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Shen Build Guide by ProLagger

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProLagger

Jungle Shenanigan

ProLagger Last updated on October 15, 2015
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Jungle Shen

Shen Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 2

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Magic Penetration Marks can be taken but, since Shen is more built on defense, it may be better to take armor Marks.

Flat armor Seals can be taken for the early boost in defense when farming.
Shen can also benefit from scaling health Seals.
In order for a single Seal of Percent Health to be greater than a Seal of Scaling Health at lvl 18, 0.5% of Shen's total Health must be more than 23.94
If 0.5% = 23.95
100% = 23.95 x 200 = 4790
Shen's total Health, therefore, must be at least 4790 in this example for the Seal of Percent Health to be greater.

Glyphs should be prioritized for scaling cooldown reduction.
All 9 Glyphs of this type can give up to about 15% cdr at lvl 18.
The General Complete Item Set gives +20% cdr so another 20% is required to max out at 40%.
15% can be acquired from Glyphs and the remaining 5% from a Quint.
The No-Armor Complete Item Set gives +30% cdr so another 10% is required to max out.
This can be acquired from 6 Glyphs of Scaling cdr.
The No-MR Complete Item Set gives +10% cdr so another 30% is required to max out.
This can be acquired from all Glyphs and all Quints in Scaling cdr.
Glyph slots that are not used for cdr can be filled with Scaling Health Glyphs.

Apart from the cdr uses mentioned above, Quints may be suitable for bonus armor or even Scaling Health for Shen.
In order for a single Quint of Percent Health to be greater than a Quint of Scaling Health at lvl 18, 1.5% of Shen's total Health must be more than 48.6
If 1.5% = 48.7
100% = 48.7 x 200/3 = 3247
Shen's total Health, therefore, must be at least 3247 in this example for the Quint of Percent Health to be greater.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is very helpful for jungling as it is made specifically for it. You're most likely better off with it than without it.

This is sometimes excess damage but it can be very effective nevertheless and is especially helpful against escaping enemies.
It also applies a Grievous Wounds effect which makes it a helpful option against enemies with significant healing potential.
Consider these effects and its 210-second cooldown when comparing it to other Summoner Spells and choose what you prefer.

This can be used defensively or offensively.
It is especially helpful against high-damage enemies, fast-moving enemies and enemies with high attack speed.
The Armor and Magic Resistance reduction is mainly helpful earlier in the game.
Consider these effects and its 210-second cooldown when comparing it to other Summoner Spells and choose what you prefer.

It is helpful against long duration disables but it may be insignificant to have its effects once every few minutes if the enemy team has a lot of disables.
It is also not a big problem if Shen gets disabled because he is a tank so he can take a lot of damage and he is not a high-damage dealer so it's ok if he stops attacking for a short while.

Barrier v.s. Heal:
Due to Shen's tanky build and built-in shielding potential, Barrier is insignificant.
Heal may be better especially as it can be supportive to an allied champion.

I recommend this whether the champion is a support or not. It may be generally better than other Summoner Spells if used frequently and appropriately. It depends on whether you're playing the 'defense game', 'offense game' or 'utility game'. Clairvoyance is a utility and helps with a nice vision effect. It can reveal hiding champions, buff steal attempts, dangerous brushes, impending ganks and more. It may be significant to have this effect every 60 seconds.
Consider your playstyle and choose this if it suits.

This can be helpful to get to lanes or jungles fast (depending on what you're teleporting to). It can be used to jump in team fights fast from afar or for attempting to escape when ground/river/air movement isn't helping enough.
Shen already has a teleportation ability, however, that allows him to teleport similar to one of the uses of Summoner Spell Teleport.
Overall, Teleport may not be the most suitable Summoner Spell to take but it can still be chosen depending on your playstyle.
Consider the effects mentioned and its 240/300-second cooldown when comparing it to other Summoner Spells and choose what you prefer.

