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Jungle Amumu - Out of f***ing nowhere

Last updated on June 18, 2011
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Amumu Build

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This is my first ever guide for and i'm glad to say that after countless games, painstaking victories and crushing defeats - I have managed to create a build that is not only well-balanced, but beneficial for yo team and yourself. So without further notice:

Jungle Amumu - Out of ****ing nowhere!

Note: It would be worth it at this point to note that this build is subject to vary. In other words - is the enemy team Ability Power heavy? Build some Magic Resistance first rather than grabbing a Sunfire Cape if you feel vulnerable. This guide was created with a "Covering all the bases" approach. When you get into that teamfight, you need to be soaking up AS MUCH damage as possible, regardless of whether it is Attack Damage or Ability Power. Use this guide as it is - A GUIDE - follow it if you are a beginner Amumu or looking to pick up some tips and develop it into something of your own.

Some of the abreviations used in this guide may be as follows:
BT/Bandage/Stun - Bandage Toss
CotM/Curse/Ulti - Curse of the Mummy
MR - Magic Resistance
AR - Armour

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Pros / Cons

With every champion, there is pros and cons. Amumu is absolutely no exception to this.

Extremely Tough
Can shred through health-stacking tanks
Has a game-breaking ultimate
Has a strong lane/game precense
Easy jungler
Major intimidation factor
Easy to pick up

Unreasonably long ultimate cooldown
Once initial two stuns have been used there is a long wait before another is ready
Damage output is relatively lacking
Without ultimate, can cause teams to lose team fights

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Of course, every player may play a tank differently, from stacking health to focussing on a certain aspect of resistances. I build my rune page keeping in mind that I do not know what champions I am going to be up against, and as such I build my runes accordingly.
- Greater Seal of Replenishment x 9- Greater Mark of Resilience x 9- Greater Glyph of Warding x 9- Greater Quintessence of Resilience x 3

Now of course this is just my set-up, I understand that people prefer to use AR or MR per level. However I find that the early levels are "make-or-break" moments of any game. Amumu is a character that comes in hard and can make a lot of trouble. You need that early game resistance to ensure his jungling goes accordingly and that he is just tanky enough to pull of some early game ganks.