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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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[JUNGLE] Lee Sin - The Blind Assassin [SEASON 4]

Last updated on February 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, summoners!
My name is MikkTheKing, but prefered to be called "Mikk". Im not a professional player, but a player who have an insight of what is going on in my games. I main jungle, and my mains are (atm) Elise, Lee Sin, and in case they get banned, I play Aatrox. I've been gathering a lot information, and new playstyles of Lee Sin, while playing him. You'll be able to read about them further down. As I said my name is Mikk, and this is my first guide,so bare with me ;)

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As I played Lee Sin for the first time I didnt have any Atk. Spd, runes, and found out that when I chased, I couldnt really land my Basic Attacks, and that resulted in me usually getting stuck in the enemy jungle, or ganked up on, since I chased the opponent. I learned that if you get the Atk. Spd from runes you wont need to buy "Wriggler's Lantern" (Which is basically an item a lot of Lee' players choose because it gives an extra free ward) And it would also let me get the kills a bit quicker when I chased. I really recommend theese runes. But play with them as you like. I think Life Steal Quints could be good too, as it would help you sustain in the jungle. The reason I dont use them is because I focus my AD, on runes, and then get the Life Steal from the "Vampiric Scepter".

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As of the masteries I did focus my Phy. Atk, and some tankyness. Actually there's not really much to say about them. Lets move on.

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Here I'll explain all my reasons for each indivdual item. Please read it all.


Hunter's Machete: Is just the main, kinda item for Jungling. Dont consider anything else.

5x Health Pots: Also an basic jungler's item. Dont consider anything else.

Trinkets: Here's the fun part! While you're playing you need to keep switching the trinkets. It's free, and really usefull. Im focusing this guide on ranked players. If you invade, I can guarantee a first blood to your team, if you use them right. I'll just call it "Yellow Trinket", "Blue Trinket", and "Red Trinket". Now the purpose of the yellow trinket is really good, but for the sake that the enemy support, probably got a "Red Trinket", your trinket will be destroyed granting no vision (+ This is the reason I choose to start upgrading your "Q", as it grants vision as well.) Now for the "Blue Trinket" is actually a really good choice, but is not seen as much in-game, as it should be. The reason is that it's usually just early game, (Maybe late when enemy team do Baron) and doesnt really grant the team as much help as yellow or red trinket would. My choice would be Red.


Spirit Stone: You want to get this one quick, and let it be the first priority when you do core items. It gives a form of Life Steal "Against monsters, deal 20 % bonus damage and restore 8 % of damage dealt as Health, [...] ) This grants Lee som more sustain and also the ability to gank more often.

Boots Of Speed: This item is also just for ganking or escaping, as you will probably be facign a lot of gap-closing enemies in the Ranked.

Vampiric Scepter: As I said before this item gives great sustain to Lee, and let him jungle more, because it grants 10 % Life Steal.

Sightstone: If you have played Lee, you would know that he is one of the best champions to escape if you can use him right. Lee's W, gives him the ability to jump upon champs (+Giving them a small amount of shield) or wards. This means that you can place a ward, and jump to it. Either to escape a Blitz' grab, or just jumping out of the blue's camp.


Spirit Of The Ancient Golem: This item grants so much tankyness on the chmapion you're playing that it's insane. A lot of Lee' players tend to go for the Elder Lizard, which provides some extra early dmg. but they forget that they're suppose to tank in the teamfights.

Boots Of Mobility: Is just overall an sick item, and if you upgrade to homeguard you got the fastest ganker, and tankiest plus damaging Lee. This item do, so if you recall, with low HP/energy, it will restore it automatically, no need to wait, just go back to jungling/ganking.

The Bloodthirster: This item, gives you the Phy. Dmg, we were talking about. It gives you a stack of up to 30+ Phy. Dmg., and 6 % Lifesteal. Also another great thing to build on Lee Sin, because of his sustain in the jungle.

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Skill Sequence

Sonic Wave [Q]

You want to focus your "Q" early game, as it provides you with tons of damage.
It gives 8 % of their current missing health. How great isnt that? That's the reason why I max it first. Plus it also gives more Phy. Dmg, depending on your bonus Atk. Dmg, which is provided from our BT (The Bloodthirster)

So, usually people seek the combos of a champ when they search for guides. Here, let me help you.

In the video, you'll be able to see the different forms for ganks and also, getting away quick for counterjungling. I really enjoy the video, as it goes over the basic combos of Lee Sin.

Safeguard [W]

This skill can be used on Wards, Players, Minions (Your own), and this is one of the best thing about Lee. The thing it does, is that it gives you shield, and if you doing it on a friendly minion or champion it gives them shield too. (Can be targeted on yourself.) Also it's an extremly good escape way, because you can ward, with the Sightstone, you're building into baron or any other way, and then just "W"
over it.

Tempest "E"

This is basically just for farming. It's really good and can save teammates, because it slows the opponent's/target's Atk. Spd, and also their Mov. Spd. In situations where you need to save teammates, your ultimate could also be a viable choice.

Dragons' Rage "R"

This is like the best ultimate of the game. The reason is because, this gives Lee the possibility to ANY lane, even support. (By the way, Lee support? OP AS F*CK)
Now, I actually won a game once, which we should have lost all, because my ulti. The enemy Caitlyn, had slowed me and was on the way to destroy our Nexus, and she was the last one surviving, and so was I. I couldnt use any other skills then my ulti, because there was so many minions. So I ulted her into our spawn, and after like 1.25 seconds, she was dead, we got ace. And because of my boots, I could run up and win the game.
- True story.

That was pretty much all about Lee's skills.

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Summoner spells, that would work on Lee Sin:

Flash: Grants you the possibility to flee, if your skills are on cd. Also a great way to catch up on the team, if chasing, or just going for the kill then flash out.

Teleport: I've tried so many times were I needed to teleport in order to save a tower, or player, but I couldnt. The reason teleport is so OP, is because you can camp at spawn, (with your homeguard boots.) Then just teleport up/down/whatever, and get the kill, or save the tower.

Ghost: Now this is the tricky part. With the boots and everything this would be so great, but the problem about ghost, is that if the enemy team got CC, it's not that good, and we got the boots, so why keep going? ^^ This is all up to you. Each individual player has their own favourite :)

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Pros / Cons

- Sick escape ways.
- Heavy tank /+ AD Burst.
- Can be played as Assassin.

- Will be focused.
- Depending on last item, you might get less tanky.
- Blind.


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