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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Jungle Shyvana. These lvl 1 boots are all I need.

Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Note. This guide will not work without movement speed quintessences. I have tried it many a time and it just lacks effectiveness.

The reason for this is by getting all the movement speed masteries out of defense and utility combined with movement speed quintessences will put you at just above 410 movement speed with just level 1 boots. This level of speed combined with burnout putting you just south of 500 movement speed and red buff (later frozen mallet) makes for amazing ganking power.

With this guide you will be diving people under their towers and ganking like there is no tommorow.

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Step 1 - The Jungle

Its best if you can find a team mate whos willing to burn down blue with you after the pull. Just smite to finish it off. Make sure they don't take your imps after the fact. This will allow for a much smoother jungle since they changed it so that only the last hitter gets xp off jungle mobs.

Can't find someone to help you wear it down? No trouble. Just blow a health pot and turn on burnout to mowem down. Your team will wait for ganks I suppose.

Move on through to wolves, wraiths, golems, then red buff. Red buff is important since Shyvana has no slows or crowd control to speak of.

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Step 2 - The Gank

At this point look for a likely target to gank. Your most attractive targets will be topside or mid since you're in the area already. If you have to take the extra time to run bot lane no worries. Thats why we have the Runic Affinity mastery.

If you do not have any targets. Instruct your team to back off their lanes somewhat and see if any of the enemy team pushes forward. Meanwhile make another path through your jungle or if their team lacks a jungler you can start on theirs!

Do not start burning out till you notice them break into an escape pattern. There is no sense in using it until the jig is up especially since burnout can be extended by auto attacking your intended target and is a huge portion of your early game damage. Her damage is significant enough that if your team is any good at all you should have the target down before it reaches the tower. If you had no choice but to go in a little early and shes not as far up lane as you'd like its no problem if your team is willing to follow you in. Shyvana is tanky enough to take a few tower shots. Especially with heal.

There is no better time to bait the enemy than when they think they can take you with them under their tower only to find you cast heal then used burnout to escape certain death.

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Step 3 - The Carry

At this point you've killed a few people and are sporting some gold. To replace your red buff dependancy build phage. After you have it you can start giving your buffs away to your team mates. This will make for much stronger lanes and continued ganking potential.

Whats great is by skipping the extra gold to buy mercury treads (the most expensive boots in the game I believe) you are able to maintain early game power.

The Frozen Mallet upgrade just gaurentees what phage was likely to give you anyhow while at the same time stacking with the extreme tankiness provided by Shyvana's ultimate passive. By this point you are diving people on their towers and making it look easy.

Follow up with Madreds (all the damage you need. 8% max health off in an AOE radius when you twin bite during a transformation) and you turn into a nightmare in team fights as well as 1 on 1. or 3 on 1 for that matter.

I rarely get much further than Madreds before they surrender but if you make it that far you start beefing up by immediately building Chainmail and Negatron cloak. These items are great by themselves and will make you impossible tough when stacked with the rest of this build.

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Step - 4 When they try to counter you

Many a wise team has tried warding against my Shyvana and to that I say this "ORACLES ORACLES ORACLES!"

You are the teams tank and thus you are supposed to support with items like this. You are jungling so you get to pick when and where to move in and you are extremely tanky which makes you losing your investment highly unlikely.

On top of that it puts a huge glowing target on your head which keeps your team mates safe just by making you a more attractive kill.

You know it has to be demoralizing for a lane to start warding only to find Shyvana comes in and drops their investment with one of her own.

Just move in. Drop their ward. Then leave immediately to take care of other lanes or the jungle. This will give them time to drop their gaurd while at the same time giving lane dominance to your team because the enemy thinks you may be nearby.

Come back a few minutes later and confirm their suspicions.