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Tryndamere Build Guide by Lukas#43617

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lukas#43617

Jungle Tryndamere

Lukas#43617 Last updated on January 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Tryndamere Solotop. After the jungle rework, I feel like he's better off there. Sure he can farm minions all day, but his ganks are subpar, and I don't feel that you level fast enough or get as much gold. He's still a good jungler, just that I prefer solotopping now.

path would remain the same.
Start at wolves, simply kill with auto attacks, smite blue wraith, kill the rest. spin through to double golems and kill them. go back and buy cloth armor and 2 pots, this will be for your buffs or dragon if the chance comes up. do your path again, with the armor you'll be fine, consume bloodlust when needed. Go to red first, unless someone needs blue, in which case go help them get it. Farm as much as possible.
Also, when someone calls for a gank, unless you are 90% sure you WILL get the kill, don't do it. Also also, make sure to watch your lanes hp, when they get low, offer to hold it while they b (a lot of people don't ask you to, so go do it anyways.)

Get cloth armor 5 pots unless you're dealing with a ranged ap top for some reason, then get boots and 3 pots. These two starting items will give you lots of either defense or speed, and hp to stay in lane.

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-Tryns badass
-decides to not die when he pleases
-Lots of mobility
-the opposing team tends to surrender/ragequit
-Did i mention hes a badass?

-99.999999999% of the time is getting focused
-Pure Melee
-often, people see jungle tryn and think its bad?? but i've had amazing luck with it so far.

I've probably forgotten things, but yea, thats what i thought off the top of my head.

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

I see a lot of builds do the armor pen reds and quints, with AS blues, but I like the mr too much on tryn to let it go. and you really only need like 12(?) armor pen, to efficiently jungle.

Masteries are geared toward dealing rape amounts of damage, as well as the obvious xp bonus, and buff duration, things every jungler wants.

Summoner Spells, smite because youre jungling, and no one jungles without smite. Flash, because its incredible, and with this build the movespeed from ghost isn't really necessary, while having the double flash is reeeeallllyyyyy nice.

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This item build is simply the one i find myself using the most, however if the other team is lacking (competent) ap casters, you can build more armor or damage even (usually not this one), on tryndamere, IE and PD honestly are all you need to rape everything in sight, super crits, and lots of crits, and some nice AS . Which is why i build more tanky, get the mallet because that hp is awesome, and the slow is sick, after spinning to them if you're still not in range to wack 'em, then you yell at them to slow down, THEN you get to hit them, which is when you hear "you have slain an enemy" , always a pleasant sound.

Alternate items
Wits End, is also a great item for tryn, more AS is always helpful, while the magic resist gain from it can be even more helpful.
Banshees Veil, always an incredible item, however usually this item is better against cc heavy teams, worth its weight in gold however.
Quicksilver Sash, its amazing, but again, more situational for those silly surpress ults :p

Now, getting more armor on tryn, I usually don't see the need, as you can rape any other AD person out there, Reason 1, being you're trynda, you rape everyone, Reason 2 (the more legit one) is Mocking Shout, as soon as you are dealing with another AD person, you yell at them do deal less damage (roughly 100 :D ) which is insanely helpful, whereas your shout doesnt deal with magic stuffs. Hence the lack of armor.

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If it's a legit teamfight in the middle of the lane, wait for your tank to initiate, then walk around, try spinning through walls to come in from the side, barreling straight for the enemy carry, rape it as fast as possible, as soon as you get focused, if you and your team are capable of raping the rest of them, stay and well, rape them. if not, flash/spin away , go heal off minions, do your thing. re-engage when necessary. Oh, and obviously ult when you get low (usually around the 1/4 mark, unless the enemy team has like, garen, or riven i guess) .

If it's one of those chillen at the tower teamfights, split push. Go run off and kill a tower somewhere else, or at least draw them to you, which leads to your team pushing that lane for a tower. Also ward the river as you run to the other tower, so you know when theyre coming. When purple, push top, so that you can spin/flash into baron for a quick trollolol escape, when blue push bot so you can spin into dragon area for a quick trollolol escape.

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You're Tryndamere. You rape what you please, kill who you want, live when you wish, and do insane damage. While being tanky. Also: late game you usually switch wriggles for bloodthirster, HOWEVER, do not, do this until your defensive items have been completed, as i said earlier, tryn only needs IE and PD to rape everything. Thanks for reading, comments etc are appreciated.