Flash v.s. Ghost:
Flash enables quicker dodges and engages, and may allow dodges in ways that Ghost cannot accomplish (such as against projectiles and across walls and cliffs).
Ghost is helpful in chasing champions to do repeated damage over time.
Ghost also has a 90-second lower cooldown than Flash.
^ Consider all these details and choose what you prefer.
Ghost, however, may not be generally well-suited for Shen.

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Gromp gives the "Gift of the Toadstool" bonus when smited. This is suitable for tankier champions especially those who stack bonus health and who don't have significant multi-target damage potential.
It is generally the best starting monster for Shen. The damage buff will help him with subsequent farming well.
When starting to attack Gromp, use Smite followed by Vorpal Blade (if taken) followed by basic attacking. Using Smite first will grant the buff so that its damage can affect Gromp from its first attack. Since Gromp will attack you (unless disabled) you will take some damage so using Vorpal Blades before your first basic attack will mean that you'll get its bonus regeneration from your first basic attack.
The buff lasts 90 seconds so using it more frequently for farming can increase its efficiency. The Blue Sentinel and Sentries may be too difficult for Shen to take down next so the next closest camp is the wolf camp. This can be attacked after Gromp.

Blue Sentinel:
The Blue Sentinel, along with the Sentries, is too tanky and damaging to take down early unless the buff will be very useful to the champion taking it. The Crest of Insight buff is not very helpful to Shen so it is better to leave these monsters alone early in the match. Even later on in the match when it is easier to fight these monsters, Shen should help another champion (which can benefit more from the buff) get the buff.

The Greater Murk Wolf can be smited if the nature spirit is desired to grant sight nearby. Smite can be used as a finisher on the wolf so that the vision will be granted for a longer time of your absence from the area. If used at the start of attacking, the nature spirit will activate too early and may not be very helpful while fighting the wolves since it does not travel far and you'll be able to see around that area anyway. The vision will probably not be needed while clearing the camp.

The Crimson Raptor can be smited to gain True Sight before going to gank. This effect can be helpful as you will be notified if you are spotted by nearby wards. This can encourage you to gank immediately or back off so that time is not wasted. You will also be able to destroy the ward(s) and gain gold for it.
The Crimson Raptor should only be smited at the start of attacking if you want to know if you are being seen by the enemy at the time. Otherwise, the Crimson Raptor should be killed with Smite so that the True Sight lasts longer when moving off to other areas.
The True Sight ability is not only useful for ganking but helps to clear out any wards spotted in the jungle.

Red Brambleback:
Smiting this monster grants the Crest of Cinders buff. This is suitable for improved farming, health sustain and fighting champions. It can be taken before going for a gank as it will especially help with the slowing effect. This is useful for Shen since he does not have a lot of cc.
Generally, do not smite the Red Brambleback unless you are missing at least 20% health. This is so that the maximum healing reward from smiting it can be obtained. Buff stealing, for example, is an exception of course.

Ancient Krug:
Smiting this monster will grant "Gift of Heavy Hands". Smite should be used before attacking it so that the counter can start right away. The stunning attack should always be used on the monster with more damage when facing multiple monsters.
This is not well-suited for Shen, however, as Shen does not have a significant amount of attack speed. The Krugs should only be taken for farming purposes but not buff priority.

The Dragon Slayer buffs are insignificant for Shen but can be very useful to other team members.
It may be difficult and lengthy for Shen to solo dragon so help from teammates is important.
Generally, Shen should tank the damage from Dragon.

The bonus attack damage and ability power from "Hand of Baron" is not significant for Shen but the other bonuses are useful.
Do not try to taunt Baron since it has crowd control immunity.

General Tips:
- Shen's dash can be used over walls for buff steal attempts.
- When playing against a jungler that depends on attack speed, the Ancient Krug can be taken away leaving the small Krug. It can even be done without Smite since Shen doesn't use the buff well and the reward for killing Ancient Krug is better than that for the small Krug when considering the damage done by the monster and its ease of being killed. Taking away Ancient Krug will prevent access to the buff and leaving small Krug will prevent respawn until it is killed.

