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Warwick Build Guide by Paralytic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paralytic

Jungle WW

Paralytic Last updated on July 5, 2012
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This is my first guide, it is a guide for jungling as Warwick. It focuses on damage, lifesteal and general survivability in team fights. Please leave comments as i would like to improve this build. I have had a good degree of success with this build so hopefully it will work for you too.

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It is essential to start with the cloth armor and 5 health pots as this is the only way to effectively start in the jungle. Build towards Wriggles lantern as fast as possible then get your boots. Then get bloodthirster to enable constant jungling without going back for regen. Infinity Edge just gives a nice damage boost and Warmogs gives more HP for those team fights where lifesteal alone isnt quite enough. Then depending on the opponents you face either go for thornmail if they are AD heavy or Malmortus if they are AP heavy. You can then replace boots with phantom dancer and replace wriggles with tiamat if the fight goes on long enough for more lifesteal for AoE melee attacking everyone in a teamfight.

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Skill Sequence

Basically just follow the order above.

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The best way to start your jungling is if you ask for help killing wolves then go straight for golems buff in the same part of the jungle. Save your smite for the golems as even with a pull from another player it is still a difficult fight, so just keep health pot up til you are sure it is going to go down because at this early stage you can't afford to die or it will likely put you behind the whole game. If noone is being cooperative then it is less effective but still possible to do the small golems, ghosts, wolves route. Once you hit level 3 hopefully before anyone else except maybe mid you should now go for your first gank. you should have Madreds by now so the extra attack and armor help with this aswell as having a few health pots remaining. If you are successful then go back to hopefully get Wriggles. At this point you should be able to start farming the buff mobs as the lifesteal from Wriggles allows this. Continue to farm and try to stay on par with mid up until level 7 or 8 when you can go with another player to kill dragon (Make sure you have hunters call on so that you are stealing more life than it can deal to you). Now it is just a case of continuing to farm and gank into the late game. It is just possible to solo Nashor with this build at the end game before you lose Wriggles as you need the 20% chance to deal 425 because this happens a lot at end game with attack speed and hunters call effects stacked. In fights make sure you focus one player as this should be able to keep you alive via lifesteal even if you are 1v2 maybe 3 if some of them are a underleveled or undergeared.