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Tryndamere Build Guide by Lord Rahn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Rahn

Jungle Tryndamere

Lord Rahn Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Disclaimer: I make no claims to personal fame, ability, or glory; I'm just writing this to share my experience with jungling Tryndamere.

So why jungle Tryndamere? One of his greatest weaknesses is the early game in where if he gets shut out of creep kills he's going to be hurting mid and late-game because he can't afford the items he needs to be able to carry. Jungling provides a generally predictable and stable amount of gold to work with, and it's a lot harder to deny Trynd gold when he's smashing NPCs in relatively safety (as opposed to dancing back and forth between minions trying not to be hit by skill shots or enemy bursts).

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Runes & Masteries & Summoner Spells

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Take your standard armor penetration runes. What seals and glyphs you use are personal preference, though you can use attack speed runes over defensive runes to speed up your clear times, but it will make counter-jungling a bit more difficult.

As far as masteries go, with jungling in it's current state you can get away with taking zero jungle related masteries, but you'll be lower on health and a bit slower on the clear time.

With the Summoner Spells, take obviously. Whatever secondary spell you take is up to your own personal preference, they all have advantages and disadvantages; however, if you intend to do any sort of counter-jungling I actually recommend against taking . Most other jungling champions take flash to escape a fight, but since Tryndamere has this allows him to take a spell that will help him in 1v1 combat. I've been able to win 1v1 jungle fights because I was carrying , , or As such that's another point to make: Save your summoner spell for the enemy jungler not for ganking; winning the jungle typically puts the other team behind more than winning a lane for half a minute; because if you can kill the enemy jungler you can have free reign over his creeps.

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Starter Items

The logic behind this set of items is to get around the map faster. This allows you to counter-jungle or gank a bit more effectively. While you won't be able to hit as hard if you took some straight damage dealing items, think of it as an investment to getting gold faster. How you proceed from these three items depends on how uncontested you are in taking creeps from the other jungler or if you managed to get some ganks. Additionally the mobility helps with escapes, if you can juke away from an enemy champion and not get hit for a few seconds there's no way you'll be caught (unless you get ambushed up ahead)

At any rate build if you find yourself needing to engage the other team constantly. Otherwise build if you've been able to farm safely and the lanes aren't in need of heavy assistance on your end.

After that point get items as needed:
if the other team has a lot of snares.
if the other team has a lot of stuns.
if there's a lot of armor.
if the other team seems to be weak with their crowd controls.

I don't have a standard build for Tryndamere simply because each game has a certain amount of adapting you have to do.

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Jungling, Counter Jungling, and Ganking Opportunities

Starting Jungling Path

Keep on cooldown while jungling.

Double Golems

Start here with a This is probably the safest place to start jungling due to the close proximity of a turret and close to a lane. Tyrndamere doesn't require a blue or red buff to get through the jungle quickly. Smite one golem and go from there.

Put a point in and spin the wraith group and target the big one first. This might require some experimentation on your part as this is the dangerous group, it's relatively safe if you have the appropriate jungling masteries; not so much if you're running a pure DPS build.

Kill off the wolf creep. This is where you'll be presented with your first ganking choice. If the lane near the golems is over-extended you can take a point in and attempt to gank the lane. If not, put another point in

Blue Buff
Kill off the small creeps first, and smite the golem.

Gank, Red Buff, or Counter-Jungle
It's at this point you have to make a rather large decision of what to do. If the lane near the blue buff is over-extended you can attempt to gank, but you have to decide for yourself if the lane there is in any condition to make an aggressive push. (Though a high chance that at the very least you force an enemy flash)

You can take a risk and enter the enemy jungle, this is open to a lot of unknowns; but typically check for the enemy wrath, red buff, and golem groups. You might catch the enemy jungler there, or you might find mobs to kill. How lucky you were with clearing your side of the creep will depend on how healthy you'll be entering the enemy jungle. After you're done your business here recall out.

Finally you also have the option of double backing and clearing out your own red buff; though since Tryndamere is some 30 seconds slower than the fastest jungle clear times there's of course a risk that the enemy jungler might be there waiting for you. Though after you clear out the red buff you again need to make a choice of either helping a nearby lane or entering the enemy jungle. If you enter the enemy jungle and the blue buff is there, it should be safe to kill it as that means the enemy jungler is behind (just slow or attempted to gank). Even if the enemy jungler engages you, you should be able to win a 1v1 fight against most champions; and if not just run as your side of the map should have some respawning creeps by now.

Buy your when you have the gold to do so and when it's convenient.

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The Dragon

How one handles the dragon creep depends on a large part of who the other team's jungler is. If you can constantly clear your jungle faster than your opponent (and steal his creeps) then the Dragon should be firmly under your own control and you can kill it when it's convenient for you to do so. That said, some junglers can kill the dragon 4-5 minutes into the game, so you may have to keep an eye on the dragon sooner than later.

