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Jungle Kayle - More than Viable

Last updated on December 10, 2011
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Now before you skeptics start raging on this concept, you have to hear why it works. Since the jungle remake, aoe junglers have started to excel, being able to clear wraiths and wolves very fast. Kayle's Righteous Fury does a lot of aoe damage and allows for fast clearing of these camps. Her built in heal also allows her to sustain herself during her first round through the jungle. As for ganking, she has a slow and a speed up AND her ultimate is great for tower diving or saving your teammate. The one downside for this approach is that Kayle is dependent on blue early on.

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These are pretty simple:

Attack speed Marks and Quints to maximize damage output from Righteous Fury.

Flat armor Seals to facilitate jungling.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs to help to minimize the time Righteous Fury is turned off and shorten cooldowns for all other abilities.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Path:
Start at Wraith camp. Position yourself so that your attacks splash on ALL wraiths while attacking the blue wraith.

Then go to blue. It's nice if you get a leash, but not necessary. You will start blue around 2:05.

Now you start spamming your heal. Everytime it's off cooldown, use it. You won't run out of mana due to the blue buff.

Then go wolves -> wraiths -> Lizard -> mini golems. At this point you can either gank or proceed back through wraiths and wolves before going back to shop.