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Jungle Item

The starting combo of Hunter's Machete and 2 Health Potions may be suitable for most situations, especially if no team fights or skirmishes are intended/expected before farming.
The alternative helpful option is a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions.

Hunter's Machete:
If the champion attacks at 1 attack per second with a bonus of 15AD, it can be considered similar to the damage of Machete. This is because Machete deals 30 damage per second for 2 seconds on hit.
Using Long Sword as reference: 15AD = 540g > 400g

The difference in this example is that Machete deals magic damage and its damage applies to monsters only.
Furthermore, with Machete, damage can be done to more than one monster at a time with just basic-attacking, by target-switching, due to its damage over time effect.

In addition to the damage, Machete also gives regeneration bonuses.
Although Shen cannot use mana regeneration since he doesn't use mana, the item is still costworthy for the other benefits.
1 Health Potion = 150HP regeneration
150HP/7HP per second = 21.4 seconds
Machete, thus, can achieve the cost efficiency of a single Health Potion in approximately 21.4 seconds of combat.

Machete also rewards you with 15 additional gold for each large monster kill.

Overall, Hunter's Machete gives significant benefits for its price.

Skirmisher's Sabre (or similar Machete upgrade):
Cost: 850g
Bonus effects cost = 850g - 400g = 450g
The bonus of an additional 15 damage, +3 HP/sec in-combat regen, +15 gold rewards on large monster kill, as well as the bonus ability are worthy benefits for the cost of 450g.

Bami's Cinder:
Ruby Crystal = 150HP = 400g
Bami's Cinder = 300HP = 800g
Immolate ability = 1000g - 800g = 200g
Minimum (pre-reduced) damage to one champion = 6
In considering the same amount of AD at 1 attack per second (using Long Sword as reference): 6AD = 216g > 200g
As long as the Health portion is seen as costworthy, Bami's Cinder is significantly costworthy overall. The Immolate ability can do damage to multiple targets at once and does increased damage to minions and monsters but is still costworthy at its minimum damage against a single target.

Cinderhulk Enchantment:
Ruby Crystal = 150HP = 400g
Cinderhulk = 400HP = 1067g
Cinderhulk cost: 1400g
Bonus effects cost: 1400g - 1067g = 333g
This is definitely very little to pay for all the great benefits.

Overall, an enchanted Skirmisher's Sabre (or similar completed jungle item) is significantly costworthy for Shen.

When building up parts, get the Machete upgrade before Bami's Cinder if the corresponding bonus ability is desired early or if Bami's Cinder cannot be afforded in one buy.

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Early game return-to-base items

Health Potions should be prioritized. It may be best to get up to 5 of them before purchasing anything else, but less of them can be bought along with other non-consumables. Just ensure that you have sufficient health sustain.
If you are depending a lot on health sustain, you can get a Crystalline Flask in addition to Health Potions. Do not, however, purchase a Crystalline Flask unless you already have at least 3 Health Potions in your inventory. A full Crystalline Flask can heal up to 360HP. With a small amount of gold, purchasing 5 Health Potions is better than purchasing a Crystalline Flask and 2 Health Potions or less;
5 Health Potions = 750HP regeneration
Crystalline Flask + 2 Health Potions = 660HP regeneration < 750HP
Crystalline Flask + 3 Health Potions = 810HP regeneration > 750HP

^ This is considering the total amount of heal you get on going back out to the rest of the map.
Of course the Flask will refill when returning to shop but this is under the consideration of the long-term effect.
On returning to base, your gold may work out such that you can only get Health Potions and a component item or even a complete item. If so just ignore the flask. It can be purchased on your next return to base or not at all, but I recommend it; it is a helpful boost to overall regeneration potential. It, however, should be bought early enough in the match to use as many charges of it as you can throughout the match.
Although Shen can't use the mana regeneration feature of the flask since he doesn't use mana, it is still helpful for the HP regen.
Crystalline Flask costs 345 gold.
345 gold = approximately 10 Health Potions (350 gold)
10 Health Potions = 1500HP regeneration
1500HP / 120HP = 12.5
It therefore takes 13 activations of Crystalline Flask for it to just surpass cost-effectiveness (for Shen), using Health Potions as the reference.
This means 4 returns to base after purchasing the Flask.
I think this is a good deal overall and it's just a 345-gold item.

