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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zicklein07

Josh- The Grandmaster haha

Zicklein07 Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here you go Josh, You have Jax.

Jax Roles-

DPS- Damage Per Second (Work Kids Over Quickly)

Aoe Stun- Your counter attack can stun anyone that is around you

Assasin- Enter battles late to avoid being focused and take out their weaker players. (Archers)

Theres different circumstances that you'll see come up while playing but when the entire team is grouped up, you should be directly behind the tank. The tank should be a meatshield for any of the harder hitting spells that could take you out pretty quickly. It will also be the tanks job to use his crowd control ability. This ability could be anything from stunning people or knocking them in the air. (Or your favorite from the poison guy, the kick haha)

As soon as he does the crowd control move on his target that player will be completely vulnerable. Its your job to leap to him and k0 him as quickly as possible.

After hes dead, you simply start clearing out people starting with the weakest.

In the case that we dont have a tank, I will rush in with Kennen and use my AOE Stun. It will leave them weak and you simply do the same thing as stated above.

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I know you're a long ways away from actually getting runes, but this is what I think you'd like. I noticed you like to do alot of damage really quick so I built your runes on this guide to make you improve that ammount of damage.

First I'll tell you a bit about what the different types of runes do.

Red Runes- Referred to as Marks

-Empower Physical Attack! Putting anything in the red rune slots other than things related to physical attacks are substantially weaker than if you actually matched them with corresponding colors.

Yellow Runes- Known As Seals

-Empower Defensive Play

-You really dont need any type of defense as jax considering you are dps but it is nice to be able to survive through some heavy damage.

-In Jax's Case he survives really well against melee because of his dodge, so why not give him some more dodge with the seals?

Blue Runes Known as Glyphs

-Empower magic

-Magic is any of your moves that you use with your hotkeys. (QWER)

-Jax is a hybrid so using a mix of attack damage and abilities will maximize your damage output.

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I laid your masteries out in a simple format.

Notice I grabbed the dodge out of the defense tree and then simply placed the rest in the offensive tree.

Just ask me about these because you may want to change them pretty often depending on how the days going.

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Dorans Shield- This item doesnt build into anything but its a great item to start out with. It will allow you to stay in the lane a bit longer because it gives armor and a bit of health regen.

Boots of Speed- First building block of your ninja tais

Blasting Wand and Pick Axe- Building Block for Guinsanoos

Guin. RageBlade This is the JAX ITEM. This item will make you the man, esecially when you get it built early in the game. It has to be built up tho but you can do by swinging a few times at minions and then you'll have a huge BUFF when you initiate a fight.

Sheen- This item will give you more mana, but more importantly the passive will make you hit so damn hard. When you use an ability, your next attack is boosted by 80% of your ap. So on top of the massive damage you do already, imagine it doing 80% more.

Hextech Gunblade- Gives you lifesteal, which gives u health whenever u attack. It also gives u huge boost to your overall damage. If you get to this part of your build, we win. (Don't go out of order tho, you need the other items for this one to be good.)

Lich Bane- This item is the result of the sheen. Sheen gives an 80% boost. When the sheen is upgraded to the Lich bane it bumps up to 100% and gives a good boost in original damage as well.

Banshee's Veil- Finally, the veil. This is the only defense item you'll have. It puts a protective shield on you and blocks the first enemy spell that hits you. Lets see.... Most mages open up with their STUN! With this, you shouldnt have as much of a problem with getting trapped by the enemy.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust

If you think you have the upper hand on a kid in a lane.

Try going for the kill with these two spells.

Combo in This Order1. Empower your mace
2. Leap Strike to him
3.Exhaust him
4. Ghost
5. Beat his ***

*If hes slow then skip Ghost*

*Also try not to get overagressive because when you make moves like this, you have to remember the enemy champs have their on set of skills that might be able to counter yours*

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Do whatever it takes to get the last hit on minions.

If it takes a little bit of mana to pop them out, then do it. Using mana to get last hits is common so never feel like you're wasting your mana when you're using it to get minion kills.

*Farming in this game is key, no farm, no chance*