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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Jungle Jax be Bashin' (A Different Look)

Last updated on March 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction of Guide and Jax

This guide is not for just any Jax player. It's for people who have a fast-paced mindset. Everything is about speed and attention. It requires you to pay close attention to the map and make the smartest decisions at the right times: ganking, stealing buffs, pushing turrets/lanes/inhibs, or just staying put. If you've ever seen a Korean-gamer, it's all about speed, efficiency, and attention.

These ideas are a forging of a lot of what I watched in Professional games and Trick2g (AKA RAID-BOSS). This guide is influenced from SKT T1 Impact's Jax in the 2013 Summer finals and Trick2g's jungling advice with any champ he plays, including Jax.

Jax is just an awesome champ because he's so versatile for a melee champ. His passives from Relentless Assault and Grandmaster's Might give him such an awesome natural strength and can be used to your advantage in many great ways. You can build him as a tank, an assassin, a hybrid carry, Offtank, even AP (bad idea tho)!

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Pros / Cons

- High burst damage
- Amazing Duelist
- Quickly destroys turrets
- Mobility: evasive
- Accomplishes objectives well

- Low sustain/defense
- Unable to kite
- Possible complaints from teammates
- Doesn't shine a lot until around mid-game

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Runes, Masteries, and Abilities

I recommend the scaling Magic Resist Glyphs because you probably won't be dealing with lots of Ability Power until slightly further into the game. And also, if you follow this guide correctly and make the right decisions, you will likely be gaining levels quicker than everyone else.
The movement-speed Quints is to be all over the map and destroy all hopes of the enemy team chasing you.
The attack-speed Marks help with clearing waves and jungle camps, fighting against tanks, and of course, bashing turrets.

Rather than full damage like most Jax players, I chose mostly utility and defense. I have some sort of an addiction to the red and blue buffs. I feel something missing when I don't have them which is why I put the Mastery points on the Runic Affinity . The biscuits provide a little extra sustain and wonderful mana-regen. The defense points are to make up for the not-so-tanky item build.

I like to max Q for the mobility: escaping and ganking. I don't believe you should always follow this order, though. I don't think I ever did myself. It's best to see what sort of enemy you are going against (aggressive, safe, cocky, cowardly, bots..?) and decide which skills to max from there.

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Items and B-ing

These items for Jax may seem unusual to most players. If you know what each item does, you might understand why I chose these. Here's some explanation.

Boots of Mobility and Boots of Swiftness: This build is specifically for swiftness of ganking, destroying turrets, and escaping.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard: is for being able to farm faster and that nice gold income. When you are near full-build, I recommend selling it and buying more damage or defense depending on the situation.

Trinity Force is just an all-around good item for everything my build is about. It allows good burst and a short but potentially life-saving movement speed.

Zephyr will provide monstrous attack-speed and its tenacity will make up for not buying Mercury's Treads

Blade of the Ruined King's active will help with chasing situations, damage, and again the monstrous attack-speed.

SURVIVAL: If you are ahead, you probably won't need more than one of those items. If the team asks you to build a little tank, buy two or three of those items. Usually, when I am ahead, I just pick up the Guardian Angel

EXTRA SITUATIONAL ITEMS: I usually take The Black Cleaver for any possible tanks or enemies that build armor (e.g. Zhonya's Hourglass). It also makes you feel powerful knowing that you reduced someone's armor by 5%-25%.
Ravenous Hydra helps with clearing lanes and nice sustain + damage.

One should always know the right time to B.
In early-game, it's best to B before your buffs respawn.

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Jungling / Farming

Farming = levels and money = stronger = win!
Doesn't mean you should farm all game and not make some plays. You're a Jax and you don't plan to make some plays? please... But of course, farming is really important and must be well maintained. It's helpful to you and your entire team when you clear jungle camps as soon as possible. If you're new to jungle, remember to finish the big monster first. The biggest guy always does the most damage so it's foolish to think that killing the little ones first will cost less health. The little ones don't even restore your health/mana when you kill them!

I have a bad habit of trying to finish my jungle camps before helping my teammates. If your teammates are in a nasty situation and you happen to be nearby, leave your precious gold-income monsters and go help them. But know when your teammates are going to die for sure. There are some things that will happen that your help wouldn't help or possibly make it worse. So many times my teammates beg for a gank during the worst times and we end up feeding them more. oh man, gg (or bg rather)...

When I am surely a bit ahead and one of my teammates aren't, I like to share the jungle camp to them. If my un-fed ADC happens to pass by the Golems or Big Wraith and they need some cs, I do most of the damage and let them last-hit them. It's almost counter-intuitive and you get that feeling that they don't deserve it but trust me, this boosts morale, trust, and overall teamwork. Everything's for the greater good. Good morale = Win!

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Ganking is a huge factor in early-game and sometimes even mid-game. It has the power to change the whole tide of the game. It is usually best to gank when the enemy pushes one of your lanes or also when the enemy health is low.

