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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awyzuu

Jungle Lulu, She saw wonder in places most people overlooked

Awyzuu Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 4

Honor Guard

Defense: 13


Utility: 13

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All text under this is out of date :D I'm just making a quick update to show that I'm going to revamp this build for season 3!

If you like this guide, please let me know in the comments, or just say hi :D. If you dislike it, please let me know what is wrong with it instead of just downvoting, nothing whatsoever can be gained by just downvoting :(

"The best path between two points is upside-down, between, then inside out and round again."

- Lulu.

Greetings, Summoner!

I assume you're here to learn something about an amazing champion named " Lulu". To start this off I'll summarize the lore of Lulu, which will teach us something about the way Lulu is, which we will use to form this guide.

"(...) just couldn't compete with the vibrant world of her imagination. She saw wonder in places most people overlooked."

From this we can conclude that one of the most important things to Lulu is imagination and looking at things in a different way or less obvious.

"She and Pix played games together, the sorts of games that she had been told were "make believe"... and she got amazingly good at them."

This tells us Pix is a vital part of Lulu, which can be seen in her play style, especially in her passive, Pix, Faerie Companion. Which gives her Pix as a companion which will fight alongside her.

At the announcement for Lulu, Riot introduced her as a support (or suppordle).

But, I personally believe we should look at this how Lulu would, seeing her way of thinking we learned above.

Let's put on our thinking cap.

Pix has 5 abilities, Glitterlance is a high impact, short duration slow; Whimsy grants movement speed or a polymorph; Wild Growth increases health, size and knocks the opponents in the air while also slowing them; and Help, Pix! is a shield or damage ability. These are all really useful utility spells and seem to point in the direction of support, indeed they do. But... would Lulu agree? I think not!
Lulu's passive Pix, Faerie Companion deals damage each time Lulu attacks (or the friendly target he is on. This doesn't really feel too support-like. Most of the time this seems useless, unless it is on the AD-Carry, who will probably attack faster than we do.

But wouldn't it be profitable if we could make more use of that passive? We would be able to do so if it gains more attacks. Which means we attack more, it will be more useful.
But if we want to attack more, we need to have attack speed, which is not a support stat, also damage is not the main priority of a support. I guess our passive is not so good...

But what if we DO go for damage? Our passive would increase in potential. But what of our other abilities? Let's review them: Glitterlance, would not benefit from it, is still useful and does not lose anything from it; Whimsy does not particularly benefit from it, is still useful, it even increases in potential to use because we can chase or polymorph enemies we attack; Help, Pix! was a damage skill, which is good to us when we want to do damage, so it will gain us some potential; Wild Growth will not benefit from it, but because of it's cool crowd control mechanics, be useful to us.

So that means our skills do not lose potential because of us going for damage dealing. Which means we can be a damage dealer providing some awesome utility skills to the team.

But, if we do go as a damage dealer using attack speed, where will we play. Well we got Glitterlance which got a short duration, but slows our enemy for quite a bit; and we got Whimsy which makes us move faster.

Ah, I got it!

We can play as a Jungler!

We could write this off as "Let's pretend" but, as we learned before, things that are "Let's pretend" can be real for Lulu, and she actually got really good at it!

Let's go around again (but a bit faster this time):
  • Lulu has a passive that is no to little use to a support(or suppordle).
  • Lulu has utility spells and damage spells which actually increase in potential by going a damage dealer.
  • Lulu's passive greatly increases potential when we use attack speed.
  • Lulu has abilities that benefit greatly from quickly appearing, and chasing.

These qualities make Lulu an interesting Jungler.

I'm revamping some parts of the guide, to see what I want to change, click the spoilers.
Spoiler: Click to view

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Pros / Cons

Ok, so, we're at the loading screen, we are next to pick and we are assigned the Jungle role.
Time to get the pros and cons and decide on our champion.