I typically try to kill the dragon between levels 7-9, and due to the blue side has a huge advantage when it comes to the dragon creep. This is because you can backdoor the dragon and potentially not even be seen by an ill placed ward. If you're on the purple side it's best to head towards the wraith creep and enter the dragon nook through the side or back. When you can safely engage the dragon depends a bit on what mastery and runes you took. Just keep in mind that you'll be engaged with the dragon a good while and unless you're getting helped there's a decent chance you'll be seen before you can kill the dragon off. If the dragon is almost dead you can risk finishing it off by hitting endless rage if you start getting focused, use a + to finish off the dragon. If the dragon has a lot of hps left spinning slash out, and if you weren't hurt too badly and you have a ward up in the area you can try to steal the dragon if they decide to engage it; though it might be more productive to keep jungling elsewhere depending on the situation.

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Rules of Engagement

Gank, Don't Lane
If you try to gank and if it fails don't hang around in hopes that your opponent foolishly steps out to get killed, it's not going to happen. Spin in, shout, chase; if they get away they get away. Use your mobility to jungle and steal creeps and try to gank in another lane. If that fails continue to move on and kill more creeps for more gold. Forcing your opponent to flash or otherwise use their summoner spells just means you'll probably be able to get them the next time around.

The only exception of course is if the lane has been abandoned, even then just push the lane mid-way (or last hit till the lane owner comes back) and move on back to the jungle.

Limit Your Recalls and Don't Fight at Low Health
Tryndamere's sustain ensures that he doesn't have to recall for anything but items, and until you have enough gold for a big purchase there's little reason to recall to base, even if you're reduced to 10% life.

If after a fight you escape with barely any life left just start clearing the jungle again (or even pick up an empty lane), you'll re-gain most of your lost health in the process; more importantly you'll be getting gold and experience. You can do this typically if you were forced to flee a teamfight early, and is the safest to do this when that's happening because you know your opponents are busy with your teammates.

Certainly there's little reason for you to hang around the outskirts of a team fight when you're near death and without , so just go back to jungling. Another effect of this is that you can gain enough health to be able to gank enemy champions trying to run down your teammates fleeing with low health. (Especially if your opponents assumed you recalled instead of going after creeps)

Tower Diving

Do it from behind. When you hit level 6 and pick up you can gank lanes most other champions would have difficulty with if your teammates have pushed to the enemy turret. Under these circumstances it's generally safe to run up to the champion hugging the turret because the turret is usually shooting at the minions. Additionally their attention is usually focused on what's in front as opposed to behind so you shouldn't need to use spinning slash to engage. Typically the champion caught off guard runs in a circle, first away from you (and towards your teammates, who should take that opportunity to kill the turret hugger) and then starts to run in a circle around the tower trying to keep you in range long enough for the tower to kill you. Use mocking shout to keep the other person in range, and use to finish them off and run in a straight line. Timing your can be tricky, as you may have to use it when you're about 40% because the enemy champion may try to burst you down. A full rage bar typically can protect you from one turret shot with , so you have a margin of error.

Team Fight and Get Out

Tryndamere is squishy, and should almost never be the first to a party or he's going to be the first one out in a body bag. If you ever find yourself dancing back and forth with your teammates in front a turret, stop yourself. Go and kill some more creeps in the jungle, or push another lane. You have should high mobility so wherever you need to go or be, you can be there pretty fast. Hanging around with your teammates in front of a tower only gives your opponent the opportunity to jump you first in a fight. There's no shame in arriving to a team fight late if you're the last one out of it standing. It's those surprise visits from Tryndamere that are the most deadly anyways.

Going to Die? Take Them Out With You

There will be times of course when you get caught unaware and your death is all but certain. If such is the case stand your ground and fight back, you stand a good chance of trading deaths (or even outright winning) in out numbered situations with a well timed Course generally this doesn't happen if the people fighting you are good with their crowd control, though at times they may have used their crowd control to trap you in the first place, which means they'll be vulnerable to your attacks for a crucial amount of time.

Be Patient

If you have the choice of trading deaths or running away from each other with low life, run away; odds are your opponent has to recall, you don't. You can easily out level everyone else in the game if deaths are being traded elsewhere in the game, simply because Tryndamere's sustain is very powerful. More importantly staying alive means you get your gold faster overall.

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In the end with Tryndamere you should be trying to play the bigger and longer game. Falling behind with Tryndamere means your team is basically fighting a 4v5, but if you keep up with the other champions on the field then it can be more like a 6v5 in your favor instead. The more time you can spend in the jungle killing creeps, the better off you'll be; as such I would put more emphasis on counter-jungling than I would ganking. When you do try to go for ganks, don't get yourself killed cause there's no reason for it (and might just cost you the mid/end game) If the enemy jungler attempts a gank before you do (successful or not) steal his jungle, that will make up for most of the difference if the enemy gank was successful (and likely put the enemy jungler behind by a fair bit if he failed)

Some enemy junglers are prone to slow down as the game progress (due to rising mana costs, ability CDs, and weaker sustain), Tryndamere's jungling speed goes faster and faster; so use that to your advantage as often as possible.