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Boots of Mobility:
Cost: 800g
Base MS: 25
25 MS = 325g
Max MS = 105 = 1365g

Boots of Mobility therefore has significant cost efficiency when considering its out-of-combat bonus.
It is a worthwhile buy as long as the champion needs such an amount of ms and/or based on the playstyle of the Summoner.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity:
Cost: 1000g
MS: 45 = 585g
15% cooldown reduction = 1000g - 585g = 415g

If the costs of the ms and cdr above are satisfying, based on the champion and other comparisons, it can be a worthwhile buy.

Boots of Swiftness:
Cost: 1000g
MS: 60 = 780g
Slow Resist effect = 1000g - 780g = 220g

Boots of Swiftness is effective against champions or a team of champions with numerous slowing abilities. After considering this, it should be bought based on the worthiness of the cost for the ms and special effect.
This item is especially effective against large slow percentages.
Tenacity (such as with Mercury's Treads) is effective against long slow durations.
Boots of Speed may be a preferable choice over Mercury's Treads for champions that have speed bonuses sufficient to make the +15ms worthwhile.
Otherwise, it may be more beneficial to have +25MR as long as it will be needed.

Mercury's Treads:
Cost: 1200
MS: 45 = 585g
+25 Magic Resistance from Null Magic Mantle = 450g
Tenacity = 1200g - 585g + 450g = 165g

Mercury's Treads is effective against champions or a team of champions with numerous crowd control abilities, the durations of which Tenacity reduces.
After considering this, it should be bought based on the worthiness of the cost for the MS, MR and Tenacity.

Ninja Tabi:
Cost: 1000g
MS = 45 = 585g
Using Cloth Armor as reference: 15 armor = 300g
25 armor = 500g
Total = 1085g
The item is cost efficient without even considering the bonus effect.

Ninja Tabi is effective against champions or a team of champions with high damage from basic attacks. As long as the ms and armor is desired and seen as cost-worthy, this item is a cost-efficient purchase.

Although Berserker's Greaves can be helpful with Shen's passive, the other boots may turn out to be more helpful overall.

Guide Top

Locket of the Iron Solari

Aegis of the Legion:
Cost: 1600g
200HP = 533g
Using Null Magic Mantle as reference: 20MR = 360g
+100% Base Health Regen = 360g
+15MR from Aura = 270g
Total for Shen only = 1523g
Aura bonus to allies = 1600g - 1523g = 77g
Aegis of the Legion, therefore, is a highly cost-efficient item.

Cost: 850g
200HP = 533g
10% cdr = 850g - 533g = 317g

Locket of the Iron Solari:
Cost: 2750g
From Kindlegem, 10% cdr = 317g
400HP = 1067g
Using Null Magic Mantle as reference: 20MR = 360g
+100% Base Health Regen = 360g
+15MR from Aura = 270g
Total for Shen only = 2374g
Aura bonus to allies + shield ability = 2750g - 2374g = 376g
Locket of the Iron Solari, therefore, is a highly cost-efficient item.

Shen benefits well from the stats of these items.
The Aura and shield effect also adds to his supportive potential.

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Randuin's Omen

Get this if you need armor and if playing against champions with high attack speed and a reasonable amount of critical strike chance.
It may not always be suitable if bought to counter a single enemy champion unless that champion is a significant threat to you especially from being fed or well-built from farming.

Warden's Mail:
Cost: 1100g
Using Cloth Armor a reference: 45 Armor = 900g
Cold Steel ability = 1100g - 900g = 200g
If the cost for the armor is seen as worthy, this item can be cost-efficient against enemies with high attack speed.