+ Powerful CC's
+ Good ganks due to slows
+ Great utility for roaming or team fights
+ Early ganking potential
- Squishy
- Mana hungry
- Susceptible of counter jungling
- Item dependent

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Summoner Spells


Smite will allow us to kill Blue Buff faster at the start of the game, and it will help us steal and/or secure Buffs, Dragon and Baron.

Flash allows us to escape from fights really well or get into range to use Glitterlance or Help, Pix! and do some damage.

Ghost is a really good alternative if you don't want to use Flash, if used properly it can grant you some more kills or help you escape from some situations Flash wouldn't help you. However, we've already got Whimsy that grants us running speed already.

Exhaust is a decent alternative as a summoner spell because it can give you some more kills, you'll however have to give up one of the spells we already got which will cost you early game health and maybe some buffs or escapability.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Let's go around again:
  • Lulu's passive Pix, Faerie Companion scales really well with Attack Speed.
  • Lulu is pretty squishy early game.

This brings us to our main rune set:


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Let's go around again:
  • We'll play Lulu as a Jungler.
  • Lulu is squishy.
  • Lulu is mana hungry.

We start at the defensive tree, ensuring our survival, taking Hardiness , Tough Skin , Durability , Vigor , Indomitable , Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut for the defense they provide.

We also take Summoner's Resolve to get some more gold, Bladed Armor to make our jungling faster and Initiator to make our jungling and ganks faster.

Then we advance to the utility tree getting Summoner's Insight to improve Flash (take Improved Recall if you took Ghost), Expanded Mind for some more mana, Swiftness for some more fast jungling and ganks.

Last but not least we take Runic Affinity to have Blue and Red buff longer.

Guide Top

Items: Our Goal

Final List

Mercury Threads Zeke's Herald

These items give us a lot of attack speed, and some cool on hit effects that increase our damage or ganking potential.

Why take Madred's Bloodrazor?
We take Madred's Bloodrazor because it pretty much provides the exact stats we long for, attack speed and a neat on hit effect that gives an edge against tanks especially. It also provides some attack damage to increase our auto attacks a bit.

Normally Madred's Bloodrazor would be a situational item, but we use an on-hit playstyle, combining auto attack damage with magic damage from procs that trigger from auto attacks. This will play out much like a Teemo. We pick Madred's Bloodrazor because, for the on-hit playstyle, it is actually the strongest item. It is not situational in the on-hit playstyle, it is must have even.

Power of Proc effects
Spoiler: Click to view

Why take Phantom Dancer?
Spoiler: Click to view

Why take Nashor's Tooth?

Why take Wit's End?
Spoiler: Click to view

Why take Ionic Spark?

Why take The Bloodthirster?
Spoiler: Click to view

Why take Zeke's Herald?

Why take Frozen Mallet?
This item will help a lot with our ganking, that's the reason we get a part ( Phage) pretty early in the game. It will slow our enemies, which means we can auto attack more while they are running. We upgrade to Frozen Mallet later to tackle our squishyness. An alternative to this item is Trinity Force which provides the same on hit effect, a bit of attack speed and some more general stats. But, as stated above, it will not really do too much against our squishyness, it will give us some more damage output however.

The next chapters will tell us how to get to those items.

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Items: Opening

Goal: Survive the first jungle route.

This opening will give us the survivability to do our jungle route best.

Why not take Vampiric Scepter?
Vampiric Scepter as an opening does not suit us really well because of the way our damage is inflicted. Especially at the start of the game, half of our damage is magic damage (the on-hit effect of Pix, Faerie Companion deal magic damage), which means the health that we would get from attacking is fairly low. The Health Potions from the Cloth Armor opening provide us with way more health early game.

Also, you'll notice later on that I tend to go for life steal quite late. That is mostly because it will not benefit our damage. I think faster jungle clearing gives us more ganking potential and therefore that is the way to go. Cloth Armor does not give us any higher damage, but the upgraded version Madred's Razors will (especially against mobs.)

