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League of Legends Build Guide Author outpostbravo

Juggernaut Ashe

outpostbravo Last updated on January 25, 2011
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This is my first public guide for any LOL character. i am currently on a 7 win streak with it and lovin' it. Most of this guide was either inspired or based off of Madmack's guide Ashe - Carry Ranked Games so most of the credit for this guide goes to him for making it so i understood Ashe's abilities, pro's, and con's. Also as with any guide you it will help or be **** depending on your play style. So if you like try it out and if you like or think of something that might improve it please vote or comment on it.

Now onto the guide part of this wall of text...

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This is coming later as i had a big ol chapter for you all to read and i deleted it and had forgot to save it as i went so maybe in a day or two after the rage is gone i will re write it...

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Almost every guide you are going to see for Ashe will promote these same runes because they really are the best for almost any play style for Ashe.

1. Greater Mark of Desolation. Who doesn't want to bypass armor?

2. Greater Seal of Clarity. Okay yes we know that Ashe's mana pool is almost zip so we are using this to fix that problem. if you haven't been using these runes with her before you will notice a difference even at level one!

3. Greater Glyph of Alacrity. Who wants to kill faster? I sure do and so lets give our selfs an extra 5.76% attack speed right off the bat.

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Well here we are at the Masteries Chapter... If you ever played WoW or any other MMO with a skill tree you already know what this is gonna do. For those of you that either don't know what these are or just want to watch me make an *** out of my self trying to explain read on.

1. THESE ARE NOT SET IN STONE! Adjust these for you play style. Again YOUR PLAY STYLE! everyone plays every character a little differently so I mean if I skip a skill that you think would help you do better with your own play style just give this chapter the finger and do it the way that will help you. I like to play aggressively with Ashe so I set up the masteries to deal as much damage as I possibly can right off the bat.

2. hope i didn't make to much of an *** out o my self with this chapter...

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Skill Sequence

To make this a full guide they made me give you an example of what skills to take at what level. Heres my view on that... screw it they are your skills the only thing I am going to advise is that always take Volley if you can. However Enchanted Crystal Arrow always takes priority over everything. For the other two skills I will let you choose between them. The way I choose depends on who I am playing with and whether they can slow or not. Also if you have enemy champs that like to use bush to gank I would go with Hawkshot so you can turn the tables on them.

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Summoner Spells

Like everyone says Flash is an awesome spell to have whether you are using it to chase, gank, or just using it to GTFO. However a few good alternatives (based on your play style) is Exhaust or Ghost.

For my other spell i love to have Teleport so that you can get around a lot faster and get into position for those truly epic ganks.

Now here is the deal, its you play style mix and match till you find the perfect spells for your play style.

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Pros / Cons

Okay just because i know someone is gonna be like "but bro i got my but kicked by using this" and then ima have to be like "well what were you doing to get your but kicked" and they are gonna be "well i tried to solo the other team by myself cause you said this guide was good" and then i am just gonna bang my head against a wall and /facepalm...

So here are the Pro's:

This is a great TEAM gank build. You might not lead the team in kills but you will lead the assist board.

Here is the Cons for this:

If you try to gank without your team against more than one enemy you are going to get trolled in chat and abused in-game. SO DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TEAM/LANING PARTNER! EVER!.... EVER!!!! have i gotten through to you about this one?

Your true damage dealing wont happen till later on in the game so just stick in your lane with your partner and gank when you have an easy shot early on.