Randuin's Omen:
Cost: 2700g
Using Cloth Armor as reference: 60 Armor = 1200g
Using Giant's Belt as reference: 400HP = 1053g
Bonus effects = 2700g - (1200g + 1053g) = 447g
If the costs of the armor and health are seen as worthy and if the bonus effects of Randuin's Omen are situationally suitable, Randuin's Omen is a cost-efficient item.

If the attack speed reduction is needed but not the critical strike damage reduction at the time, Warden's Mail can be purchased earlier and upgraded to Randuin's Omen later if needed or sold to enable the purchase and storage of another item.

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It can be particularly effective against enemies with high damage from basic attacks.
If other armor items are already purchased, Thornmail can be bought when the enemy has significant armor penetration or armor reduction because of the high amount of armor it contributes. This is because at very high levels of armor, reduction in point values have lower reductions in percentage values of damage-reduction.

Cost: 2300g
Using Chain Vest as reference: 100 Armor = 1875g
Bonus effect = 2300g - 1875g = 425g
The damage from Thornmail can potentially be very high and is especially worthwhile based on the cheap price.
Thornmail is very highly cost-efficient.

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Banshee's Veil v.s. Spirit Visage

Spectre's Cowl:
Cost: 1200g
200HP = 533g
40MR = 720g
Total = 1253g > 1200g
As long as the HP and MR costs are seen as worthy, Spectre's Cowl is cost-effective without even considering the bonus effect.

Crystalline Bracer:
It adds a 50HP difference from its components for the cost of 20g which is a good deal if the total costs of the health and regeneration are seen as worthy.

Cost: 850g
200HP = 533g
10% cdr = 850g - 533g = 317g
It is cost-efficient if the health is worth the price and if 10% cdr is valued at 317g or more.

Banshee's Veil:
Cost: 2700g
450HP = 1200g
60MR = 1080g
+100% Base Health Regeneration = 360g
Total = 2640g
If the individual costs for the various stats are seen as worthy, it means that the special ability (spell shield) fills the remainder of 60g and makes the item cost-efficient.

Spirit Visage:
Cost: 2700g
400HP = 1067g
60MR = 1080g
+150% Base Health Regeneration = 540g
From Kindlegem, 10% cdr = 317g
Total = 3004g
If the individual costs for the various stats are seen as worthy, it means that the item is cost-efficient without even considering the special ability.

Banshee's Veil v.s. Spirit Visage:
Spirit Visage has higher Base Health Regeneration bonus by +50% but gives 50 less Health.
These are minor differences and if considered of equal value, they can be treated as cancelling each other out.
Apart from these, Banshee's Veil has the Spell Shield effect while Spirit Visage has the increased healing effect as well as +10% cdr.
Shen, however, does not critically depend on the Spell Shield. He is tanky, so blocking one spell may not make a big difference, and he will not be prioritized for engages.
It's better to get the cdr and the healing effect which will improve his healing from Vorpal Blades in addition to other regeneration.
Both Banshee's Veil and Spirit Visage can be purchased but Spirit Visage may be the better item overall for Shen so it should be prioritized.

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Dead Man's Plate

Cost: 2750g
Using Chain Vest as reference: 50 Armor = 938g
Using Giant's Belt as reference: 600HP = 1579g
Bonus effects = 2750g - (938g + 1579g) = 233g
If the costs of the armor and health are seen as worthy, this item is cost-efficient.

Shen benefits well from the stats of this item but does does not absolutely need the bonus effects. These are just extras so Dead Man's Plate should be considered as an extra armor item for Shen as long as Randuin's Omen is going to be purchased.

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Face of the Mountain

Relic Shield:
Using Ruby Crystal as reference: 75HP = 200g
Bonus effects = 365g - 200g = 165g
165g in Health Potion regeneration = 165g/35g x 150HP regeneration = 707HP regeneration
The following is considering both you and an ally are healed for every use of the Relic Shield.

