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Jungle Riven - OP isn't enough

Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intruduction and Riven

Hello, this is my guide of the Riven jungle, used for normal aswell as ranked. Riven is one of my absolute favorite champions, because shes funny, awesome, and really op if playing her right. Her spells are:

Runic blade

, her passive. After using one of her abilites, her next basic attack will deal bonus pysical damage. Her blade can charge up to three times, and expends one charge per attack. This passive helps you to deal tons of damage if using it correctly, and in the jungle it helps you alot, but i will talk about that later.

Broken wings: Riven lashes out in a serie of attacks, this ability can be reactivated 3 times in a short time frame with the third hit knocking back nearby enemies. I take this spell at level one, so i can charge up my passive three times, and make more damage with basic attacks.

Ki Burst: Riven emits a Ki Burst, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. This is the spell i max, because of its stun, and amazaing damage. While ganking you should use this spell carefully, because if you miss your stun, and enemy probably will get away, but if you do hit it, and you have your red buff you will almost have a secured kill.

Valor: Riven steps forward a short distance and blocks incoming damage. I take this spell at level four, both for escaping and chasing. This spell is rather useless in jungle, so i max it last.

Blade of the exile: Riven empowers her keepsake weapon with enerhy and gains attack damage and range. Additionally, during this time, she gains the ability to use Wind Slash ones, a powerful ranged attack. As Riven wasn't op enough before this spell, this is gonna let her dominate. Activating the spells gets her an amount of damage, and reactivating the spell lets you send out a cone with nice range, that deals damage. Activate the spell when a fight/gank starts, and use it to lasthit enemys that are too far away from your spell range.

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Runes & Masteries.

My runes are:
Flat Physical Damage Marks, because of all of Rivens spells are based on her physical damage, even her passive. Taking these runes doesn't help me a lot in late game, but i only use these runes to helpmy earlygame, since if you build the way i do, you are going to have over 250 damage, and that is enough and even more.

Flat Armor Seals: I use these runes so that i will survive the early jungle, letting me gank at level 2(right after red buff), and also continue jungle after that gank. There runes doesn't help Riven lategame a lot either, but since i build a lot of armor anyway, that's not needed.

Magic resist per level Glyphs: These runes are the opposite of my other runes. This barely helps me in early games, but helps a lot in late games, since Riven should be played aggresive, and since my build desnt contain a alot of magic resist, this helps me to be able to take more damage, so i can deal more damage for a longer duration.

Flat Physical damage Quints: These runes helps me mostly in early, but are also good in late game. I take these runes because its to me the best runes for any AD melee, and it lets me take the jungle down fast, so i can earn more money.

Of course, there are a lot of other opportunities, but these are the runes i own, and also the runes i think are the best for her.

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Start by buying a Doran's Blade, which gives you 10 Attack Damage, 100 health, and 3% lifesteal. After my Boots of Speed, i take another 2 of these, since it gives me earlt cheap Damage, to help me gank and jungle better, and the lifesteal and health to stay, and survive the jungle for a longer time. While going base and buying these items, you should get a couple of Health Potions if you feel like its needed, and also ward, to keep up the map control. After owning the Triple Doran's, and Boots of Speed, you should make your Boots od Speed into Mercurys Treads, or
Ninja Tabi, depending on if their team is mostly based on championss dealing physical damage, or magical damage. After this, i buy Wriggles lantern, which is going to help you a lot in jungle, because of its Passive: This passive gives 20% attack chance to deal 425 true damage to a MINEONS OR MONSTER ( not champions ). It also gives you some Armor and Lifesteal, that lets you stay out of base as long as you need to. After my 3 Dorans Blade, Mercurys Treads/Ninja Tabis and Wriggles, i buy a Bloosthirster, to give you even more damage and lifesteal. Buying Bloodthirster means that you should try to farm as much as possible, since The Bloodthirster passive gives you 0.25% lifesteal, and 1 Damage on killing a mineon. Because of this, you should take over the lanes when your teammates arent there, and also trye to farm as fast as possible in jungle. After these items, you are not able to take a lot of damage, so play rather carefully, and use your brain while there are teamfights. After these items you should start selling your Doran's Blade, as they are not going to help you bery much anymore. replace them with items such as Frozen Mallet, Atmas impaler and Guardian Angel. When you are full of these items, you are a melee dealing tons of damage, but still able to take lots of aswell.

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Summoner Spells!

I take Exhaust and Smite as my Summoner spells. I take Exhaust to lower the damage of the target i use it on. At ganks, you can use it to slow your target, but in teamfights you should use it on a carry, such as the AP MID, or AD CARRY. If you are new to Riven jungle, Exhaust can be replaced my Flash, but when you have learned to know Riven, you will understand that Flash isn't needed, because of your Abilities, and you take Exhaust instead.

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As i said before, you buy a Doran's Blade, and you go to your sides Red buff. You should ask your team for protection, because you dont want the enemy team to surprise you, and kill you and take your Red buff. You should also ask for a pull, witch means that a Champion in your team makes a hit on the buff, so that it doesnt attack you, and after that let's you gank a lane when you are done with it, with rather much HP, so that you dont die. After taking Red and ganking top, you should go back to jungle, or go back to base, depending on how low you are. After the gank, you should just farm in your jungle, taking Golems, Wriaths and Wolfs, and then taking blue for yourself, or for a teammate that needs it( often your midlaner). You should also gank then your team and you needs it, and in a little higher levels, you should try to take Dragon together with your team, but only after killing 1 or more in the enemy team. Make sure you lasthit Dragon, and also Baron with your smite, to secure the extra gold to your intire team.

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So this is pretty much what i can help you with on Riven jungle, and i hope this will work for you and result wins and lots of fun. Things to remember:
- Get protection and pull on your Red buff.
- Make sure you lasthit Dragon aswell as Baron to secure the extra gold and damage for your team.
- After having 3 Doran's Blade, Mercurys Treads/Ninja Tabis, Wriggles and The Bloodthirster, you are NOT a tank, and you cant manage to take a lot of damage, so play smart, and try not to get focused down fast by your enemy team.
- In rather early ganks, you should deffinatly use your Exhaust while ganking, but in later games and teamfights, Exhaust their carrys, to make their damage output lower.
- Build Frozen Mallet BOFRE Atmas Impaler, or the Atmas passive wont give you a &%#@.

Please leave comments to help me improve this guide and rate it as you like, thanks bruvs.