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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineMalevolence

Jungle Akali

DivineMalevolence Last updated on December 21, 2010
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The objective here is to jungle Akali, beat up some lanes, then move into an anti-carry role focused more around surviving and debuffing the enemy team than simply bursting down one target.
To start, you'll need a cloth armor and five health potions, as is standard for most junglers. Depending on how much you want to dole out on a runepage, you may need ignite to get the full advantage. With ignite, you need eight AD seals and two AP quints, with armor seals for more survivability. Without smite, you simply add on six AP glyphs.
Start out at double golems. Ignite the first one if you're carrying that summoner spell. Activate a potion when you first get hit, and take 'em both out.
Then head to lizard, run into the center of the group, and smite Mr. big and ugly instantly. This allows you to use smite on golem later. Kill the group, head to wraiths, then to wolves, and finally to golem, smiting it as soon as you get off cooldown. Because by that point, golem should be primed to be taken out by a single smite.
Then, depending on your team, take out small golems again, or just go back to base. You very well may have a potion left over. If you want to get dragon, which you can barely do, head back to base and get a ruby crystal and get a teammate in bottom lane to help you do it.
If not, kill the golems, B, get boots and some potions/wards, kill wraiths and wolves again, and go set up the map. On your third defeat of the small creep camps, you should be six with good map awareness, capable of ganking and possibly pulling away some kills.
After that, jungle only when really necessary. You get your resident mana user blue, your DPS red, and kill dragon whenever safe to. You cannot kill Baron alone without severely limiting your team fight potential, but very few can.
After you're done in the jungle, you should have a heart of gold, boots, and you should be working on Rylai's. HOG is there to bring up your survivability with an item that will have been free, while providing a decent upgrade for your initial cloth armor. Rylai's will be your first big item, allowing you to survive longer and slow the enemy.
From that point, you're looking to round out your base defenses and increase your usage in a team fight. This is done by abyssal scepter. You increase your damage output in two ways, while also increasing the damage done by your team while you're mingling with the enemies. You shouldn't be charging in head first, but in the cases where the enemy team manages to focus you, odds of them bringing you down before you can do anything about it is lowered.
From there? Well, the match shouldn't really be going on all too much longer, but your build is best served by getting gunblades.
No, not lich bane.
One gunblade increases your spell vamp to around 40%. The second will be boosting it to more around seventy percent. With high base defenses from your runes and other items, this will increase your in-battle longevity by quite a bit, while also increasing your damage output in a very notable way. If you don't get focused down immediately, these items will make it a pain in the *** to take you down at all.

Then, if you're in one of those god awful hour long matches, you look back upon your trusty heart of gold. If the enemy team has been building lots of AD, it could be wise to upgrade it into a Randuin's. If the enemy team has been building AP, it could serve you well being sold for a banshee's veil. If they're trying to defend themselves, just sell it to get another gunblade and outheal their combined damage output, while making Baron your personal *****.
And don't try to 1V1 Tryn at this point. I believe Akali would have an easy time with every champion bar the barbarian.

The positives of playing like this?
Akali gets to level four at 3:25, and doesn't really drop after that. At level six, which can easily be attained by clearing the small creep camps twice and having a teammate help you dragon, you become the bane of every lane that overextends.
Building to conserve yourself also, I believe, trumps building glass cannon after getting Rylai's. You'll have more of an impact on the entire enemy team if you're bringing down their collective MR by one hundred, and you'll be more difficult to take out. And with enough gunblades, you won't fall in a mono-e-mono fight to anyone who can't take you out before you hit them.
The downside, however, is thus:
Akali jungles like a more reckless Olaf. You're going to be low on HP if you want to speed on through, and at early levels you're weak. This can be made untrue by going the route a lesser Akali would:
Skip lizard. They do it because they only have Doran's blade and thus can't afford to take on Mr. Scales. You do it because there's an Eve on the other team who's only use is making you a bit slower.
You also lose out on the added burst of Lich Bane. I believe this to be a necessary sacrifice, as you're helping your team more with abyssal, and post abyssal there are better items than lich bane. You might kill Ashe a little slower, but you'll have more time to do it, and her team will be getting wailed on all the harder because of the MR reduction.
Do note that any portion is subject to change upon feedback. Odds are for someone finding out a way for her to jungle safer, jungle five seconds faster, survive better without sacrificing ability power, or the like. I'd be ecstatic if someone found a way to kill Baron without two gunblades.