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Wukong Build Guide by LordKoolioz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordKoolioz


LordKoolioz Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When people think of Wukong, they do not generally think of him as a jungler. He is a very good ganker and can even carry a team. In a teamfight. You can grab the victory. Ai play him with a lot of burst damage and some tankiness allowing him to deal and soak up damage. His ganks are effecient and I think that he is one of the better overall junglers in the game.

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Skill sequence

Always max E for the attack speed and ganking. Don't start ganking until level 4 when you have your W skill. Max Q after E. Maxing w ladst. This order will give you a lot of early game damage and very quick jungling. If you do not see ant ganking possibilities at level 4 do not even take decoy buut take a point at 5 instead. Never leave it to 7. This implies you are doing a bad job helping your team with ganks

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Summoner Spells

Smite for Jungling speed. Always use smite on the strongest creep such as the big golem at blue, the big wolve, the blue wraith and the big lizard at red buff.
Flash for ganking or chasing/escaping. Use flay flashes away you can to close gaps on ganls and t get into teamfights. e that flssh can be used whhile your ult is being chanelled soif and enemy uses it you can too. If you are running from an enemy with flash then you should always wait until after your opponent uses it. Also never just flash randomly and freak out. Try to flash over a wall or to a team fight. Flash can also be used to steal large objectives such as dragon or baron.

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Jungle Route

Start at the Wraiths. Smite the blue wraith and move on to wolves. Go to Golems. Follow this route: The only difference is that i do not get a Vampiric Scepter and i do not go back after Double Golems I get some harass on lanes. I do the combo again of wraiths wolves and double golems and have enough gold for a madreds razor and boots odf speed. Io then clear the rest of the jungle stating at blue and going to red whwn smie comes off cooldown. Look for a gank afterwards

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Typical Jungle Matseries.

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You cannot jungle well without runes. If you are poor you can always exchange the 26 health quintessences for tier 2 20 health quintessences. The health will make you more druable early in the game and help you jungle. The attack damage improves your damage output. The armor is typical for any jungle and the attack spped will help with ganks and jungling.

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If you are having trouble with health. Get Frozen mallet before yoummu's and an earlier bansee's. Remember always use your ward from wriggles and the movement speed boost from yoummu's if you are runnning/chasing. Take the Last whisper for fighting tanky people. A banshees will make you more durable. If you are very fed grab an infinity edge or bloodthrister over banshees.

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When a teamfight breaks out, Jump in with your E, and turn on your ult. Make sure that you hit everyone with it, ensuring the win. When the fight ends, use your Q and E whenever it comes up, dealing damage. If possible, seperate a squishy damage dealer target from the fight, and destroy their health bar, then reenter the fight with nimbus strike. You will win, them having lost a large damage dealer.

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Never gank until you reach level 4, grabbing a point in decoy. When ganking before level 6, look for a lane that is overextending and camp in the brush. activate W and go in invisibly. Use basic attacks and Q. Save E for if they flash or use one of their powers. After level 6, use your knockup to ensure kills. If you dont get a kill, stay around making sure that they do not gain any experience.

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Wukong in the jungle is the most effective way that I have foound to play the monkey king. Please excuse all the typos and mistakes in this guide. I idid on my mobile phone and it has a very small keyboard.