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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jossyboy

Jossyboy's Jungle Jamboree

Jossyboy Last updated on July 2, 2015
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Hello and welcome to my guide on how to jungle like Jossyboy (me).

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Jungle Routes

so you've locked in your jungler and are ready to fook sheet up on the rift but how do you begin to do so? well aren't you glad i'm here. I typically when playing jungle follow the same route every time, and it organises how you are going to play your game, but lets be honest, the rift is unpredictable and full of surprises, so don't be afraid to go off guide.
The route goes as follows:
When starting gromp
-gromp (duh, use smite instantly for buff and shorter cd)
-scuttle (gives you extra health through life steal/masteries/champion abilities as it doesn't attack)
-back (you may still be healthy but backing now gives you enough for your upgraded machete, which allows you to build up gold quicker, with remaining gold buy as many health pots as possible)
-red (optional smite, if you are really getting beaten up by it the health boost from smite means you can save pots)
-raptors (IMPORTANT--MUST SMITE, extremely useful when ganking)
-gank (if there isn't gank opportunity just go golems or scuttle and back, start buying those components for your full jungle item)

When starting Golems
-Golems (same deal, instant smite for buff/lower cd)
-Raptors (smite isn't a big deal considering you won't be ganking at your health + there won't be many wards placed that early in the game)
-Scuttle (again, gives you the extra health you need)
-Red (smite, you will most likely be low on health at this point, so the smite will probably save your life)
-back (again complete jungle item, max out pots)
-gromp (smite for its epic buff, will help when clearing rest of jungle)
-gank (again, if no gank opportunity just go scuttle or wolves and back)

These should hopefully get you going, once your done your first clear it is really up to you on where you go. As for if you should start gromp or golems first, i prefer gromp because 1. buff allows for quicker clears, 2. blue buff is extremely helpful for clearing with certain champs (however some don't need it at all, in that case you would most likely pick golems to start), 3. most importantly, you get the raptor buff when ganking, which essentially allows you to pull off perfect ganks.

Thats it for jungle routes, lets move on.

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Ahh ganking, it splits to good junglers from the bad in my opinion. When your friends are constantly asking for that gank in the skype call because they are getting rekt or randoms that are feeding their lane opponents are blaming you for their demise, it may feel like the wrong thing to do, but not ganking the lane is a smart move.

Consider this, your mid laner is flaming in chat because he has given the enemy Ekko 3 kills and he already has a ludens 9 mins in and it seems like everything is going downhill. Why should you go to a lane where you know that the enemy jungler is going to be sitting and camping ready for you to gank a lost cause, only to find that your mid laners lost cause has also become yours, and you have just given the Ekko a free double. Seems pretty silly if you ask me, but then you ask "well what, we are just going to leave him to get more fed off bard (our mid laner)" thats when you tell your team mates down bot to come mid and help do something about this ekko. Before the Ekko can even react, him and Rammus (enemy jungler) just got gang banged by our team (minus the Nasus farming top lane) and now Bard has a double and enough gold for that ludens and all in the world is happy again. Now doesn't that sound more pleasant, which brings me on to the next note.

FOCUS ON WINNING LANES!!! even if they tell you they are fine don't listen to them, you will get the most out of ganking a lane that is winning, or one that you know can win if you do gank it. putting one lane ahead just makes it easier to later focus on those lanes that aren't doing so hot, as now you got the 4-0 kalista in bot lane to go destroy the fed Ekko in mid lane, and get that mid bard back on track to being somewhat useful (pls no bard hate).

Now moving on to how to actually gank. First, and i've already mentioned this, but the raptor buff is literally your best friend in the jungle, it lets you know if your about to give that mid lane Ekko the surprise of a lifetime, or if you are just walking into a rammus rolling through the river. Secondly, when ganking from the sides you need to surprise your enemy, let them panic and throw skillshots the wrong way and flash into a wall because the element of surprise is your... second best friend in the jungle? lets just say your a popular guy. In order to surprise try some fancy flash manoeuvres or just close that gap as soon as you can (blue smite is really good for this). The less time they have to react the better. When ganking from river make sure your laner knows you coming in, nothings worse than you 1v1ing their midlaner who is 2 levels above you while your midlaner is farming, instagraming his league of legends experience. Finally, make sure the minions are working with you, nothings worse than throwing that lee sin q mid lane only to hit a minion, then being left with your embarrassment of a gank as you walk into river and confess all your feelings to scuttle crab. purple smite is useful in this case as you can easily clear waves in your way to hit that skillshot you need to win the fight.

We should probably talk about that secret band of highly trained stealthy lane gankers who have the patience to wait in those bushes top and bot for minutes, to then realise they have been sitting on a ward the whole time as the entire enemy team shows up, not one MIA pinged. Or even worse, the cults that worship the speed lane ganking of Rammus and Hecarium, may God bless the souls of anyone that has to witness the homeguarded 8-bit horse running at them at top speeds to just really ruin your league of legends experience.

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Final Statement

Well there you go, thats all the knowledge I can think of to spew onto this webpage at the present time, there is probably a lot more i could think of but honestly it's like 12am and i simply could not be bothered. If there is anything you think i have missed, that you think i should add or God help you disagree with (I joke of course we are all entitled to our humble opinions) then hit us up with a message or comment or something along those lines

Thanks, Jossyboy out.


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