Starting charges = 2(40 x 2) = 160HP regeneration
707 - 160 = 547HP regeneration
Considering subsequent charges at 1 per minute: 547/80 = 6.8375 minutes = 6mins 50seconds

As long as the Health cost is seen as worthy, Relic Shield can be treated as cost-efficient 6 minutes and 50 seconds after purchasing it considering both you and an ally are healed for every use of the effect and the effect is used whenever available. This is, therefore, the minimum time.

Targon's Brace:
Cost: 865g
Using Ruby Crystal as reference: 175HP = 467g
+50% Base Health Regeneration = 180g
Bonus effects = 865g - (467g +180g) = 218g

The following is considering the healing effect only and that both you and an ally are healed for every use of Targon's Brace.
218g in Health Potion regeneration = 218g/35g x 150HP regeneration = 934HP regeneration
Starting charges = 2(50 x 2) = 200HP regeneration
934 - 200 = 734HP regeneration'
Considering subsequent charges at 1 per minute: 734/100 = 7.34 minutes = 7mins 20seconds

As long as the Health and passive Health Regeneration costs are seen as worthy, Targon's Brace can be treated as cost-efficient 7 minutes and 20 seconds (minimum) after purchasing it considering:
- Both you and an ally are healed for every use of the effect
- The effect is used whenever available
This is excluding the value of the bonus damage to minions.

Cost: 850g
200HP = 533g
10% cdr = 850g - 533g = 317g

Face of the Mountain:
Cost: 2200g
Using Ruby Crystal as reference: 500HP = 1333g
+100% Base Health Regeneration = 180g x 2 = 360g
Using Kindlegem as reference: 10% cdr = 317g
Bonus effects = 2200 - (1333 + 360 + 317) = 190g

Face of the Mountain is, therefore, a very cost-efficient item.

It is helpful to Shen because of Shen's ability to use the base stats well in addition to having its supportive features as Shen naturally has supportive abilities.

N.B. - Face of the Mountain is an extra late-game item for Shen; not a priority item. Despite not having long-term usage of Spoils of War (compared to buying it early), it is still costworthy and beneficial for the stats and the Deadly Phalanx ability.

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Warmog's Armor

Cost: 2750g
800HP = 2133g
+200% Base Health Regen = 720g
Total = 2853g > 2750g
As long as the Health and Health Regen costs are seen as worthy, Warmog's Armor is cost-efficient without even considering the bonus effect.

The stats are very useful for Shen.
Warmog's Heart is especially helpful for Shen since he benefits from a high health build.

Do not purchase Warmog's Armor unless, by purchasing it or soon after, you have 3000 or more Health.

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Ruby Sightstone

Shen is a suitable champion for holding a Ruby Sightstone, even in a complete build.
It not only gives the warding feature but contributes bonus Health which Shen has good use for.
It needs not necessarily be prioritized as one of the early purchases although, however, it is more useful long-term the earlier it is bought.

Cost: 800g
150HP = 400g
Warding value = 800g - 400g = 400g
1 Stealth Ward = 75g
400g = 400/75 = 5.3
Considering the health cost is seen as worthy, it therefore takes 6 ward placements from Sightstone for it to be cost-efficient.

Ruby Sightstone:
Cost: 1600g
400HP = 1067g
Warding value = 1600g - 1067g = 533g
1 Stealth Ward = 75g
533g = 533/75 = 7.1
Considering the health cost is seen as worthy, it therefore takes 8 ward placements from Ruby Sightstone for it to be cost-efficient.

Ruby Sightstone should only be bought:
1) As a final item if no other item is desired
2) If having one extra ward charge after leaving shop is so intensely desired.

Otherwise, just buying the Sightstone is a much better option.

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Sunfire Cape

If extra armor is needed, Sunfire Cape can be bought late game as a replacement for the jungle item.
Sunfire Cape gives Shen helpful stats and maintains a decent amount of bonus damage for Shen.