Why not take Regrowth Pendant, Health Potion?
Regrowth Pendant will grant some long term survivability, but doesn't protect us during our initial fights. On top of that we don't really use this item later on, we don't get the Philosopher's Stone because we have another way to get the gold, namely ganks.

Why not take Doran's Blade?
This item will compromise our survivability, but will enable some better ganks (which in my opinion are sufficient with Cloth Armor.) Also, we will not use in the late game.

Why not take Boots of Speed, 3x Health Potion?
The boots would compromise our survivability by quite a bit. If you want to do Blue, Red, 1 or 2 gank attempts and all in between (except Golems) you'll need the sustain given by the recommended opening.

Guide Top

Items: Early Game

Mercury Threads

Goal: Make our jungle clearing faster and gain ganking potential.

We want to upgrade Cloth Armor to Madred's Razors to get increase our jungle clearing potential.

After that we want to get our Boots of Speed to increase our movement speed.

We continue getting Ionic Spark because it helps our farming quite a bit and it provides a cool on-hit effect that scales really well with our attack-speed philosophy.

The last item to get for now is Mercury Threads which will help us coming out of CC's.

We got our very basic setup now and want to build into the mid game. In the next chapter we'll see how to continue our build so we can increase our damage output and ganking potential.

Guide Top

Items: Mid Game

Goal: Gain ganking potential by increasing damage output.

At this stage we have some neat items already, we have quite a bit attack speed because of our Berserker's Greaves and first Recurve Bow, some attack damage because of Madred's Razors which also helps us clear the jungle better (though you should keep the proc of the razors in mind if you give blue buff to the AP-Carry).

Now it's time to further increase our damage and ganking, which is still mostly done best by getting parts of our main items.

We get a Zeal because we could really use the mobility and attack speed to get around faster. And we get another Recurve Bow to (nearly) reach our attack speed cap (by this I mean the maximum attack speed WE will having, not the 2.5 attacks per second cap, we will not reach that using this build)

The reason why we take parts before the whole is because they are cheaper and provide really useful stats to us, the final items are mostly just upgrades to them, they don't provide too much new things (other than auto attack damage, on-hit damage and health).

Now we have 6 items, we will actually build our first final item (excluding our boots of course.)

We have 2 options here, we can go either Madred's Bloodrazor which is primarily damage focused or Phantom Dancer which is more utility focused (we get our attack speed cap and more movability.)

Guide Top

Items: Late Game

Goal: Increase damage potential and sustain.

This is the part where we get our final items (except for the one we got before :D)

We get Phantom Dancer first, to reach our attack speed cap, or Madred's Bloodrazor if you bought Phantom Dancer earlier.

The reason for this is that they work together really well.
After that we upgrade the leftover Recurve Bow to Wit's End to make some more use of our "recently" acquired attack speed cap.

After that we go for The Bloodthirster to furtherly increase (and finalize) our damage, and get some more survivability. We take it this late, because attack speed is our main goal, and we don't really need the life steal this much because the main times that we are in lane, we are appearing, chasing and killing (hopefully.)

Finally, we upgrade our Phage to Frozen Mallet. We do this late because it mainly provides more health, no real damage output.

(If you are looking for the explanation of why these items and not how to get to them, check the Items: Goal chapter.)

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Abilities: Introduction

We already learned Lulu has five abilities, of which four can be "actively" used and leveled. In this chapter we'll explore what exactly these abilities do, and how they could be used.

Our passive ability is Pix, Faerie Companion, which deals damage each time we auto attack. The damage is magic damage so it will be reduced by magic resist. It scales really well with increased attack speed, because it will proc a lot more when doing so. The bolts fired by Pix are not triggering on-hit proc effects like Madred's Bloodrazor. If we place Pix on a team member, this ability will proc at every auto attack of that team member.

Our "Q" ability is Glitterlance, a powerful damaging slowing piercing skill shot that decays over time. It will be fired from both Lulu and Pix. The enemy can be hit by both, but only one will deal damage. Because this ability is piercing, it will go through minions, monsters and champions, so you can hit several champions with it. It is a pretty hard thing to totally master, but if used right, we can slow several enemies.

