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Jungle Malphite.... (carry if your good enough)

Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Malphite jungle build. I'm going to start off by saying this is my first guide. I really enjoy Malphite jungle he moves around quick and is very tanky early, mid and late game. If you read my build you will understand that there are situational items that may be of use to you mid to late game. (I suggest at least reading items)

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Pros / Cons

-Super Tanky
-Q allows you to move faster in the jungle and its great for initiating early kills
-W's passive allows him to jungle faster and push lanes when needed
-R is an AMAZING initiate and a very good CC
-Gets bonus damage of 50% armor on his E making him scale well with Tank items
-Doesn't get Focused often

-No escape
-Usually has trouble making money for dmg items
-Blue is imperative Early Game
-Harder to gank without ulti
-Doesn't hit as hard as other champs late game
-Needs a few kills Early to get the ball rolling

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Attack speed? You say why O.o? when jungling Malph his W is an awesome help as it splashes damage to any minions in a cone in front of him having the ability to attack faster lets you jungle a little quicker, and where malph has trouble building dmg items throughout the game the extra attack speed late game is awesome help.

Armor.... Scales off your E and makes you tanky enough said

Magic Resist. This build doesn't call for too many MR items so it is nice to have some MR that scales with you.

Armor Pen Quints. Self Explanitory

Other Viable Options:
-Armor Pen Marks
-Health Quints

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The more tanky you get the better. not only is he better in the jungle with the defense tree he takes less damage and has great movement speed to gank and jungle. You can also manage the build with an attack tree but it is not as helpful in the jungle. The offensive tree doesnt make Malph hit any harder late game, whereas the health and armor from the defensive tree is much more viable.

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Creeping / Jungling

I usually start at blue but you can also start at wolves if that's more to your comfort level. Anyways I start at blue with none or a soft leash. when finished with blue go to wolves after getting your w (this makes wolves faster). head to Wraiths then Golems (on golems attack the larger golem first as your passive on W will kill the smaller golem. proceed to red, after red hit wraiths one more time and then gank bot or mid if eaither are pushed...

Okay we're level 4. we dont have boots we dont have our ulti so play safe if a lane is pushed help the lane. throught the time your buffs are up help the lanes and pick up wraiths, wolves and golems when you can.

when your buffs run out go Buy when your done buying you should be able to take wraiths and wolves before blue comes back up.... you need this blue.... jungle to blue and then run the rotation to golems and wraiths by then red should be up... get red. you should be lvl 6.

When you hit 6 Gank and gank hard your ulti is the best initiate there is and it is very easy to land from a bush or to stop people from killing your teammates. i would suggest helping top otr mid with a gank when you hit 6 as the two lanes have higher level chamos in them as for jungling its free rain through your jungle after 6. although I suggest getting blue and red when there up and golems, wraiths and wolves when you can.. when you hit 6 help the team push thier lanes (along with semi jungling)

From there on out its really all about your situation

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Armor and pots is a general Jungling item but it is very helpful for malph because you get his E first and the more armor you have the more your E hits building them into ninja tabi early helps with the ganks from level 4 on. building a wriggles is imperative Early for malph as he doesnt do much damage to dragon or any other minions. Building a sunfire right after your wriggles makes minion farm in lanes and the jungle a lot quicker the aura damage mixed with your E and W passive melt creeps. Ok so heres where my item build may vary depending on situation. if the game is going slow build a frozen heart.. Frozen heart has awesome armor bonus and a great amount of mana CD reduction and its passive is great to defend against AD carrys and their attack speed.... But if the game isn't going so well, look at two things.. Who's a problem is it an AD champ or AP... and how much have they pushed their lane.. if they have pushed their lane it is smart to get items that will help keep them in check. at this point lets say a graves or another AD champ is doing well on the other team.. instead of a Frozen Heart get a