6
This is the best time to be Fizz. When you go mid, everyone thinks its a joke of a choice by your team. I know this perception will change, but for now, take advantage of their ignorance.
When you're level 3/4, your harassing is epic.
Hit W to activate your uber damage output, follow up by hitting them with Q and strike a few times. Will they hurt you? Simply E and escape.

And for the icing on the cake- you can tower dive level 4 onwards. Simply do the above combo fast, hit your opposing champion, and as the beam from the tower flies towards you, hit E and leap backwards. Time it right and you'll dodge it every time. This can potentially halve your oppositions HP in half and make them either run, or die to the above combo followed by an ignite.

Level 7-11

This is your ganking time. A successful Fizz will leave his lane and gank like mental. Your mid opponent will be too scared to over extend. If they are pulling a rambo and do overextend. Kill them instead, heal, then gank again. They'll eventually catch your drift.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Take blue as much as possible.

Level 12 and beyond
To quote Bullet for my valentine 'Ready or not, right now its killing time!'
If you've had a good mid game, come late game you'll gank so well, that you'll be aimed above any other hero in the game.

To conclude- follow the basic initiating guide of W,Q,R,E and you'll be sweet

How to use your ulti

To keep it plain and simple, it can either last hit a hero, be used to gank a hero (uber slow) or to escape from a gank. If they're trying to gank you, and u get your fish on someone, they stay in the same AOE and your friendly little troll shark will slow them all. Poor guys failed again trying to kill you. :D

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The JDM '1 for 1' method

I am a firm believer in a 1:1 kill/death ratio early/mid game.

As Fizz, you need money. Assists won't cut it. You have enough fire power with both your attack hit damage and AP nuke to take down anyone, so kill who you can, when you can, and try to escape. If you don't, it is okay. You got mula, you build stronger, and you will be better than any of them. Sure, having 4-4 as a score sucks, but the money turns into items, and items make you nigh unbeatable.

For instance, Two games ago, I was sitting on 2-4. **** start, however with a few ganks I got it up to 5-7. That was a ratio of 1:1 for those fights. Now, I've got my Witts and Rageblade, I then on went to get to 13-9, then finished on 17-9. If I didn't have the guts to kill at all costs, I wouldn't have got money, and after all, that's what you need to succeed! 1:1 is the way to go, however if you can avoid death, and double kill, you will be awesome in my books! :D

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Summoner Spells


Need I go on my 1:1 rant again? This will grant you kills your troll shark couldn't finish off. Basically a safe claim

use playful/trickster along with flash and survive!
Best summoner spell in the game.

I've yet to dabble in surge, but it looks pretty sweet. If any of you guys use it for Fizz, let me know how it turns out.

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Beserkers Greaves
As a DPS hero, you need attack speed. You've already got strong MS from your runes, so you won't need anything to enhance it more than this. Of course Mercury treads are a fine substitute if needed.

Witts End

Attack speed, 40 damage and MR- what more could any attack speed DPS hero want? This is THE core item of the build. Much like Twisted Fate, this is what will get you kills.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
Such an awesome item. With this combined with Witts, you will drop foes left right and center. Towers will be a breeze to push.

Hextech Gunblade
Once you've got this one, you're unstoppable. Life steal+Spell vamp= 50-80 hp guaranteed per hit, and more per combo. Prepare to rack up the kills.

From those items onwards is your choice. I made two suggestions which work well for me if I am just going to try to kill. I'll leave the last two to your imagination. Stick to the core, and you will ROAR. Yeah, I punned.

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In my final conclusion, this DPS guide will make you a killing machine. I've played around 20 games now with Fizz, and I average (Yes, I calculate :P) 12.7.8.

I've lost 2 games using Fizz, and allot of the time it's just a 25 surrender.

Please feel free to comment and let me know how this build/guide worked for you. Also, if someone can comment on how I can add those picture links to items, that'd be uber helpful.

Many regards,

Your faithful Aussie Summoner,