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Jungle or lanewick different style.

Last updated on December 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First, please vote the build and note the guide. There are ton of good guides out there, what difference does it make that I write all the same stuff in here? I am here to point out a special build for WW.

I will try and do it quickly. I made this guide because it is a different way to play warwick. This builds strength is: Tanky with the ability to suck up champions 10 sec after the initiation phase, and also sometimes just suck em up :)

Please read the build before you vote it and try it out. I know I only have boring text, but the boring text will lead you to fun succes.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see in the skill sequence, I just put up the first, cause I cant remember the rest. I just follow the pattern prioritized on R then Q then E, shouldnt be too hard to follow :) so dont judge a build on this.

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Runes can be abit different. Maybe go for CDR instead of AP, but both are good for WW.
I would stick to the attack speed since it makes ww faster in jungle while adding to his heal passive.

The attack speed also adds up to the Wits end and Bloodrazer.

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Summoner Spells

Since this is jungle, ww should have smite. And flash cause that is the best for ww :) There are alot of guides that tells u what the other spells can do I wont do that here.

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I parted out quite detailed in which order to get the items.
The important part is, that I dont focus MR early. WW is not the best ganker before lvl 6 and you should not try and face an AP caster before lvl 6 with someone there to finish the job.
Glacial shroudt is the core item. You will be really strong mana wise and against AD early on, really really strong.

Build the Sorcerer shoes for the speed and extra damage. Then focus on getting some MR. Depending on the situation (facing AD or AP team or "who is fed?") you can get either Frozen heart or Wits end first.

Guardian angle is the next to go, yes you STILL dont do that high damage, but this build is about you working as tank and eating up the leftovers. If the opponent manage to kill you with Guardian angle you will respawn with Q ready and ready to hunt again.

End up with Banshee and/or Bloodrazor. Also depending on the situation. If they have these high HP champions or if they burst you down.

When you finally finish the Bloodrazor you will have attackspeed from both runes and wits end, and you can suddenly deal quite some damage, even as tanky.

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Importance to note with this build.

Early game you deal damage with Q and abit ulti, NOT ad/melee.
You are VERY strong with blue buff.

Since you get your E early and buff it up, you will run fast. Run in and out and around and lifesteal opponents with Q, you are quite strong you can handle some punches. You are very good at tower diving and hunting people with low life around tower, is very doable. Your heal is kinda like 1-2 tower hits.

Dont allways engage with ulti. If you can hit someone with Q first, then the Q will be ready after the ulti again. Which most likely will get them low in life and you run fast.

Mid/late game you work as focusing on heavy damage dealers, AP or AD. You will see yourself dealing quite some damage on any kind of champion with Q and they will be afraid of you. Save your ulti for saving teammembers or a quick kill when the chance is there.
Only engage with ulti if you have a specific plan for this with the team. Is actually really bad to engage with ulti, is NOT what the ulti is made for.

I can only say :) try it out, dont try and play as tank you are not. You can still take damage and get crowdcontrolled. You are no alistar nor amumu nor rammus, but you can run super fast, take the hits, heal yourself and be a thread to squishies. Endgame you will deal damage with both Q and autoattacks.