Our "W" ability is Whimsy, which can be used on either a team member or an opponent. When cast on a team member, it increases his/her ability power and grants a 35% movement speed increase. (If used on Lulu, she will fly on her staff <3) If used on an opponent, it will polymorph the target, changing it into a squirrel, cat or cupcake depending on your skin, rendering it unable to attack and reducing it's base movement speed. (This can be used to interrupt channeling abilities like Nunu's ultimate ability Ablolute Zero.

Our "E" ability is Help, Pix!, which can be used in two ways; the first way is defensive, by using it on a team member it grants a shield and shifts Pix to that team member (this will make Pix, Faerie Companion proc at the auto attacks of that team member.); the second way of using it is offensive, by using it on an enemy, Pix will shift to that enemy dealing damage. This can be really useful because we can then fire Glitterlance from that enemy, effectively increasing our range and granting us some surprise attacks.

Our ultimate ability Wild Growth is a single target health increase (it increases the maximum and current health of the targeted ally) which is not effected by abilities like Ignite; it also knocks the opponents surrounding the target in the air and provides a slowing aura for the target. This ability can be quite good in saving allies, but can also be used offensively because of the neat crowd controls granted by it.

Guide Top

Abilities: Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We start with Help, Pix! to keep a bit more health after Golems (Blue).
Then we take Glitterlance for some damage and ganking potential.

We take the level 2 Glitterlance to do some more damage, which we need if we want to perform a gank at bot lane.
At level 4 we take Whimsy to gain some more ganking potential (except for Wild Growth which we take at level 6 of course.

Then we follow the pattern of:
Wild Growth -> Glitterlance -> Help, Pix! -> Whimsy

We level Glitterlance first because of it's cheap damage, followed by Help, Pix! for more damage and Whimsy last because we primarily use the movement speed, that doesn't go up when leveled.

Guide Top

Creeping / Jungling

  • We start at Golems to get Crest of the Ancient Golem (Blue Buff).

    To do this, get a pull if possible (just a pull, if your teammate gets experience from the kills our opening suffers quite a bit), use Help, Pix! on yourself when the big Golem attacks every time it is off cooldown. And don't forget to use your smite!
  • Now you should be level 2, take Glitterlance level 1 and use it to pull the wolves and every time it is on cooldown. Use Help, Pix! on yourself again to reduce the damage you get.
  • After the wolves, go to the Wraiths and kill them in the same way.
  • Now we have killed the wraiths we have 2 options, we can go for a gank at the mid lane (do that if your mid-laner is not pushed too far. After the attempt, do the second option which is listed below.

    The other option we have is go to Lizards (Red Buff), pull and damage it with Glitterlance, use Help, Pix! to defend yourself and finish it with Smite which should have gone off cooldown now. We should be level 3 now, level Glitterlance to level 2 to gain more damage output.
  • Once again we have several options, we can gank the bot lane if they didn't push too far, or go for Golems (if you think a gank in bot can be done a little bit later) or go for Wraiths and Wolves again if you cannot gank the bot lane.

We've cleared our first "wave" and can recall to get our Berserker's Greaves if things went right.

After this we want to be going to a lane to gank, taking every jungle mob in our path if possible.
  • If you want to gank the top lane, kill Wolves on the way.
  • If you want to gank the mid lane, either go for Wolves or Wraiths on the way.
  • If you want to gank the bot lane, kill the Wraiths, Lizards (Red Buff) and Golems on the way.
  • If you need to gank bot faster, just kill the Golems.

Repeat this until the teamfights start.

When ganking, stand in the bush, use Whimsy on yourself, go for the engage, use Help, Pix! on the enemy and fire Glitterlance from Pix's new location to make sure you can keep up with the opponent.

