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Jungle Bruiser Udyr

Last updated on June 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi there, i have been playing Udyr for quite some time, and during that time i developed my own build for him. I have searchd mobafire and other sites for builds similar to mine , but everibody seems to build tankyness and Trinity Force with him. I play Udyr in order to snowball and really carry the game, wining any head on 1 vs 1 fight. This is the build that works for me, but i am far more agressive than the other players i have seen playing Udyr.

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The reason i run flat attack damage marks, is because i want to speed up my early jungling time in order for it to be easyer to rush spirit of the ancient golem, ninja tabi and alacrity. I run flat armor seals because the neutral monster do physical damage and this is going to help my sustain. And i run scalling magic resist glyphs because they start to pay off better than flat around level 11, where you start to teamfight and really start having trouble with ap carrys and mages. You can also use flat magic resist if you buy Runic Bulwark. The reason irun movement speed quintessences is very simple, udyr is a full melee champion. The range on the phoenix stance is about 300 for the activation efect and about 650 for the persistent effect but you need to AA in order to triger the persistent effect. My main goal with Udyr is to gank a lot early on get a bunch of kills and snowball. So movement speed is really going to help me with the ganks and delivering the stun, it is also going to help me move around in the jungle faster which is always good.

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Masteries are quite straightforward. Summoner's Resolve because i use Smite. Summoner's Insight because i take flash. Durability, Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut, because you really want to stack some hp. Tough Skin, Hardiness and Bladed Armor to help in the jungle. Tenacious because Udyr is very Vulnerable to CC. And Honor Guard and Legendary Armor to improve your survivability. Then i spend some points in Meditation so you improve your mana usage and are able spam both the tiger and turtle stance when going throw jungle camps and then using the bear to move faster. I put some point in mastermind becaus you want spend the smite whenever it is available and it also helps with the flash which is your main gap closer. I put the point inproved recall because i thought it is more usefull than in any other place in the utility line and i really want to get the runnic affinity, which gets you 20% more buff, which is simply amazing.
I run 0/21/9 because i fel Udyr is a little tank and i like reinforce that. One could make the case to run it 0/9/21 to get the extra movement speed that really helps Udyr. but the other masteries in the way are not that usefull

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The starting Items are just the jungling starting items. whenever i have 400g i go back o base and buy spirit stone. spirit stone really helps you with the sustain and staying in jungle. ftr that you should make the boots ninja tabi preferencially, but if the opponent team is strong on ap change it to Mercury's treads. you should really get alacrity as soon as you can, because that extra 15 movement speed early on when some people are still on tier 1 boots is really going to help you with ganking. then i proceed to do my build going to spirit of the ancient golem. If you bought the mercury's treads, you could go with spirit of the ancient lizard, howver that is not something i would recomend because you need life early on. the next thing you build is going to be the giants belt, becuase once again you need hp, then you build that giant's belt into a frozen mallet , this is really going to help your stiking power , help your ganks, and youll be able to punish people who made mistakes even harder, because they simply wont be able to run away from you. the next thing i make really depends on how the game has gone so far, if im taking to much damage i build warmog's armor first, if i'm starting to snowball, i build bloodthirster. After buiding warmogs if i keep dying i will take either frozen heart or guardian angel depending on wether it is mainly an ad team or an ap team im facing. after these items i usually build BOTRK. after building a bloodhirster i build warmogs and then proceed to BOTRK. I dont really like trinity force that much, however you can use all of the stats and the passive are not so bad.if your against a really heavy ad composition, you might consider swaping your BOTRK for a thornmail, however this is something theoritical and against the way i play udyr. A guardian angel can also help against ap casters giving a second chance which is alaways nice. Sword of the occult is a really nice item to buy after frozen mallet, because of the movement speed bonus it gives and the fact tht after FM you should be ganking a lot,However it doesnt provide you with as much usefull stat as other items do so i generally dont build it. You can also use enchantment furor over enchantmen alacrity however i would advise against this because furor only works after you have damaged someone and your main goal is to stun someone without having to rely on some minions being in the way and you damaging them.

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Skill Sequence

You fist point goes into phonix stance because it is your main jungling ability. your second point goes into th bear stance because that is your ganking ability. your third point goes into tiger stanc because it a really nice ability to have versus towers, in ganks and the DoT is nice when jungling so it is your secondary jungling ability Your 4th point goes into turte stance because it is always nice to have situational life steal. i maximise bear stance first because i want to snowball and it is your primary ganikng ability and your primary gap closer ( flash will rarily be available so dont count on it). Phoenix stance is you primary jungling ability and farming ability and damaging ability so be sure to maximize it second. tiger stance is really nice to have and be sure to proc the DoT on every time you gank someone or on the bigest creep in each camp so it really pays off. I maximize turtle last because my filosofy with jungling is not " lets clear this camp and exit with the biggest amout of hp possible", my filosophy is " lets clear this camp as fast as we can and move on to the next". That is because the fastest i clean my jungle the fastest i can move to gank and the fastest i snowball.

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All in all, i believe Udyr is an amazing jungler and if you follow the advice from this guide, not like a bible, but like a handbook, here to help you when your not sure of something, i'm sure you will have a lot of fun playing him. This was my first atempt at righting a guide for a lol champion and honestly i think it is so bad i will not put my name on it. this will never be updated, but i will be sure to respond to any comments made and try to incorporate yur critics in some future work i make. hope you've enjoyed because i sure did.