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Malphite Build Guide by immugio

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author immugio

jungle malphite

immugio Last updated on November 1, 2011
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Hi, this is my first guide, but I feel like sharing what is basically my main hero/build in LoL. I play a lot and am currently 1268, 58-52 in ranked. most the people i know IRL that play either don't tank, or don't jungle. if you can get mal or amu jungle down you will be a more versatile player. malphite stacks up fairly well against other junglers, as with this build I have cleared my entire side by 3:50. that means no returns to shop. I can get done with jungle with 2 pots to spare and both buffs, ready to gank.

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summoner abilities

I take smite fort. smite is obviously necessary, for obvious reasons. people sometimes tell me I'm noob for taking fort, but fort is what makes this build strong. it adds +9 to your auto attack when it is ready to cast, which should be more often than not early game. mal doesn't need an escape summoner ability imo, because if u get in a pinch you should be able to ult away.

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talent tree / runes

I go 9/21. I don't take the normal jungle talent build, you don't need to with this build. The combination of attack speed runes, damage quints, fort bonus to auto attack is enough. the main concern is to do lots and lots of damage when people do not expect it from a tank, which this build does. the high attack speed, maxed E, and damage quints is make low armor heroes Q_Q every time u get to them.

attack speed reds, dodge yellows, CDR blues, and damage quints. dodge and armor are interchangeable. CDR could be switched with MR runes, it's really up to you. I prefer CDR blues, as I notice the slightly longer CD's, and longer cd's means lower dps. damage quints and attack speed reds make jungle malphite viable. in my opinion, you should use runes as a way of getting attributes that you do not want to waste gear slots on. tanks shouldn't buy attack speed or damage, and with these runes you will last hit and farm like a pro. I use this exact same setup for amu, and it works great as well.

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jungle path

1. blue golem - ask for leash and cover. you can kill it without, but it helps you clear the jungle faster. don't be a hero, ask for leash even if you don't need it.

2. wolves

3. if they have a jungler, proceed to your wraiths. if they don't, I cut up to their wraiths, and continue to kill their jungle. be sneaky and watch mini map.

4 red buff - make sure ur at least over half health and mana. kill one of his pets first. this will get you to level 3. then target the lizard. his other pet will die to your E. smite should be ready before you need it.

5. twin golems - shouldnt be a problem. just attack, w e combo and auto attack.

look for gank
if bot is pushed up to their tower, and mid is ungankable, go get your boots.

after shop or gank, kill wolves, wraiths, golems, and help a lain. blue will respawn around 7:20

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tricks you should know

every hero has a combo that works best. malphite's main combo is w e. w raises his armor, which increases the damage if his E. if u dive in with your ult to rofl stomp some noobs, immediately hit W E because they will move to get away from you fast, and E will almost always miss if they are running. after u hit with your aoe hit them with q and chase. don't auto attack chase, just get a hit or 2 then get in front of them to hit them with ground slam again. they should be dead after that.

another trick i learned is to initiate jungle creeps with auto attack. hit em once, then w e

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pros / cons


good fast jungle
reliable xp / gold
good survive ability in jungle
decent ganks


blue buff dependant
ganks can be weak
takes a lot of practice to land ground slam on people correctly

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I hope this was educational. there are other ways to jungle tank, and I've tried most of them, but this way works very well, and doesn't make you buy random gear specifically for jungling. I whipped this up pretty quick and didn't add pretty fonts or youtube vids, but if u want to see me prove my build works I'd be happy to in game. ^_^