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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sychar

Jungle Olaf

Sychar Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Jungle Overview
Jungling has quickly become a highly regarded part of gameplay. Having a successful jungler brings many benefits to the team, and is an important part of getting the edge over your opponents. By jungling for your team, you allow for a second ally champion to solo a lane. A solo laner gains experience at a higher rate, and does not have to compete with another laner for last hits. The jungler is also rewarded with a quicker exp gain than the duo laners. Having 3 over leveled champs, instead of one (just mid) greatly influences the later stages of the game. A jungler is also very important for their role in ganking. A successful gank will result in 1 or more champion kills for you and your allies; this means extra exp and gold, while your dead enemies are deprived of gold and exp. The enemy will be under constant gank threat early game, because you are MIA at all times to them!

Now the way I jungle is different. I don't take buffs untill I get a Razor. Heres why I do this. I don't take smite, why? Because you only really "need" it, until level 5. So by taking ghost/exhaust, you'll effectively have two usefull SS the whole game.

1. 3 Solo EXP Pools.
2. Faster leveling then people who take golem first.
3. Secure more kills with ghost/exhaust.
4. All around good faceroll gameplay.
5. High Risk/ High Reward. You don't take smite, without addequite runes, or masteries, you will die. Since you don't take smite, no matter what happens, it will be your fault.

Eg. One of my bad games, I go 1/11/38. Lux killstole me all game because she had Mejais, I was pissed. I got called scrub all game, even though I had the best damage output in the game.

Jungling is very important for Olaf. As Olaf you are the fastest jungler in the game. This is why Olaf is revered as a jungler, and why I recommend you learn to jungle as soon as you can, and continue to practice jungle Olaf with different jungle paths and items. Jungling is nowhere near as simple as it seems, you need to be able to adapt to any situation while in jungle.

Important Points of Jungling

- don't die to a creep in jungle.
- get that dragon all the time, he is one of your goals as a jungler.
- place your Wriggle's ward in important spots whenever its off CD.
- don't jungle for too long.
- don't ignore a lane that needs support because your "busy" jungling.
- look for a gank whenever possible, even when your halfway through a creep.
- don't take buffs from team mates who need them badly. EG. give blue buff to your caster

When you are mid game and are pretty much done with jungling you have the option of selling your Wriggles Lantern for some extra cash towards your second bloodthirster. Its up to you if you want to sell it eventually, personally I only sell it when I have filled all my item slots.

My build. Core items are Wriggles Lantern, Beserker Greaves, and Youmuus Ghostblade.
If the game isn't over by than, build an Infinities Edge, BloodThirster, than the last spot is really situational. Some people think Banshees Veil is a waste because of Olafs ult. But Veil could be the difference between saving your ult for a teamfight, and getting away, or wasting your ult, and getting away. If you're getting pretty fed, get mallet or cleaver in slot 6. If the game is still on, replace wriggles with another bloodthirster.

Heres how I start. Start with 5x HP potions and Cloth Armor. Kill wolves, ghosts, than golems. Than kill the Golems and ghosts in the enemies jungle. Blue Pill to base with 700 gold, and buy Madreds Razor. Get both buffs, than when you hit level 6, feel free to gank. next time you B, finish lantern than get boots. Build Berserker Greaves ASAP. Build the Brutalizer, than finish Youmuus Ghostblade as soon as you can. Remember to hit dragon at level 8. Thats the core build and main gameplay start. My reccomended build is above, but it's really up to you after Ghostblade.

As of the recent patch, LW is a very good choice if you think the other team is too tanky. If you don't think it will be enough, go for Madreds Blood Razor. I reccomend getting one or the other, but getting both of them instead of a second BloodThirster might work. His passive really helps in getting buffs at early levels, and soloing baron at higher levels. If you want to, to secure a win, It can also help while backdooring.

Skill Priority: When running into a team fight, use this combo, R/W/E/Q. Appropriately using E when its off CD, and W whenever you can, AND appropriately using UnderTow to chase.

I recommend everyone who is going to Jungle Olaf to practice Jungle Olaf in practice games just to make sure you know exactly what you're doing. Especially if you don't have all the masteries or runes, just in case you are too weak to jungle at the moment. It isn't acceptable to die while jungling because you miscalculated something. Make sure everything works in practice first and even use practice games to try different jungle routes and builds.

This was my first guide on MobaFire, and I hope you guys liked it.

Do to the recent nerf to Olaf, he is no longer unstoppable after 30 minutes, so please play carefully, also, if you want to game with me, my IGN is Sychar. My normal computer, is missing a Dil file and LoL or the internet wont open up, so until I get that fixed, ill be making guides on all of my favorite champions. SO I hoped you wnjoyed my guide, and I hope this helped out your game.