Cost: 2600g
Using Chain Vest as reference: 45 Armor = 844g
450HP = 1200g
Bonus effect = 2600g - (844g + 1200g) = 556g
At level 18, Sunfire Cape's damage will be 43 damage per second. This can be seen as being worth as much as or greater than 556g.
The price especially doesn't matter, however, if this is bought late-game especially as a replacement for another item.
The important thing is to determine if it is worth the space it occupies for the situation of the game, and especially if it is more useful than other options.

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Ability Usage

Ki Strike:
- More autoattacks means a faster cooldown.
- A longer-lasting Feint can provide a better opportunity for reduced cooldown from autoattacking. A full 3-second Feint can add at least a further 2-second cooldown reduction on Ki Strike by allowing at least one extra basic attack compared to a short-duration Feint (due to the quick destruction of the shield). Although the difference may not be very significant, Feint should be improved with defenses such as armor and magic resistance anyway so there may be this added benefit.
- Improve Ki Strike's damage with bonus health. It can also be improved by its damage over time with attack speed but defensive stats are priority.

Vorpal Blade:
- If the intention is to autoattack an enemy champion, do not use Vorpal Blade from afar; wait until in autoattacking range of the champion, then use Vorpal Blade. This is because if the ability is used too early, it will life tap the enemy too early which means less time to autoattack and gain the healing effect. It, however, can be used from afar if an allied champion will be able to autoattack the targeted enemy at that time, considering that the allied champion needs to regenerate health.
- Improve the healing potential of the ability with increased health. It can also be improved with the special effect of Spirit Visage.

Feint (apart from that mentioned under "Ki Strike"):
- Use when directly in combat and taking damage, or to avoid incoming damage from afar. It must be used in suitable timing since it is a temporary shield that lasts a maximum of 3 seconds.

Shadow Dash:
- This can be used to engage on enemies, especially in ganking.
- It can also be used to otherwise gap-close or gap-extend for chasing or escaping purposes.
- It can be used for dodging skillshots.
- It can be used to redirect the target (due to taunting) of an enemy champion or several, in order to protect allies.

Stand United:
- This can be used to protect an ally from dying including Shen (but Shen cannot cast it on himself).
- It can also be used to shield an ally before the ally engages on a team that will do a lot of damage.
- It also enables Shen to teleport to the selected ally if the channel is complete which can be especially helpful for team-fights.
- Its channel can be interrupted by disables so be aware of nearby enemies with disables off-cooldown. Although the teleportation can be prevented by a nearby enemy, it can still be used for the shielding effect.
- The shield on Shen can be strengthened by additional Armor and MR. The shield, if used on a near enough ally, can be slightly strengthened by the aura of an Aegis of the Legion or a Locket of the Iron Solari.

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General Guidelines for playing against Shen

How to play against:

Ki Strike:
- Reduce Shen's opportunity and capacity to autoattack. This can be aided, if armor is needed, by Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart. It will also be beneficial to attack Shen from afar if possible.
- Shen can sometimes be strategically harassed at close range in between Ki Strikes.

Vorpal Blade:
- Prevent Shen and his allies from attacking a life tapped unit.
- Grievous Wounds effects can be applied to Shen and his allies to reduce the additional regeneration allowed by Vorpal Blade.

- It may be strategic to avoid getting autoattacked by Shen during Feint in order to prevent the enhanced cooldown reduction effect.
- High damage single-instance spells can be used to quickly take down the shield.

Shadow Dash:
- Dodging abilities can be saved for when Shen uses Shadow Dash.
- Be aware of Shen's availability of Shadow Dash when deciding whether to use channeling abilities.
- Space out so that Shen cannot taunt several enemies at once.

Stand United:
- Disables can be used to interrupt Shen's channel.
- If the shields are strong and the enemy is fighting back, it may be strategic to back away until the shield goes down.
- To prevent an enemy champion from being shielded by Shen, Shen's vision can be interrupted by vision-restricting effects such as Nocturne's "Paranoia" and Graves' "Smokescreen".

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