Regarding the Blue Buff, we noticed Lulu's Mana Hungriness before, but if we only use spells against players, Dragon , Baron , Blue and Red, we can keep quite a bit of mana. This means we should be able to pass our Blue to the AP-Carry. This can be done with the second spawn of the Blue.

Guide Top

Team Work

When the team fights happen Lulu's abilities will really shine. Together with her damage (assuming your itemization process went smooth) we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

When a team fight occurs, make sure you're not at the front lines, because you can easily be focused down because of Lulu's squishyness. Attack from the edge of the team fight, focusing down the AP-Carry and AD-Carry. Use Whimsy to control the most dangerous targets, but try to save it for things like Karthus's Requiem or Nunu's Absolute Zero. Glitterlance can be a good source of damage, but try to save it for escaping targets. Our ultimate ability, Wild Growth also really shines in these situations, use it on the most valuable team member who is situated in the center of the fight to ensure maximum effectiveness of the "heal" and crowd control mechanics provided by this awesome ability. Help, Pix! can be used to save our team mates, deal damage or extend the range of our Glitterlance to ensure the capping of enemies trying to run away.

Guide Top


Well then, we have ventured in some unlikely territory, just like Lulu did with Pix, and found an interesting way to look at her.

Now we have returned let's review what we have learned.

We found out that she has quite some potential as a Jungler because of her potent damage output by using attack speed in combination with Pix, Faerie Companion. We learned that she provides some neat utility skills, which slightly increase in potential by going this Jungle style.

We found that Lulu also has some weaknesses, but we have learned to counter some of those with our masteries and gameplay.

We learned she can perform some cool early ganks in mid or bot, but is also quite strong during the endgame due to her neat abilities.

With this guide, we went upside-down, between, then inside-out and round again. Just the way Lulu would do, I think.

Before we leave this vibrant world created by imagination and some logic, I want to thank jhoijhoi for her awesome guide on making guide, which you can find here.

This was Awyzuu, thank you for reading. If you have any doubts, suggestions, objections, or other relevant stuff for this guide, please feel free to post a reply :D. I rather have an interesting discussion and/or read your thoughts then seeing the percentage rise or lower without knowing what I did right/wrong :p.

To close this off, I'd like to end with another quote, I know I've actually used quite a bit (or too many) quotes in this guide, however I hope this is the last thing your opponents hear when you gank them...

"Cuddly incoming!"

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  • [7-8-2012] Added Updates chapter because I lost the last one... Did I have one?? So dizzy...
  • [7-8-2012] Adjusted the way pros and cons look a bit and fixed some general typos.
  • [7-8-2012] I'm going to revamp some parts, I added "spoiler" parts that contain news on those.
  • [7-8-2012] Revamped Items, it is now covered in 4 chapters each containing some information on what to buy and why or what not to buy why.
  • [9-8-2012] Added some more formatting.
  • [12-8-2012] Elaborated on the item choice of Madred's Bloodrazor.
  • [27-8-2012] Added some numbers on Madred's Bloodrazor (just as an illustration, don't expect to see more numbers.
  • [27-8-2012] Flushed the revision into the published version. Might contain some errors since I made it before my trip and can't remember what I changed. So dizzy (again)!
  • [1-9-2012] Fixed the item order display which was out-of-date, swapped the order of Phantom Dancer and Madred's Bloodrazor.
  • [1-9-2012] Redone most of the team fights chapter which is being reworked due to lack of interestingness (yes its a word now) and usefulness.
  • [1-9-2012] Highlighted the request for responses since those are what make guides better, more so than votes.
  • [1-9-2012] Added a chapter on the abilities, for completeness of the guide. Expect more of somewhat more basic topics to come.
  • [6-9-2012] Fixed some grammar because I apparently am pretty bad at it... Please help me to find the rest, I kinda lost them xD
  • [6-9-2012] Applied new visual template for Pros/Cons and Summoner Spells. Masteries will follow soon!
  • [17-12-2012] Preparing for a whimseycal comeback for season 3.