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Build Guide by AeeBeeCee

Jungle Lee Sin

By AeeBeeCee | Updated on November 5, 2011

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Introduction On Lee Sin

Hello in my First Guide I will be covering Lee Sin "The Blind Monk".I recently picked him up and he was well worth the RP. Hes a Excellent Burst AD and In my opinion best played in the Jungle. He can also do Top Solo and Bot, But Use his Excellent jungle potential and play him as one. He is one of the most versatile junglers in the game, He can start off with almost ANY Build in jungle. Lets get into the Guide Shall We.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells I choose on Lee Sin AreThe Reasons for these are since I jungle Lee Sin I will take smite as junglers usually do, and Exhaust because its just an overpowered spell that can almost guarantee you a kill when you use it.

Other Good Choices would be to take Smite and...

Its a Great Choice for Chasing down your enemies But you have a Slow, 2 Jumps, And a Knockback / Knockup.
If your enemies flash you flash right to them, Players tend to always be running flash now a days But you shouldn't need this since you have a Slow, 2 Jumps, And a Knockback / Knockup.
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Now I play a Quite Tanky Lee Sin But I will be showing you varies Viable builds.

My USUAL BUILD I Follow Is This
Starting Off Grab a Cloth armor 5 Hp Pots / Vampiric Scepter / Boots 3 Hp Pots / Or even a Dorans Blade. He is Such a versatile Jungler you can start off with basically anything.
My Usual Final Build ends Up looking like this In Order...

Now This is a Build where If you are getting focused (Thats Ok) and you feel like you need to be in the fight for longer...
Now if you really want to see some heavy damage with Lee Sin And Go full offensively Use This Build Do this only if you really are that fed and are capable of the Gold amount...

There Team Getting Armor? Get a Last Whisper Its a Great Counter, Once your done with your build and if the game is STILL going on trade that wriggles lantern out for a bloodthirster.
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My Runes I use with him are as following.With these runes I am fast in the jungle and at bursting down Low / Mid armor champions while having a little more sustain in jungle with an extra +13 Armor.
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Masteries can be very versatile, I will personally show you the ones I use.They Complement my summoner spells I showed before and help with jungling.
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Skill Sequence

My Skill order in the Jungle Goes as following.

Level 1- E
Level 2- Q
Level 3- W
Level 4- E
Level 5- E
Level 6- R
Level 7- E
Level 8- W
Level 9- E
Level 10- Q
Level 11- R
Level 12- Q
Level 13- W
Level 14- Q
Level 15- W
Level 16- R
Level 17- Q
Level 18- W

This should depend on the Other Team / Your personal Preference.
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You can start at many places with Lee Sin But I start at Double golems, to do a really early Level 2 Gank. Try and Get a Teammate to Hit one of the golems to Pull / Leash it toward them, Thus making you take less hits and You get free damage off. Smite the big golem and depending which side you spawned on Purple / Blue Your gonna have to gank bottom lane or top lane. Now Like I said Level E First then after taking Double Golems Get your Q. Now Lee sin doesn't need any buffs to jungle so Still get red but When mid is around level 4 you should be giving Your Caster Preferably at mid Blue Buff to give them a HUGE Advantage in their lane. After your initial route Just continue to Go through and Kill the Creeps, Taking over people's lanes if they need it and Abusing his AMAZING Ganking potential.
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Spell Order

First Hit your Q on your Enemy, Then use your ultimate and hit them away from you and when your ult hits them at max range Use your Q and jump to them, Then Instantly Use your E as soon as you get there, It does some Really Good Burst Damage, especially if you did that heavy AD Lee Sin Build I Have a Picture of up in the "Items Section".
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Well This was my first guide I have ever made I am not a Pro Lee Sin At ALL. I have only had him for about a Week but I have knowledge on him and know how to use him efficiently. Hope you enjoyed my guide and if you actually do use it Thank you! It took me about an hour to type all this so if you read all this im amazed.