The goal in ganking (and the whole guide, really) is to be the most annoying you can be to the enemy team and the most helpful to your team.
One of the factors includes creating the enemy-team feeder. Say you make a successful gank on the top-lane. The enemy probably used flash/ghost to attempt to escape but you and your top-laner still manage to get first blood. Once the victim comes back from respawn, he/she expects you to be gone back into the jungle or other lanes. WELL, DON'T BE. Jump at them again and kill them again while they don't have flash/ghost. Make this guy suffer for being first blood. Don't ever let him grow. And with that, you have created the enemy-team feeder.
note: This method won't always be effective in every game if the enemy is smart or plays it really safe. It's also a bad idea to camp a lane if another one of your lanes are doing poorly. Although sometimes it can be nice to have a fed person in your team, I believe it's usually better if your team is good as a whole.

Tower-Dive ganking: Jax, especially with this build, is not the greatest under enemy turrets but if your health is high and the enemy-under-turret's health is low, I would definitely go for it. Gotta calculate it though. Ask yourselves some questions. (see below)

Another factor for good jungling is Counter-Ganking. When you see that one of your lanes is getting ganked by the enemy jungler, that could mean a good opportunity to gank another or the same lane yourself. Remember to pick wisely. This does not mean you should always counter-gank. You can use this time to your advantage in many other ways: counter-jungling, dragon/baron, giving blue to mid, whatever.

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Attention in Pushing n Bashing

Laning phase is probably over and you enter MID GAME
This is where Jax can start split-pushing, stealing buffs, sneak attacks, and really flipping off the enemy team.

You will need to be careful whenever you decide to push lanes. If you can clearly see that the whole enemy team is in different lanes or somehow occupied, it's a good opportunity. If you can't see one or two enemy champs, it won't be a terrible idea to push but you will need an escape plan. Before going up to a turret, place one or two wards over walls and bushes in order to Q on them when an enemy arrives. You can build some time to escape with E and when really necessary, use the flash. I like to use Flash offensively so I max the Leap Strike, lowering its cooldown. Maxing it allows me to have a good escape every couple seconds and save my precious Flash for different situations.

Even when I don't know where the whole enemy team might be, I like to push lanes and make the enemy team want to slay me. This allows my teammates to push other lanes and accomplish other objectives while the enemy is busy dealing with the annoying Jax that's bashin' turrets and jumpin' all over the place.
It's also very funny to see a bunch of people chasing you when you clearly have way more movement speed and mobility.

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Team Work and Attitude

Just because you aren't with the team doesn't mean you have no teamwork. Destroying turrets while the rest of your team is distracting the enemy team IS teamwork. This does not mean everytime a teamfight occurs, you don't participate and go destroy turrets. There are times when a Jax can be useful for initiating teamfights, assassinating carries, and many more.

One of the best advice for League players (especially lower to middle elos) is to focus on doing well yourself. Raging/QQing over the Mid-laner calling you names for not ganking his lane is not gonna help anyone. Ignore anyone who will get in the way of you doing well and do the best of your ability (not just in League but also in life). There are times when you do make a dumb mistake and anger others but moping about it won't do any good to anyone.
This does NOT include:
- never ganking/helping whoever insulted you
- insulting back or mocking
- trying to excuse your mistakes
- intentionally feeding
- actual trolling
- disconnecting from game
- uninstalling LoL

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Good Questions to ask Yourself When...

-Who's fed? AP or AD
-Who fed? Actually kinda matters
-Will this next item help me/my team?
-Is my pink ward out?
-How did I die?
-What did I do wrong?

-How much experience will I get from this camp/wave?
-Should I continue farming?
-Should I back?

-Am I in fighting condition? Health, mana, cooldowns, mental health, fingers...
-Is my teammate(s) ready as well?
-Will my teammate die if done incorrectly?
-When's the last time the target used Flash, Ghost, cc, or any other escape-skill?
-Are those things on cooldown?
-Will my damage (and my frinedly's) be enough to finish him?
-Is the area warded?
-Do I wanna risk it?
-Do they have a Nasus? Try to prevent his growth as much as possible.

Bashin' Turrets (split-pushing):
-Where are the enemy champs at the moment/recently?
-Are my teammates in a safe enough position that they won't need me?
-Do I have an escape plan? Wards, movement speed, flash
-Will the minions be enough to finish the rest of this turret?
-Why can't I see any of the enemy team?
-Oh ****, did my team just die?

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Main points

Here is the shortened version of everything I advise (almost in order of importance):

1. Pay careful attention to the map
2. Know when is the right time to take a certain action
3. Keep a good attitude. Raging/QQing won't help anyone; ignore ragers and QQers
4. Have patience and wait for the right moment to gank
5. Build items according to the situation, NOT blindly following some guide
6. Ask yourself questions before you act
7. Annoy the **** out of the enemy team
8. Have fun. Remember this is a game. Winning this one game is not going to accomplish your life goals unless you're a pro-gamer.