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Jungle Master Yi OP

Last updated on October 31, 2013
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This is my first build on Mobafire so I hope you guys like it. I have been taking notes, tips and builds from this site since forever so I thought it was time to give back. Forgive my lack of coding and HTML, etc. This is going to look plain and simple because it will be. Like I said, I'm a noob at this stuff, so bear with me. So summoners, it is my great pleasure to bring to you - Jungle Master Yi: The complete jungle guide. (patent pending)

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Since you're jungling you're probably going to want Smite. It's a given. You could opt for other spells but honestly, why would you? If you're one of those bad ***es that can just go around killing minions, monsters, dragons and **** without it then go ahead and take something else in it's place. But there's no surer way to secure a buff than to smite the living **** out of the monster holding it.

You could go with Exhaust, Barrier, Cleanse, Ignite or whatever you wish for your second spell but Flash truly has the most utility. He already has Meditate for Healing so you wont need Heal. Get a blue buff every now and then and Clarity is renderred useless. So really your only choice is Flash.

That's not a bad thing because Flash is an amazingly handy thing. Someone used Ghost or Shureliyas Reverie to get away from you? Flash after their ***es. That Tryndamere used spinning slash to chase you down? Flash away from his barbarian ***. Teemo used his Move Quickly for whatever reason? Chase him down and kill him because everyone hates Teemo. If you want to just jump over a wall for the **** of it, use Flash. If you want to get out of a fight in a hurry, use it!

Seriously though I can't stress enough about the utility of Flash, so just go with it.

In conclusion Smite and Flash. Just go with it.

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I've mentioned a whole **** ton of stuff about the various methods of building, at the risk of seeming redundant I'll say most of it again.

Start with the traditional Jungle set up. Hunters Machete + 5x Health Potions.

As soon as you get some gold, ditch that damn Machete and build towards a Ravenous Hydra.
After the Ravenous Hydra you're going to want a Bloodthirster. More Lifesteal = More fun.

Now that Lifesteal is taken care of you can move on to what makes Master Yi, well... Master Yi. Get some Critical strike. Go with Infinity Edge followed by Phantom Dancer, then Infinity Edge again and Phantom Dancer again. You'll have about 30% lifesteal (It varies depending on Bloodthirsters passive and stuff) and 100% Critical Strike Chance + some pretty handy movement and attack speed. How sick is that? Pretty ****ing sick, in my opinion.

I've mentioned a whole bunch about other items that you could go with but I can only vouch for the final build that I've tried out.

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Skill Sequence

Please, for the love of Wuju - Max out Alpha Strike (Q) first. You avoid being attacked with it, you deal mad damage with it and you can clear out minion camps and waves instantaneously with it.

I've set up the table as best I could showing what skills to master at what levels, so follow that as much as you can. Feel free to swap between a few depending on the situation of your game.
For instance if you find yourself running out of health quickly then upgrading Meditate in place of Wuju Style is probably a good idea.

Needless to say, learn your ultimate - The Highlander at levels 6,11,15. Don't waste time with that.

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Creeping / Jungling

With this build you're going to want to start with Blue (The Ancient Golem) try to get some help there if you can so that you can save those precious health potions.

After that move on to the Wolves camp and take them out.

On your way to Wraiths consume a health potion or two to be fighting fit again (insert Pokemon centre soundtrack here - TING TING TA DA DING!)

Then go to Red (Elder Lizard) camp, smite should be up midway through it just when you need it.

Finally proceed to the golems camp and then gank whichever lane needs it most.

Alternatively, you can start off with Red buff and go to Golems camp then Wraiths, Wolves and Blue. I don't recommend this way because Yi is pretty Mana hungry and you should make it your sole aim in life to have a blue buff on him at all times so you dont find yourself recalling for mana.

Scratch that... Not your sole aim. Your sole aim with this build should be to **** **** up and pentakill everything that you can. Lay waste to your enemies and their nexus and sleep with their women. That last one rarely happens but if you can make it happen, good on ya!

I feel that it must be said - Yi is sub par at ganking until level 4,5 or 6. Try to avoid ganking before that unless absolutely necesary.

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Team Work

RIOT claims that Teamwork is OP and I do believe that it is. After this build you will be more OP than anything that eats, breathes and *****. (Not necessarily in that order) but someone once told me in game, and I quote, "Master Yi does not come into any fight, he comes in when he is needed most." and those, as it turns out, are words to live by. Try to get into fights after someone else has initiated it. If you're at full build you can go ahead and start a fight on your own. 5v1? No problem. Given that the enemy team doesn't have much crowd control going on you can get in there and feast on 5 corpses. If that's what you're into, that is.

Like I mentioned earlier, ganking with Yi before levels 4,5 and 6 are pretty uselss. He's squishy early game and at those levels you wont have any items to beat the enemy teams champs with. Sure you'll have the Hunters Machete but that does sweet ****all for you against champs. Try to warn your team beforehand that you will gank late(ish) so that they are forewarned.

Also, it's really important to communicate with your team as a jungler. I can not stress on this fact enough. Use pings constantly to alert your teammates about your pressence and please try and talk to your teammates to set up ganks and execute them well.

Try to give a blue buff to your mid laner if they need it from time to time. You can make do without it for five minutes. Don't flame at people that flame at you because that will happen.
I've heard, "Oh you are a noob because you play Yi" and stuff like, "Oh Yi is the most OP champ in game, you suck!" and "Autoattacking son of a biscuit!" etc. etc. All you need to do to shut these flamers up is Pentakill them. Then send a smiley like so: /all :)

Yi gets a lot of slack for having such a tendancy to snowball out of control and that makes many many many people hate him. (Not as much as everyone hates Teemo...) Give the people that play Master Yi a good rep. Be a gentleman or woman (if you are a woman that is reading this, I <3 U. Unless you play Teemo as your main, then not so much.) even though you're successfuly annhialating your enemies and eating their pets for breakfast; don't be cocky about it.

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In conclusion; thank you guys for taking the time out to read this stuff. I hope it was useful and I hope that the formatting wasn't too much of a pain in the ***. I will contribute more to the community as and when I get the chance to. Excuse my lack of HTML and coding and stuff and leave a comment or something.

Happy slaughtering!